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Superpower (Power)


Cost 10 JP
Activate 1 PP per 1 lb.; standard action
Sustain none (instantaneous)
Range touch; Power Resistance no


This power allows the superhero to create any simple object that lacks complex parts or multiple materials. Creating an object in this way is a standard action. The item remains for 1 minute before fading away, turning to ash, or stops existing in some form. Items created in this way either appear in the superhero’s hand or off of his body in some way. Creating an item to an exact specification might require a Craft skill check, subject to GM discretion. The object must be made of simple materials, such as wood, stone, glass, or metal. The superhero could use this ability to summon a wrench or slingshot but not a vial of alchemist’s fire or gun. As well, creating magical items is not possible. Creating heavier items requires increasingly more and more PP to produce.

  • Enhancement: Bonded Creation (Cost: 7 JP): Activate: 2 additional PPs. The superhero’s creations endure their natural degradation for as long as they remain in contact with the superhero. By spending an additional 2 PP to the normal creation cost, the item has an infinite duration for as long as he has physical contact with it. As soon as he is not in contact with it, the item regains the 1 minute duration. Regaining contact does not suspend the duration.
  • Enhancement: Bulk Creation (Cost: 3 JP): The superhero is capable of creating multiple small things with one standard action. This ranges from a handful of marbles to a stack of arrows and other simple ammunition. If a craft check is required, only one needs to be made for all of the objects.
  • Enhancement: Complex Creation (Cost: 7 JP): The superhero is more capable of making more complicated items. Things that require multiple moving parts or drastically different materials, such as a batteries, guns, or alchemist’s fire are now within the superhero’s scope of creation. In some instances, an appropriate Knowledge check might be necessary to create the object along with a Craft check (for example, a Knowledge (Technology) check to know what specific chemicals to make for a battery), subject to GM’s discretion. Nothing requiring magic can be made through this enhancement. Complex items count as double their actual weight for the purpose of their PP cost.
  • Enhancement: Defensive Creation (Cost: 3 JP per level): The superhero’s creations are more effective at defending. For every level of this enchantment, the superhero gives his creation a +1 enhancement bonus to AC. He can only gain five levels of this enhancement, and the bonus cannot be used to give the creation magic armor properties.
  • Enhancement: Donned Creation (Cost: 2 JP): Instead of creating something and having it appear separate from him, the superhero can create clothes, armor, and other worn accessories already in his body, or even the body of someone he touches.
  • Enhancement: Lethal Creation (Cost: 4 JP per level): The superhero’s creations are more effective at being used as weapons. For every level of this enhancement, the superhero gives his creation a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls. He can only gain five levels of this enhancement, and the bonus cannot be used to give the creation magic weapon properties.
  • Enhancement: Lingering Creation (Cost: 3 JP per level): Activate: 2x PP cost. With a bit of work and effort, the superhero is capable of having his creations persist even without his touch. For each level of this enhancement, the duration for his creation will be increased by an hour. After one hour, any enhancement bonuses the creation has ceases to function. The superhero doubles the PP cost of the creation when using this enhancement, factored after the +2 from Bonded Creation. Prerequisites: The superhero must be at least 6th level and have the Bonded Creation enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Multi Creation (Cost: 5 JP): The superhero is capable of creating two separate items as a full-round action. He pays the cost for each item as normal. If used in tandem with Bulk Creation, then one instance of Bulk Creation counts as one use of creation.
  • Enhancement: Reduced Cost (Cost: 4 JP per level): The superhero can use less PP to create more. The superhero can get five levels of this enhancement. The first level increases the cost of Creation to 1 PP per 5 lbs, and every level thereafter increases the weight threshold by 5, to a maximum of 25 lbs.
  • Enhancement: Reinforced Creation (Cost: 3 JP): Objects the superhero creates are more durable than the norm. He adds his highest mental modifier to the object’s hardness and adds his freelancer level to its HP.
  • Enhancement: Skilled Creation (Cost: 2 JP): Objects the superhero creates are perfect at what they do. Such objects grant a +2 circumstance bonus on any check they are used with.
  • Enhancement: Shadow-Infused (Cost: 6 JP): The illusory creations the superhero makes have an element of quasi-realness to them. The objects created are capable of interacting with the real world on a minor level. Creatures that fail a Will save take damage from the object or be affected physically by the object. Success causes the object to do minimal damage or provide negligible resistance. For example, a shadow-infused wall that is successfully disbelieved would not keep someone from passing through but they would be able to feel themselves go through it. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Illusory Creation limitation to buy this enhancement.
  • Limitation: Illusory Creation (Value: 4 JP): Objects the superhero creates are not actually real but instead are illusions. They have no tangible aspect to them not can they make sounds, and anyone interacting with the item or studying it intensively is allowed a Will save to disbelieve. Instead of calculating PP cost via weight, it is by 1-ft.-cube volume. The Reduced Cost enhancement is altered to go off of volume as well with this limitation. This power is not compatible with the Bonded Creation or Lingering Creation.