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Superpower (Trait)


Cost 10 JP


The superhero with the Super Strength power often has enormous muscles and a love of showing off what they can do with them — whether smashing through buildings or crushing guns into paperweights. Most superhumanly strong superheroes have Super Constitution also. This superpower increases the superhero’s Strength score by an inherent bonus of +10.

  • Enhancement: Bruiser Intimidation (Cost: 2 JP): The superhero uses his Strength modifier instead of Charisma modifier for Intimidate skill checks and gains a +4 circumstance bonus to Intimidate skill checks. This enhancement is always active and costs no power points to use.
  • Enhancement: Crush (Cost: 3 JP): Activate: 1 PP; swift action. The superhero is especially adept at grabbing and crushing objects and delivering blows that are powerful and focused enough to go through most anything — whether a person or a brick wall! The superhero inflicts lethal damage and adds (double his Strength modifier) when applying damage on an unarmed strike. Crush lasts for a single strike (whether successful or not) and can be used for any unarmed maneuver in which his Strength modifier is applied to damage.
  • Enhancement: Flick (Cost: 3 JP): Activate: 1 PP; swift action. The power in a superhero’s finger is so potent, he can knock people back on their asses. Flick lasts for only 1 attack. The superhero makes a touch attack, if he is successful, the target is knocked away from the superhero equal to 5 feet per Strength modifier he possesses. In addition, the target must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + half of the freelancer’s level + his Strength modifier) or be knocked prone. If the target is knocked against a solid object (like, a wall), for every 5 feet the target does not fly back receives a -1 penalty to this save.
  • Enhancement: Heavy Weaponry (Cost: 2 JP): A superhero treats all weapons as one size category smaller for purposes of determining whether or not he can wield them in one hand and if they are considered light weapons. This enhancement is always active and costs no power points to use.
  • Enhancement: Knockdown (Cost: 4 JP): Whenever the superhero is allowed to apply his Strength modifier to damage, he may perform a trip combat maneuver against the opponent. The superhero makes a trip combat maneuver with a +4 bonus against the opponent’s CMD. If the superhero beats the opponent’s CMD, the opponent is tripped. If the attempt fails, the superhero is not tripped in return. This also allows the superhero to not provoke attacks of opportunity when using this enhancement. The benefit of this enhancement does not stack with the benefit of the Improved Trip feat. This enhancement is always active and costs no power points to use.
  • Enhancement: Lifter (Cost: 3 JP): Activate: 2 PP per; use activated. The superhero is the guy to call when someone needs to move something big — like, say, a tank. He multiplies his Strength score for the purposes of determining his carrying capacity for every two power points the superhero spends by x2 (multipliers increase by 1 for every 2 PP spent). While this is in effect, the superhero can carry staggering weights — or even throw them at a range increment equal to (1 mile x half his effective Strength for carrying capacity). A thrown object has a maximum range of five range increments; he reduces this by one increment for every 1,000 pounds the object weighs. If this reduces the range to less than one increment, the superhero can throw the object a mile. Range penalties, line of sight, maximum lifting capability and other modifiers apply as normal. Using this enhancement purely to increase carrying capacity lasts for a single encounter (or his freelancer level in hours, if the GM prefers). Using it for a throw expends the power point boost immediately.
  • Enhancement: Quantum Leap (Cost: 3 JP): Activate: 1 PP per; use activated. The superhero’s leg muscles are prodigiously strong — much so that he can leap enormous distances. The superhero can leap up to 100 feet horizontally or up to 25 feet vertically per power point spent, with no Acrobatics check to jump required. Similarly, the superhero suffers no damage from falling an equivalent distance as long as it is a controlled fall (the GM may call for an Acrobatics check, depending on circumstances). The power point expenditure lasts for a single leap.
  • Enhancement: Shockwave (Cost: 4 JP): Activate: 2 PP; use activated. By stomping his foot or smashing his fists against the ground, the superhero can generate waves of force and pressure that create tiny earthquakes. All targets on the ground within a (10 ft. per freelancer level) radius must make a DC 15 Reflex save or fall down. At the GM’s discretion, the shockwave may result in collateral damage — fissures opening, pipes bursting, ceilings collapsing — that inflicts (1d6 per two freelancer levels) points of bludgeoning damage, up to a maximum 10d6 (Reflex DC 15 half). The superhero is unaffected by the Shockwave, but must roll the collateral damage noted above against the surface he has hit. The superhero is subject to any adverse effects that result — falling through a cracked floor, being hit by debris, and so on.
  • Enhancement: Thunderclap (Cost: 4 JP): Activate: 2 PP; use activated. With a forceful clap, the superhero creates a tremendous of sound and air pressure. Thunderclap affects living creatures and brittle or fragile objects (such as glass) in a cone-shaped emanation up to (10 ft. per freelancer level); “hard” targets — walls, vehicles or metal objects — and very “soft” targets — cloth, paper — are unaffected. Targets must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save or be deafened for 1d6 rounds (unable to hear, at a –4 penalty on initiative checks, fail Perception checks to listen automatically). Thunderclap also inflicts (1d6 per two freelancer levels) points of bludgeoning damage, up to a maximum 10d6 (Fortitude DC 15 half).