Some changes and revisions.


  • Au Ra (Base Race): Removed gender-lock features, changed to different clans.
  • Kobold (Beastman Tribe Race): Now have 30 ft base movement.
  • Shindroid (Base Race): Changed Integrated Weaponry to only allow 1-handed firearms. Added an alternate racial trait: Race Simulation: For some shindroids, the blood of a particular race flows through their body, emulating that race to better infiltrate or blend in easier. Shindroids with this racial trait chooses another humanoid race. They count as both shindroid and that race for any effects related to race. For example, if a shindroid chooses dwarf, he is considered both a shindroid and a dwarf for the purpose of taking traits, feats, how spells and magic items affect you, and so on. In addition, shindroids with this racial trait age as that chosen race, gaining the benefits and penalties of aging. This racial trait replaces immortal.


  • Engineer (Base Class): Core Reactor (Engineer Trick): Added a duration to the ability: This ability lasts until the start of the engineer’s next turn.
  • Red Mage (Base Class): Quick Cast limited to Red Mage spells only.

Prestige Classes

  • Magitek Pilot: Renamed Limit Break: Megaton Punch to Megaton Smash. Removed Magitek Weapon Proficiency, replaced with Expert Piloting. Removed Bonus Feats, replaced with More Bang For Your Money.

Deific Orders

  • Seeress: Of the followers of the death goddess Etro, few are given the same kind of opportunity for the spread of Her faith as the dedicated clergy who demonstrate Etro’s well-meaning power through overwhelming precognitive and temporal abilities. Created by Manly Man from Discord/Forums.


  • Card Shark (Gambler archetype): Uncanny Precision now replaces Gil Rain instead. Added 52-Card Pickup ability to replace Skew Favor.
  • Invoker (Summoner archetype): Removed from the website. Kinda a long time in coming. Wasn’t happy with the archetype for awhile. While removed from the website, the PDF is still there:
  • Ironman (Engineer archetype): Added a Limit Break, removed the ability to pick up engineer tricks that automatons, and added a couple of augmentations that affect their power armor.
  • Lady Luck (Gambler archetype): Added Great Discord ability to replace Skew Favor.
  • Mako Weapon Specialist (Engineer archetype): Added alternate engineer tricks (augmentations).
  • Oracle (Astrologian archetype): Replaced Immunity to Surprise with Momentary Glimpse ability.
  • Pen Mage (Black Mage archetype): Added Sense Motive as a class skill, replacing Appraise. Added The Power of Speech, gaining Orator as a bonus feat, replacing Spell Proficiency.
  • Sorcerer (Black Mage archetype): Replaced Metamagic Adept with Spell Study and modified Arcane Apoethesis.
  • Synthesist (Engineer archetype): Added alternate engineer tricks (augmentations).
  • Technomancer (Engineer archetype): Droid Familiar now replaces Repair. Moved Arcane Battery to 2nd level, replacing Combat Awareness. Moved Chemical Mixture to 5th level, replacing Crafting Expertise. Moved Metamagic Science to 11th level, replacing Unflustered. Added Analyzer ability at 4th level, replacing Support Droid. Added Axiom ability at 7th level, replacing Quick Craft. And added alternate engineer tricks (augmentations).


  • Added: Improved Power Weapons and Advanced Power Weapons feats
  • Added: Perceive Weakness feat.


  • Repair skill: Changed how much Repair restores HPs.


  • Time Stop and Lesser Time Stop: Added a limitation to the spells: Due to the constraints of the space/time continuum, you cannot cast time stop within a time stop effect and when the effect ends, you must wait 1 round to be able to cast it again.


  • Alchemical Items: Baccus Wine renamed to Bacchus’s Wine and changed from giving Haste to giving Berserk instead.
  • Deities: Added Etro, Lesser Old Goddess of Death, Time, and Chaos. Created by Manly Man from Discord/Forums.
  • Iconics: Added Basch – Iconic Knight and Zell – Iconic Monk. Created by Luphey from Discord.
  • Magitek: Revamped for the last time. Simplified the system and made them to be more like a mounts/vehicles. Most magitek-related feats were removed as well.
  • Materia: Made the following change: Different materia require different amounts of materia experience points (MXP) in order to level and become more powerful. When you have materia attached, 1/10th of the XP you earn (through combat only) is added and shared equally among all attached materias’ MXP. (For example, if you receive 1,000 XP, and you have 2 materia attached, each of them earns 50 MXP). Any materia you have but are not attached will not earn any MXP.
  • Power Rods/Staves: Now requires a Caster Level and MP Pool to use, as well as having at least 1 MP in your MP Pool to activate.