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Superpower (Power)


Cost 4 JP
Activate 2 PP; free action
Sustain none (instantaneous)
Range self; Power Resistance no


The dice are the superhero’s friend. When the superhero activates this power, he can reroll any single roll, though he must declare that he is doing so immediately after his first roll. That single roll does not have to be a single die. If the superhero rolls multiple damage dice, he can reroll them all as one roll. Though this power requires only a free action to use, the superhero can alter a particular roll only once per round. The superhero could, for example, reroll both his attack and his damage, but he could not reroll his attack twice.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Cheap Luck (Cost: 4 JP): If his reroll comes up a 1, he can reroll it again at no extra cost.
  • Enhancement: Dumb Luck (Cost: 4 JP): Whenever his GM makes a roll in secret that directly affects him (his Stealth checks or a surprise attack that happens before he is aware that he is in combat, etc.) and the results have a negative effect on him (being Spotted, getting hit while flat-footed, etc.), she is obligated to use his power on his behalf: The superhero spends 2 of his PPs and rerolls the die that had the negative effect on him.
  • Enhancement: String of Luck (Cost: 4 JP): The superhero can reroll roll as many times as he can afford to, expending PPs each time. The superhero can reroll an attack until he gets a critical threat, for example, or reroll a skill check until he succeeds.