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Superpower (Power)


Cost varies
Activate 4 PP; full-round action
Sustain none
Range varies
Save Will negates; Power Resistance yes


The superhero can give off highly potent, odorless, and invisible chemical messengers that can cause a variety of effects on people with body chemistry similar to him. Pheromones have no effect on animals or mechanical life. The superhero is always immune to his own Pheromones.

Pheromones can take effect only if inhaled by a subject, although they have no detectable odor, they rely on olfactory receptors within the nose to trigger their effects. Thus, subjects that do not breathe, as well as those protected from atmospheric contaminants (by gas masks, air filters, life-support systems, etc.) are immune to the effects of the Pheromones. A successful Will save negates the power’s effects. Pheromones are a mind-affecting power.

The cost of this power depends on the area the superhero can affect with his pheromones and how quickly he can manifest them. Multiply his desired Area of Effect cost by the Activation Time cost multiplier to find the total cost of the power.

Pheromones are active in the air during only the round in which the superhero activates them. Anyone who inhales them will be affected for 1d6 rounds.


Area of Effect


Activation Time

Cost Multiplier

5 feet

5 JP

full-round action


10 feet

7 JP

15 feet

9 JP

move action


20 feet

11 JP

25 feet

13 JP

swift action


30 feet

15 JP


Pheromones have four modes: Attraction, Confusion, Nauseating, and Tractability. The superhero chooses one. Any damage from the superhero or his allies breaks this ability.

  • Attraction Pheromones: People affected by this kind of pheromone find themselves intensely and inexplicably drawn to the superhero, regarding him with near-total fascination. Subjects lose their Dexterity bonus to AC (due to their inability to take their eyes off the superhero) and cannot take hostile or hindering actions against him or anyone who appears to be his ally.
  • Confusion Pheromones: People affected by these Pheromones experience a near-total inability to concentrate on anything. Subjects are considered dazed for the duration of the effect. Dazed creatures cannot take action, but have no penalty to AC. If hit for damage, confused people can immediately attempt another Will save to shake off the effect of the Pheromones.
  • Nauseating Pheromones: Subjects affected by these pheromones experience severe stomach distress. Nauseated people are unable to attack, cast spells, activate powers, concentrate on spells or powers, or do anything else requiring attention. The only action they can take is a single move action per turn.
  • Tractability Pheromones: These pheromones render affected subjects very open to suggestion. They lose their Dexterity bonus to AC, and suffer a -4 penalty on all Will saves while under the effect of the pheromones. The superhero can try to give affected subjects orders, but he must win an opposed test, Diplomacy vs. Sense Motive (defaults to Charisma), to convince them to do anything they wouldn’t ordinarily do (retries are not allowed). Tractable people never obey orders harmful to themselves, and will not commit suicidal actions, such as attacking foes against whom they are clearly outmatched. If the superhero or his allies make any threatening acts toward tractable subjects, the effect immediately ends with no roll required.
Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Extended Duration (Cost: 3 JP per level): The superhero extends the duration of his Pheromones’ effects by 1d6 rounds. The superhero can take this up to four times, for a maximum duration of 5d6 rounds.
  • Enhancement: Lingering Pheromones (Cost: 3 JP per level): For each level of this enhancement that the superhero buys, his pheromones linger in the air for one additional round. Anyone who moves into the area while the pheromones are active must immediately roll a save as normal. Anyone who makes their save, but remains in the area, must roll another save each round until they fail a save or leave the area. Strong winds can dissipate the pheromones faster than normal, but they are always effective for at least the round they are activated. The superhero can take this up to four times, for a maximum duration of 5 rounds.
  • Enhancement: Varies Pheromones (Cost: 4 JP per level): For every level of this enhancement, the superhero can use another Pheromone type (attraction, confusion, nauseating, tractability). The superhero can take this enhancement three times.