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Healing Touch

Superpower (Power)


Cost 1 JP per level
Activate 1 PP per die; use-activated (touch)
Sustain none (instantaneous)|
Range touch; Power Resistance yes (harmless)


The superhero can accelerate the healing process in living creatures by touching them. The superhero can use this power on himself. The superhero can heal 1d6 HP of damage per level of the power. Each die of healing costs 1 PP. The superhero can control how many dice/PPs he expends for each touch, but he must declare this before he rolls the total.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Purification (Cost: 2 JP): The superhero can now direct his healing energy toward purifying bodies of poisons, drugs, or diseases. Activate the power as normal, and decide how many dice to apply, then roll the total. If the rolled total, plus 10, is greater than the Save DC of the toxin or disease in question, it will be instantly and painlessly purged from the subject’s body. Dice rolled in this manner do not heal any HPs. Purification does not restore hit points, power points, ability points, or anything else already lost due to the effects of a chemical or disease.
  • Enhancement: Ranged Healing (Cost: 2 JP per level): The superhero can now heal people at range. To do this, the superhero must successfully hit his target with a ranged touch attack, and he expends his PPs regardless of whether he strikes the target. Targets can elect to stand still and thus negate their own dodge bonuses, if they wish. The superhero can heal at a distance of up to 10 feet for every level of this power. The superhero can take this enhancement multiple times.