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Superpower (Trait)


Cost varies


The superhero heals from injuries at a highly accelerated rate. Consult the table below to determine the cost and rate at which he does so. This power stops functioning if his hit points drop below zero and it will not restore severed limbs or lost ability points. The superhero recovers HPs at the beginning of his turn if he heals each round, or at the beginning of every sixth turn if he heals each minute. In non-combat situations, multiply his healing rate by the number of minutes or hours of “down time” he experiences. The superhero still heals normally via other means, including medical care, healing spells, healing powers, and rest.


Speed of Healing

JP Cost

1 HP / hour

3 JP

1 HP / minute

5 JP

1 HP / round

10 JP

2 HP / round

15 JP

3 HP / round

20 JP

4 HP / round

25 JP

5 HP / round

30 JP

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Ability Recovery (Cost: 4 JP per level): At 1st level, the superhero recovers lost ability points twice as fast as Regeneration grants, one point every 6 hours. The superhero can take this enhancement up to four times. At 2nd level, the superhero recovers one point every 4 hours, at 3rd level, one every 2 hours, and at 4th level, one per hour. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Regeneration enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Back from the Dead (Cost: 8 JP): There is no lower limit to his HPs. When the superhero is below -10 HPs, he heals at half his normal speed. If the superhero heals 1 HP per hour and were brought to -23 HPs, for example, it would take 26 hours to go from -23 HPs to -10 HPs, and another 10 hours to go from -10 HPs to 0 HPs. While the superhero is below negative his Constitution score, he is also, in medical terms, “dead” (no brain activity, no heartbeat, no pulse), but his cells would display regenerative qualities if examined by an expert. His body keeps healing as long as his head is attached to his body and his body is whole. As grisly as it is to contemplate, his body cannot regenerate if it is fully cremated, disintegrated, dissolved, puréed, or chopped into exceedingly small pieces. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Cling to Life enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Cling to Life (Cost: 4 JP): His Fast Healing now continues to function below 0 HPs, but only while he actually remains alive.
  • Enhancement: Purification (Cost: 4 JP): His body is immune to the worst effects of drugs, poisons, and diseases. The superhero suffers only half the normal losses from these sources. In the case of diseases, the superhero can make two Fortitude saves per day to avoid the effects of the disease. Additionally, the superhero never suffers permanent Ability Drain as a result of a poison, drug, or disease.
  • Enhancement: Regeneration (Cost: 4 JP): The superhero can now regrow severed limbs and he recovers lost ability points at an accelerated rate. A whole limb takes one month to regrow, assuming normal day-to-day activity (which does not include combat), two weeks if the superhero maintains full bed rest, and two months if he insists on acting like a fool and leaping into combat while he has only one arm. Partially severed limbs, including lost hands or feet, take half as long to regrow. Multiply all of these times by the number of limbs the superhero regrows in a given period. Regrowing an arm and a leg with full bed rest would, for example, take two months. Treat partially severed limbs, including lost hands or feet, like half a limb for the purposes of determining the regeneration time. The superhero regains lost ability point twice as quickly as normal, one point every 12 hours.
  • Limitation: Powered Healing (Value: 6 JP): Activate: 1 PP; free action. Sustain: 1 PP per round/minute/hour; free action. His Fast Healing is a power, and requires PPs. The superhero must pay the sustain cost even during rounds in which he does not actually gain HPs in order to eventually gain them. That is, if the superhero gains 1 HP per minute, he would have to pay 1 PP per round for six rounds in order to gain that HP back. However, his healing is now a conscious effort, so he can choose to forgo healing to save his PPs. If the superhero has the Regeneration enhancement, he regenerates limbs and recovers ability points at 3 PPs per round/minute/hour, and the superhero pays for each ability separately (i.e., 6 PPs per round/minute/hour to regenerate a limb and an ability point).