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Power Nullification

Superpower (Metapower)


Cost 5 JP
Activate 2 PP; use activated (attack)
Sustain none (instantaneous)
Range touch
Save Fortitude negates; Power Resistance yes


The superhero has the ability to temporarily suppress the powers of other people. Traits are immune to Nullification. The superhero must touch his target to use this power, which in combat requires a touch attack. This touch attack requires precision and a small amount of concentration, so it cannot be an unarmed strike. The superhero must expend 2 PPs to activate the power before he rolls his touch attack, so the PPs are lost regardless of whether he hits. The superhero can use this power only once per round. His target can make a Fortitude save to avoid the power’s effects. If she fails, the superhero Nullifies one of her powers (randomly selected) for 1d6 rounds.

The superhero can Nullify up to a 10 JP power for each activation. If a power is worth more than 10 JP, the superhero Nullifies only 10 JP worth of the power. If the superhero Nullifies 10 JP from a 15 JP Energy Attack, then the target retains a 5 JP Energy Attack. The superhero can, theoretically, use this power multiple times to Nullify all of a target’s powers.

The superhero can also use this power to Nullify super abilities, but instead of calculating JP costs, the target takes a -4 to a random ability score, regardless of the JP cost (super abilities are purchased on a sliding scale). The superhero cannot Nullify any power that has a base cost greater than 10 JP or that does not have a less costly version. If the superhero randomly select a power that he cannot Nullify for this reason, select again.

Targets cannot activate powers that the superhero Nullifies completely, but if they have sufficient PPs left to use those powers at reduced effectiveness, they can do so. Continuous powers cease to function for the duration of Power Nullification’s effects. Power Nullification has no permanent effects.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Enhanced Nullification (Cost: 3 JP per level): For every level of this enhancement, the superhero can Nullify another 10 JP-worth of powers. The superhero can take up to 4 levels of this enhancements, for a total Nullification of 50 JP.
  • Enhancement: Extended Duration (Cost: 2 JP): His Nullification lasts for 1d6 more rounds than usual. The superhero can take this enhancement multiple times, adding 1d6 to the duration each time, to a maximum of 5d6 (4 levels).
  • Enhancement: Indefinite Nullification (Cost: 12 JP): Activate: 12 PP; standard action. Sustain: none (instantaneous). Powers the superhero Nullifies stay Nullified until the target receives a Healing Touch of at least 5 levels (which will heal no damage but instead will cancel the Nullification) or the spells Restora or Restoraga. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Extended Duration (4 Levels) enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Increased Consumption (Cost: 2 JP): If the superhero Nullifies a power worth less than his maximum number of JP, he can use the remaining JP to Nullify more of the target’s powers, but only if he can afford them, of course. Which powers the superhero Nullifies next is always chosen randomly. The superhero can, conceivably, Nullify all of a target’s power with this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Ranged Nullification (Cost: 3 JP): The superhero can now Nullify powers at a distance, using a ranged touch attack. The power now has an effective range increment of 20 feet.
  • Enhancement: Zone of Nullification (Cost: 12 JP): Activate: 12 PP; standard action. Sustain: 12 PP per round; move action. The superhero can temporarily suppress powers within five feet of his square (i.e., the eight squares he touches). Attacks made purely of energy dissipate when they enter his radius. People with powers lose them when they enter his radius. Super abilities are reduced to their normal values. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Ranged Nullification enhancement to buy this enhancement.