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Superpower (Trait)


Cost 2 JP per level


This power grants a Resistance score against one of the eight energy types: earth, fire, ice, light, lightning, shadow, water, or wind. For every level of this power, the superhero gains Resistance 5 to one energy type.

The superhero can take this power multiple times. The effects either stack or apply to a different energy type. At level 10 in a single energy type, the superhero gains total immunity to that type. Note, though, that this power has no effect on other powers. Thus, it does not reduce the damage of an Earth Energy Attack, for example, but it does reduce the damage of falling into a vat of lava. To resist powers, the superhero needs Resistance: Power.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Imbue Resistance (Cost: 3 JP): Activate: 2 PPs per person; free. Sustain: 2 PPs per person per round; free. Range: touch (special). The superhero can now confer Resistance onto other people. The superhero must maintain physical contact with them to maintain the effect.