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Superpower (Trait)


Cost 3 JP


This power adds his Wisdom modifier to his Reflex score and his AC, up to a maximum of +6. This power functions as a limited form of precognition, allowing the superhero to clearly visualize threats split seconds before they appear. The superhero gets an unmistakable feeling of impending harm whenever threats to his personal safety are close at hand.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Attack Evasion (Cost: 2 JPs): If the superhero is flanked or sneak attacked, as an immediate action, he can roll an opposed test, his Reflex vs. the incoming attack roll, to negate any extra damage that would result from a successful hit. Also, the superhero can reroll a failed Reflex save that he makes to avoid the effects of a trap, but only once per trap.
  • Enhancement: Precognition (Cost: 2 JPs): The superhero can detect the looming presence of unknown danger within a 30-foot radius of his position. Anything immediately dangerous or threatening (i.e., preparing to cause harm within a round or two) raises a tingly sensation on the back of his neck. The superhero cannot define the nature of the danger or the direction from which it will comes, but he knows it’s there.
  • Limitation: Power (Value: 1 JP): Activate: 1 PP; free. Sustain: 1 PP per round; free. His Danger Sense is a power.