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Superpower (Power)


Cost 10 JP
Activate 4 PP; full-round action
Sustain 2 PPs per round; free action
Range self; Power Resistance no


The superhero can use this power to vanish from sight. His clothes, equipment, and any reasonably small items he carries (no larger than a medium weapon) will turn invisible with him. Invisibility applies to the visible spectrum, and will fool anything and anyone who relies on it, including normal surveillance cameras.

Abilities that detect heat or infrared can still detect the superhero, as can anything that can see ultraviolet light, if it shines on him. Invisibility only affects vision. His body is still quite solid. Therefore, anything that does not depend on visible light for detection, such as ultrasound motion detectors and radar, will pick the superhero up.

Items that the superhero drops or puts down will become visible; items the superhero picks up disappear if he tucks them into his clothing, pockets, or pouches. Any part of an item that the superhero carries that extends more than 5 feet from him becomes visible, such as a trailing rope. If the superhero picks up someone else and carries him or her, that person will not turn invisible, unless he or she is small enough to fit into one of his pockets.

His Invisibility ends if he attacks anyone or anything, begins casting a spell, or he uses a power with an obviously visual effect. Actions the superhero direct at unattended objects do not render him visible, nor does causing harm indirectly. The superhero can open doors, talk, eat, climb stairs, cut the ropes holding a rope bridge while enemies are on it, remotely trigger traps, drive a car, launch missiles from an airship, and so forth, but not shoot a gun, throw a punch, or fire an Energy Attack. Taking a double move or running also ends the Invisibility.

This power does not silence the superhero, and certain other conditions can render him detectable, such as stepping in a puddle, or being immersed in mud.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Conceal Group (Cost: 4 JP): Activate: 10 PP. Sustain: 6 PP per round. The superhero can turn himself, and everyone within 5 feet of him, invisible. This can include anyone in an adjacent square, in combat situations (8 people), or up to 16 people in a non-combat situation. Those within the area of effect can see each other. Anyone who leaves the area will become visible again. The Fast Move and Invisible Attack enhancements do not apply when using Conceal Group. If anyone concealed makes an attack, his Invisibility ends for the whole group.
  • Enhancement: Conceal Other (Cost: 3 JP): Activate: 2 PP; as normal. Sustain: 2 PP; free action. Range: touch (special). The superhero can turn one person Invisible, but he must remain in physical contact with that person or some part of their clothing; thus, he can hold hands, grab on to their collar, or he could carry the other. The activation time is the same as his normal activation time for this power. If the superhero render himself and another person Invisible at the same time, he can activate both power effects at once.
  • Enhancement: Fast Move (Cost: 2 JP): The superhero can now remain invisible while performing a double move or running.
  • Enhancement: Full-Spectrum Invisibility (Cost: 2 JP): The power conceals the superhero from detection by infra-red, thermographic, ultraviolet, and other forms of super vision. Powers and abilities specifically designed to see invisible creatures can still pierce his Invisibility, however.
  • Enhancement: Invisible Attack (Cost: 4 JP): The superhero can now remain invisible while attacking, casting most spells or using most powers. Highly visible powers, or powers with a Bizarre Area Effect, will still break the Invisibility. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Fast Move enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Reduced Power Drain (Cost: 2 JP): This reduces his sustain cost by 1 PP. The superhero can take this enhancement only once.
  • Limitation: Intelligent Only (Value: 1 JP): His Mental Invisibility works only on creatures or people with Intelligence scores above 5. It does not affect animals. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Mental Invisibility limitation to gain credit from this limitation.
  • Limitation: Mental Invisibility (Value: 2 JP): The superhero does not actually become invisible. Instead, the superhero mentally convinces people, through whatever explanation he likes, to “not see him.” They can look right at the superhero, but his presence simply does not register in their minds. This functions like normal Invisibility in all ways, except one. Non-intelligent means and non-organic creatures can detect the superhero, things like machine life, robots, security cameras, or motion sensors, for example. By the same token, creatures otherwise immune to Charm effects automatically see-through Mental Invisibility. His image can be recorded with a camera. All other enhancements and rules apply normally.