A few new archetypes and several new deific orders up for grabs. Enjoy!


  • Goblin (Beastman Tribe Race): Added 2 racial heritages (Moblin and Red Cap).
  • Half-Breed (Core Race): Added Scavenger and Stubborn to the list of alternate racial traits. – Suggestions by Rorahusky.
  • Qiqirn (Beastman Tribe Race): Added 2 racial heritages (Leaf-Eater and Meat-Eater). – Created by DM Leibfrid.


  • Bard (Core Class): Added Song Talents and Advanced Song Talents. Troubadour, Resonance, and Encore were removed and placed in Song Talents. Grant move action was moved to 3rd level from 5th. Added Musical Power (1st). Added Improved Musical Power and Advanced Musical Power to Song Talents and Advanced Song Talents.
  • Black Belt (Hybrid Class): Clarified Tough Skin. Added Improved Tough Skin to the list of martial art talents.
  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Dropped the Will save off Scan, added a Knowledge skill check instead.
  • Chocobo Knight (Base Class): Modified Banner class feature, added more options. Added Demanding Challenge to the list of Advanced Mounted Talents.
  • Medic (Base Class): Added Swift Inspiration to the list of medical practices.
  • Summoner (Base Class): Added Summon Talents and Advanced Summon Talents. Improved Weaken Summons was removed and placed in Advanced Summon Talents.

Archetypes / Deific Orders

  • Agent of Inquiry (Bard archetype): Added Inquiry Talents, replacing Song Talents and Advanced Song Talents.
  • Blood Lily Acolyte (White Mage archetype): Made some changes to the Lily abilities.
  • Bodyguard (new Deific Order for Yojimbo): The bodyguard worships the astral, Yojimbo. Offering her gil into the aether to channel favor from Yojimbo himself, she gains the strength and precision of a god as she swings her weapon. – Created by Moggle Mog and Sgt. Cookie.
  • Disciple of the Twelve (new Deific Order for the Twelve): Disciples of the Twelve worship the pantheonic gods, known as the Twelve. By following and upholding the tenants of the Twelve she is bestowed upon the favor of the gods, granting her many supernatural abilities. – Created by Moggle Mog.
  • Dragonkin (Bard archetype): Shout pool and Shouts were moved to 2nd level, from 1st.
  • Gardener (new Deific Order for Eden): These devout followers of the mechanical angel goddess Eden seek only one thing: to provide haven and refuge to all that they come across. Believing themselves and their deity to be the arbiters of paradise and peace, they set out to share her message across the land. – Created by Dragon Man.
  • Gilsweeper (new Qiqirn Gambler archetype): Gilsweepers are the mercantile tricksters of central Thanalan in Eorzea. Often seen as eccentric highwaymen, these nomadic thieves use improvisation, wit, and a bit of Qiqirn moxie to get the gil! – Created by Reggie.
  • Necrotic Healer (Necromancer archetype): Added Divine Veil (13th).
  • Pack Member (new Deific Order for Fenrir): Followers of Fenrir do not see themselves as devout disciples but as members of his pack. As such, they emulate him and strive for his power, but all must be done in service to the pack, whether that be Fenrir’s or whatever ‘pack’ the pack member finds themselves in. They are natural leaders, loyal to a fault, and devastating to deal with. – created by YellowTongue.
  • Paravir (Samurai archetype): Removed fighter talents option, but increased the number of swordmanship uses to 3 + half level + Cha mod. Fighter talents were added in at 2nd level that may replace Bushido Arts.
  • Recreos (new Time Mage archetype): Some time mages focus on the timelines of the body. These mages can reverse or fast-forward personal timelines to heal or even bring ruin. They lose mastery of time in general and instead gain great power over the timelines of others and themselves. They call themselves, Recreos. – Created by tehwanderer
  • Reaversworn (new Deific Order for Odin): The reaversworns are followers of Odin, the Zantetsuken Lord. Heeding the call from the Reaver, these clerics are able to summon Sleipnir and ride him into battle.
  • Servant Conjurer (Summoner archetype): Heroic Spirits now start with gear as if the Summoner had cast Summon Equipment.
  • Temporal Nomad (new Qiqirn Time Mage archetype): The qiqirns were born on the open road, and it is their destiny to travel to farflung locales in search of adventure. The blood of nomads courses through their veins and wanderlust roams in the deepest reaches of their souls. Their magicks reflect their innate desires to seek out new experiences and visit foreign lands.


  • Astrologian spells: Added Know the Enemy (1st).
  • Blue Mage spells: Added Hallowed Armor (4th) and Unicorn Purification (9th).
  • Holy Knight spells: Added Holy Circle (2nd), Leniency (2nd), Weapon Storm (4th), Leniency II (4th)
  • Red Mage spells: Added Rage (2nd).


  • Equipment: Added special materials to the equipment page. Added in Living Crystal and Elemental Crystal to list of FFD20 specific special materials. – Created by NapazTrix
  • Gun Arms: Now list what type of capacity they use in the firearm table, as well as their base combinations and reload actions in their description.
  • Wondrous Items: Ruined Bracers I-III added to wrist slot items.
  • Wondrous Items: Escort Bracelet, Dragon Bracelet, Wizard Bracelet, Ribbon, and Super Ribbon had their prices increased to better follow creation rules and reflect their power.


  • Character Advancement: Added the advancement table from levels 1 – 30.
  • Feats: Airship Operation and Vehicle Operation feats no longer have the penalty for not having the Drive/Pilot skill.
  • New Gods (Deities): Byregot, Menphina, Oschon and Rhalgr had their domains changed. Changed Azeyma and Nald’Thal favoured weapons, Fighting Fan and Dire flail respectively.
  • Skills: Drive and Pilot skills are now Trained Only.
  • Vehicles and Vehicle Rules: Added to Equipment. Not fully satisfied with the rules. May be changes in the future as I get feedback.