Not much of an update this month, added a few features to Ninja, and 1 single new berserker archetype.


  • Bard (Core Class): Removed Auras and Grant move action. Removed the skill requirement to perform bard songs (although, still need to for perform more than 1 song), removed weapon proficienciess besides simple, Musical Power updated, moved Inspiration to 3rd instead of 2nd. Moved Unstoppable Performance to 16th from 17th. Added Suggestion and Dirge of Doom to Bardic Performance. (All bard archetypes were updated.) Fixed their Songs ending paragraph to not require a perform check. Fixed Musical Power to have the new updated text with skill ranks. Removed Dissonance. Added Wide Audience in its place. Changed “Additional Song” to “Medley”. A successful Perform check now refreshes the duration of all songs in the medley. Once a bard achieves the maximum allotment of songs allowed by Medley, the bard may substitute any songs currently in effect with a new song on a successful Perform check. Clarified in the Bardic Performance class feature that songs and a bardic performance may be maintained at the same time. Updated Master Bard.
  • Ninja (Hybrid Class): Renamed Ninjutsus to Ki Powers, added Ninjutsus at 1st level. Added Death Mark (5th), Ambush (11th) and Certain Demise (17th).
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Armored Mage (Light) class feature now starts at level 1. Ruby Knowledge class feature now starts at level 3.
  • Thief (Core Class): Removed Ambush.
  • Cacophonist (Bard archetype): Added Dissonance and Resonance.
  • Fury (new Berserker archetype): The fury relishes in the glory of combat. Her hedonistic pleasure from battle wounds is borderline masochistic. While under furious assault, she enters a sort of high where pain is just another form of indulgence.
  • Marshal (new Bard archetype): Auras and Grant move action were delegated to this new archetype.
  • General Feats: Added in the Clearer Mind feat. Extra MP now only grants 1 MP when taken and the scaling was reduced to +1 mp per 2 CL.
  • Metamagic Feats: Prolong Spell has had its wording updated and clarified and no longer can be combined with other metamagic feats.
  • Black Mage spells: Saber (1st), Decoy (4th). Saber was created by Drage Enzeru. Decoy was created by DeadKingKicker
  • Dark Knight spells: Saber (1st), Lead Blades (1st)
  • Holy Knight spells: Lead Blades (1st)
  • Red Mage spells: Saber (1st), Lead Blades (1st)
  • White Mage spells: Decoy (4th)
  • Berserk (Status Effect): Changed to the following:This status effect causes the character to fly into a rage, attacking the nearest enemy creature. Once a target is chosen, the subject charges (or takes the most direct path) and attacks the target with their held weapon at all costs until it dies or until the duration ends. If the subject cannot attack its target within their turn, they instead switch to another enemy creature that is nearest to them (if applicable).While under the effects of Berserk, the subject may only utilize move, attack, and full-attack actions in pursuit of and against their target. If the subject possesses any feats that augment the damage of an attack, they are used at every opportunity. The subject’s mind is so clouded by unyielding rage that they forsake using ranged weapons (bows, guns, power weapons, etc) properly, and instead opt to either use them as improvised melee weapons or their bare fists (as an unarmed strike). Creatures affected by Berserk do not threaten other creatures besides their target. Additionally, the subject gains a +2 circumstance bonus to Strength, a -2 penalty to AC, and is immune to fear effects while under the effects of Berserk.