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Superpower (Metapower)


Cost 2 JP per level
Activate 2 PP; use activated (attack)
Sustain none (instantaneous)
Range touch
Save Fortitude negates; Power Resistance yes


The superhero can leech other people’s power points with a touch. The superhero must hit his target with touch attack in combat to use this power. The touch attack requires precision and a small amount of concentration, so it cannot be an unarmed strike. The superhero must expends 2 PPs to activate the power before he rolls his touch attack, so the PPs are lost regardless of whether he hits. The superhero can use this power only once per round. His target gets a Fortitude save to avoid the power’s effects. If she fails, the superhero Leeches 1d6 PPs per level of the power. She loses that manynpoints and the superhero gains them. Power Points the superhero drains above his own maximum are lost. The superhero can take up to 5 levels of this power. Power Leech has no permanent effects.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Ranged Leech (Cost: 3 JP): The superhero can now Leech powers at a distance, using a ranged touch attack with a maximum range of 20 feet.