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Superpower (Trait)


Cost 5 JP
Range 60 feet


The superhero can navigate his physical surroundings and sense the locations of objects and people around him using either: an extremely fine vibrational sense, or an acute sense of smell, or echolocation (choose one). This power makes invisibility and darkness, even magical darkness, irrelevant to the superhero, though he still cannot detect ethereal creatures. Blindsight functions at a range of up to 60 feet, unless blocked or constrained by a physical barrier. It never allows the superhero to distinguish color or visual contrast. The superhero cannot read standard print with this power. However, Blindsight is sensitive enough that the superhero can “see” facial features and other subtle physical details. The superhero uses the Perception skill to detect details exactly the same way he would to see them.

Blindsight makes the superhero immune to gaze attacks and blinding attacks if he has his eyes closed. Deafening attacks ruin his ability to use echolocation. Explosions or similar shock wave effects will interfere with vibrational sense. Finally, the superhero cannot use olfactory Blindsight to detect beings and things that specifically have no odor, and a sufficiently powerful area of strong smell (a perfume factory, a city dump) can, at the GM’s discretion, ruin his ability to sense smells. Blindsight works underwater at half the normal range, but not in a vacuum. Blindsight operates in all directions, 360 degrees around the superhero.

The Enhanced Sense power can, if applied to the appropriate sense (touch for vibration, hearing for echolocation, smell for olfactory), multiply the range of Blindsight by 2 per level of Super Senses rather than the normal 5 (see Super Senses).

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Extended Range (Cost: 2 JP): Double his Blindsight’s normal range. He applies this multiple separately and after extra range that Super Senses might grant.
  • Enhancement: Spatial Sense (Cost: 2 JP): His Blindsight works independently of any one of his senses. The superhero can supply any explanation he wants as to how it works. Regardless, sense-targeted effects cannot block or interfere with it. Therefore, Power Nullification can still affect his Blindsight, but not loud noises, explosions, or strong smells. The superhero can now sense shapes at his full range when underwater and/or in a vacuum. However, the superhero no longer gets extra range from Super Senses. This enhancement is not compatible with Sonar or Radar.
  • Limitation: Radar (Value: 1 JP): His Blindsight is an active radar system. It functions normally and works at full range in a vacuum, but does not function at all underwater. The superhero is susceptible to conventional radar-jamming effects, or effects that mask things from radar. Anything that can detect radar will detect the radar pulses that the superhero emits. The superhero does not get the enhanced range bonus from Super Senses. This limitation is not compatible with Spatial Sense or Sonar.
  • Limitation: Sonar (Value: 1 JP): His Blindsight is an active sonar system. It functions normally and works at full range underwater. However, sonic effects easily disrupt it. If a sonic attack is directed at the superhero, even if it fails to do damage, his Sonar Blindsight will not function for a full round. he is susceptible to any conventional sonarjamming effects, and anything that can detect sonar will detect the sonic pulses that he emits. The superhero does not get the enhanced range bonus from Super Senses. This limitation is not compatible with Spatial Sense or Radar.