A few new racial archetypes, a new Iconic, and Sword Saint updates. Enjoy.


  • Immortal (Base Race): Linking is now only usable once per day.
  • Moombas (New Base Race): Moombas are cute bipedal/quadrupedal lion-like creatures with opposable thumbs and with fur that spikes at the ends of their heads, tails and elbows. Their fur colors range from light browns and oranges to deep reds. They stand at around 3 feet and 3 inches tall on average though are often seen on all fours when in movement. Their paws are of a larger size than normal, which leads to them being capable predators if not for their soft nature. – Created by NapazTrix


All Finishers: All finishers from a combo system now replace either a melee attack or ranged attack.

  • Dragoon (Core Class): Acrobatic Talents:Added Dextrous Muscles to add both STR and DEX to jump checks. Added Flowing Lancer to use DEX instead of STR for attack rolls with spears, lances, or polearms. Added Pinpoint Lancer to use DEX instead of STR for damage rolls with
  • Fighter (Core Class): Overhand Chop and Backswing no longer allow any other ability score for damage rolls, they only gain the benefit of STR (or DEX for Agility talent).
  • Gambler (Base Class): Gambler Gambits: Improved Ill-Fortune now only lasts for 1 round + 1 per 3 Gambler levels.
  • Monk (Core Class): Ki Powers: High Jump renamed to Ki Jump to avoid confusion with class features. Clarified bonus as Monk Levels, does not stack with other class level bonuses, and changed untyped bonus to competence.
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Ruby Knowledge Mastery reduced to 2 points higher. Spell Combat Expertise reduced to lowering penalty by 1. Spell Combat’s penalty reduced to -2. Ruby Knowledge clarified to state Bonus instead of Modifier.
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Fixed all the inconsistencies. Decided to drop the 1/enemy/per day restriction off Iaijutsu Strike, but kept the extra damage. Replaced Meikyo Shisui LB with Sixth Sense.
  • Soldier (Prestige Class): Soldier Modes are now changed with a move action.
  • Sword Saint (Hybrid Class): Added a slew of sword saint talents to their list – suggestions made by Cador_2004. Added Aegis (1st), Warlord’s Mark (3rd), Never Outnumbered (7th), Tactical Assistance (8th), Surprising Strike (9th), Swap Places (11th), War Sense (13th), Bait the Dragon (14th), Unyielding Swordplay(15th), Punishing Defenses (16th), Unstoppable Strike (18th), and Deathless Defenses (19th. Moved Improved Warleader (13th), and Master Warleader (17th) to talents. Moved Born of Steel (19th) to 17th level. All archetypes are up to date as well.

Archetypes / Deific Orders

All Stamina archetypes (with the exception of Swordlord Deific Order) now are able to pick up their base class feats to select talents from their respective talent trees.

  • Battlemind (Black Belt Archetype): Mental Blow is now only usable a number of times per day equal to 3 + INT mod.
  • Berserker (Beastmaster Archetype): Skill points reduced to 2+int. Saves changed to good Fort, normal Ref and Will (lv 20 is +12/+6/+6). Frenzy now counts as a rage effect that only stacks with Beastmaster’s base rage, it does not stack with any other rage or features that say they do not stack with rage. Deathless Frenzy now replaces beast shape and no escape. Deathless Frenzy now consumes an additional round of Frenzy while active. Greater Frenzy now replaces swift tracker and rage strike.
  • Bodyguard (Deific Order): Good Daigoro reduced to gaining 2/- dr and 2 STR/DEX. Pay the Price now cannot reduce an ability to below 10%. Bodyguard’s Vengeance now states that Daigoro or the Bodyguard must be adjacent to the enemy.
  • Black Waltz (New Genome Black Mage archetype): A cut above the ordinary, and disposable, gaian genomes, a black waltz is a spellcaster of awesome might. Though originally created as a trio, the process has since been perfected, allowing for near-mass production of the model type.
  • Dirty Ronin (Samurai Archetype): Removed Lifethread Deception.
  • Green Mage (Scholar Archetype): Reduced MP to Diminished 3/4ths progression. Enhancing Arts: Exuberance and Enfeebling Arts: Effervescence are now calculated before any bonus from Arts.
  • Ignavian (Deific Order): Body of Flame now reduced to only 1/2 level in fire damage. To Fly Upon the Crimson Wings is limited to rounds per day equal to cleric level. A Heat That Will Scorch All Creation now allows creatures with resistance to both fire and holy to resist it. Critical Point of Everything now only increases crit range. Rise From The Ashes can now only activate once per day.
  • Item Master (New Moomba Chemist archetype): Following in the steps of MoombaMoomba, Boko, MiniMog, and Koko, these moombas dedicate their life to the finding and varied use of magical items. While not the best crafters, these moombas are the best at using said items in combat. – Createed by NapazTrix
  • Kensai (Samurai archetype): Added Meikyo Shisui as a LB. Added Bushido Arts to complement their kenki techniques/combo finishers.
  • Monstrous Shifter (Blue Mage Archetype): Natural Hide reduced to +1 per 4 blue mage levels after 2nd. Adaptable Circumstance changed to allow +5 feet to one type of movement speed. Skilled evolution can now only be selected once and once more every 2 levels after 1st.
  • Parivir (Samurai archetype): Dropped the number of times per day off Swordsmanship Techniques, changed most of them. Added Swordsmanship Mastery (11th).
  • Poledancer (Dancer Archetype): Deadly Lancer now only improves by every 10 you beat the enemy’s CMD.
  • Spellthief (formerly Genome Thief archetype): Race-lock removed.
  • Sworn Protector (New Immortal Sword Saint archetype): Some immortals take up the defense of a sole person, and protect them above all others. Be they hired, inspired, or simply forced into it, a sworn protector sword saint is known for devotion and service to their chosen ward. These sworn protectors are highly valued, as they are quite skilled and effective at deterring threats.
  • Thug (Black Belt Archetype): Street Tough now replaces martial cunning and martial training. Catch Off-Guard removed from Improvised Weapons into its own feature, delaying AC Bonus until 7th. Shrug it Off now delays Tough Skin until 7th. Aggression now replaces the passive aggression of the base feature. Master’s Strike no longer stops improvised weapons breaking with fumbles. Imposing Demeanor now only adds 1/2 level to intimidate. Ultimate Extortion no longer effects creatures immune to fear.
  • Virtuoso (Fencer Archetype): Enhanced Panache now modifies panache and replaces elaborate parry. Virtuoso’s Practice now replaces masterful feint and improved uncanny dodge.
  • Windspeaker (New Ixal Summoner archetype): Some Ixal are born with the express purpose of listening to the wind, and channelling their primals voice from it. These Windspeakers are guarded by a small mote of Garuda’s Power.


  • Bard Songs: Updated Pied Piper to have its proper subschools and descriptors.
  • Black Mage Spells: Renamed Jump to Dragon Jump and split into 3 tiers at 1st, 3rd, and 5th spell level.
  • Geomancer Spells: Renamed Jump to Dragon Jump and split into 3 tiers at 1st, 3rd, and 5th spell level.
  • Red Mage Spells: Renamed Jump to Dragon Jump and split into 3 tiers at 1st, 3rd, and 5th spell level.
  • White Mage Spells: Renamed Jump to Dragon Jump and split into 3 tiers at 1st, 3rd, and 5th spell level.


  • Iconics – Agrias (Iconic Holy Knight) added. – Created by Luphey.
  • Pathfinder Basics: Added sections for attack, damage, and critical hits. Describes how to calculate “weapon damage” multipliers and combined multipliers.
  • Skills: Intimidate Skill: Antagonize now allows a will save to resist.