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Superpower (Power)


Cost 1 JP per level
Activate none; use activated
Sustain none; swift action
Range self; Power Resistance no


The superhero can stretch his limbs and body to extended lengths as if he was made of rubber. For each level of this power, the superhero can stretch himself up to 5 feet longer or taller than usual (arms, legs, torso, neck, etc.). Each level of this power grants only one foot of extra reach in combat (the superhero can’t fully extend because of the leverage and balance needed for combat). Once the superhero has 6 levels of Stretching he can make attacks at a 10-foot range, though he still threaten only at 5 feet (adjacent squares).

If the superhero has multiple attacks due to a high BAB and use the full-attack action against an opponent who is not in his normal threatened range, he must direct all his attacks against that same foe. If the superhero has Two-Weapon Fighting, the superhero can choose different targets for his on- and off-hands, but all relevant attacks for a particular hand must be against the same foe. The superhero can still split his attacks up as normal within his normal reach if he chooses not to stretch.

The superhero gains a one-time +2 bonus on Disguise checks, because of the ability to change his height. The superhero gains a +1 bonus per level to Escape Artist checks.

Stretching does not grant the superhero any increased level of Strength or endurance. The superhero cannot support more weight than he could normally, nor does his body have extra tensile strength.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Bounciness (Cost: 2 JP): His body is rubbery enough that the superhero can bounce on impact after long falls, reducing the damage the superhero takes. For every level of Stretching the superhero has, he ignores the first 30 feet of falling distance before calculating damage. Thus, if the superhero had 5 levels of Stretching, he could fall 150 feet without taking damage. If desired, the superhero can bounce back up (or away if he impacts a surface horizontally) to half the distance he can safely fall.
  • Enhancement: Putty Body (Cost: 8 JP): The superhero has the ability to stretch, flatten, twist, and fold his body into any number of shapes with precise control. The superhero can now squish down to less than half his normal size, though he retains the same mass, and practically ooze out of any kind of restraint short of a sealed container, making most Escape Artist checks unnecessary. In extreme cases where the superhero might need to make an Escape Artist roll, he gets a +5 circumstance bonus per level of Stretching. The superhero can also flatten his body during a fall, becoming something of a flesh parachute. This reduces the effective distance of a fall by 10 feet per level of Stretching the superhero has. This enhancement does not, however, allow the superhero to replicate other powers, like Appendages or Natural Weapons. Prerequisite: The superhero must have 6 levels of Stretching to buy this enhancement.