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Shadow Affinity

Superpower (Trait)


Cost 2 JP per level


The superhero has the uncanny ability to slip into patches of shadow and fade almost completely from sight. For each level of this power, the superhero gets a +2 bonus to Stealth checks and a +1 Dodge bonus to AC as long as he stands in a patch of shadow larger than himself, or are in general darkness.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Fast Move (Cost: 2 JP): The superhero remains melded while performing a double move or running. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Shadow Meld enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Shadow Jumping (Cost: 3 JP): As a full-round action, the superhero can “jump” from one patch of shadow or darkness he has melded into, to another shadow without physically passing through the area of light between them, essentially teleporting between two shadows. Calculate shadow jumps as if the superhero were jumping across a physical space, like a chasm or pit, though note that he cannot run or perform a double-move from within shadows. Prerequisite: The superhero must have the Shadow Meld enhancement to buy this enhancement.
  • Enhancement: Shadow Meld (Cost: 4 JP): Activate: 3 PP; swift action. Sustain: none; free action. When the superhero is within a large enough patch of shadow, he can actually physically meld with the shadow or darkness, essentially becoming part of the shadow itself. Activating this ability costs 3 PP, but has no sustained cost. While melded, the superhero cannot interact with the outside world in any way, nor can the outside world affect him. However, the superhero can interact normally with any other beings who meld or have melded with the same shadows. The superhero is completely invisible and silent to the outside world while melded (though the See Invisible, True Seeing, Power Detection, or similar abilities still have a chance to detect the superhero). The superhero can move within the shadow at his normal speed, but if he performs a double-move or run, assuming the shadow is large enough to allow this, he will instantly emerge from the shadow. The superhero can even move vertically within the shadow, or horizontally over open space, as long as the shadow extends through it. The shadow itself is all the superhero needs to support his weight. If a light source illuminates the space in which the shadow resides, like a spotlight, the superhero appears again instantly, but without any harm or disorientation. The superhero simply appears where the shadow used to be. Prerequisite: The superhero must have 4 levels of Shadow Affinity to buy this enhancement.