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Superpower (Power)


Cost 2 JP per level
Activate 2 PP per d6; use activated (attack)
Sustain none (instantaneous)
Range touch
Save Fortitude negates; Power Resistance yes


The superhero can drain the essence straight out of other humanoid mammals and channel it into himself. The superhero must perform a touch attack against his target. If successful, the superhero does damage to the target and heals himself for half that damage (rounded down). The superhero cannot score a critical hit with this power. The superhero must expend PPs whether he hits or not. Finally, the superhero cannot combine this power with an Unarmed Strike. Extra hit points are lost. Every level of this power grants 1d6 points of shadow damage. The superhero can take up to 10 levels of the power.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Constitution Drain (Cost: 3 JP per level): For every level of this enhancement, the superhero causes 1d4 temporary ability point damage to Constitution instead of draining HPs. For every 1d4 Constitution points, the superhero gains a flat 5 HPs. The superhero can take this enhancement up to 5 times. It’s effects stack.
  • Enhancement: Efficient Leech (Cost: 3 JP): The superhero now gains 1 HP for every HP he Leeches from a target.
  • Enhancement: Extra Hit Points (Cost: 3 JP): If the number of hit points the superhero Leeches from a target exceeds his maximum hit points, he now retains them as temporary hit points. The superhero loses extra hit points at a rate of 1 per round until he reaches his normal maximum.
  • Enhancement: Leech Animal Life (Cost: 3 JP per level): The superhero can Leech the hit points of any bird, fish, insect, mammal, or reptile. The superhero can target swarms and colonies of animals with Leach Life. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Leech Mammalian Life enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Leech Mammalian Life (Cost: 3 JP): The superhero can Leech the hit points of any mammal.
  • Enhancement: Non-Elemental Leeching (Cost: 4 JP): The superhero’s Leech Life now deals non-elemental damage instead.
  • Enhancement: Ranged Use (Cost: 4 JP): The superhero can Leech Life at a distance, using a ranged touch attack. The power now has an effective range increment of 20 feet.
  • Enhancement: Retain Hit Points (Cost: 1 JP per level): When the superhero has extra temporary hit points, he loses them at a rate of 1 HP every second round. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Extra Hit Points enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Limitation: Grappling Leech (Value: 3 JP): The superhero can Leech HPs from targets only when he would have successfully grappled them. All other rules apply normally: the superhero must still hit with a touch attack and that attack still takes a -4 penalty. The superhero cannot take this limitation if the superhero has the Ranged Use enhancement.