A whole bunch of archetypes, feats, and spells. Enjoy.


  • Lamia (Beastman Tribe Race): Added 3 lamia heritages (Ananta, Medusa, and Undine) – created by Rav
  • Ronso (Base Race): Added 2 racial heritages (Helion Hrothgar and Lost Hrothgar) – created by Rav
  • Shindroid (Base Race): Added Endure Elements, Repair Droid, and Technologically-Knowledgeable as alternate racial traits.
  • Sylph (Beastman Tribe Race): Added 3 alternate heritages (Fairy, Pixie, and Sprite).
  • Tonkin (Base Race): Added 2 racial heritages (Palekin and Tonkin Royalty). Removed Palekin Ancestry from alternate racial traits.
  • Viera (Base Race): Added Mist Sight and Misty Mind to alternate racial traits. – Created by Lanse


  • The following classes now have 4+Int mod for skills: Black Mage, White Mage, Cleric, Freelancer, Necromancer, Summoner, Time Mage, and Scholar.
  • Crownsguard, Elite Lancer, General, Knight Gallant, Onyx Magister, Opal Magister, SeeD Operative (Prestige Classes): Updated their skills to 4+Int.
  • All techniques (from Monk, Samurai, and various of other archetypes) are now only usable with an attack, full-attack, or charge action.
  • Archer (Core Class): Archery Talents: Aiding Shot, Distracting Shot, Hobbling Shot and Tangling Shot now have the limit of once per round each and only 1 at a time.
  • Astrologian (Base Class): Ewer card now grants a luck bonus to saving throws instead of MP Regen.
  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Increased Skills per level to 6+Int. [Creature Magic class feature] If created after 1st level, she now gains 1 more spell chosen at random for each level at the highest spell level for each blue mage level.
  • Celestial Knight (new Prestige Class): Celestial Knights are a chivalrous order dedicated to guarding against the schemes of the unliving and any plots to increase their power. The order is deeply religious, composed of devoted worshipers of their god.
  • Chemist (Base Class): Added Alchemical Savant (6th). Healing Bomb now only works with Cure Potions, Hi-Potions, and X-Potions and undead can save for half with a successful Will save.
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Added Dark Pressure, Hellish Grit, and Spiteful Rebuke to their list of Abyssal Arts. – Created by Reggie and LesbianWitchAcademia
  • Engineer (Base Class): Added Percussive Maintenance to their list of engineer tricks. – Suggested by Kazu
  • Gambler (Base Class): Gil Toss’s damage now scales for every 4 gambler levels after 1st.
  • Gunner (Base Class): Gunnery Talents: Removed Critical Genius, Expert Reloading, Firearm Bash, and Duelist’s Grip. Made edits to Gun Kata, Mechanical Savant, Speed Loader and Sure Shot.
  • Medic (Base Class): Added Anatomical Manipulation, Blood Transfusion, Careful Triage, Empowered Triage, Greater Medic Training, Magical Treatment, Improved Magical Treatment, Maximized Triage, Reflexive Triage, Team Effort, Pharmaceutical Resilience, Pharmaceutical Training, and Rough Treatment to their list of medical practices. – created by Reggie, ParaNoya, and Azurift. Triage reduced to level + Wis mod for uses. Treatment changed majorly. Triage now provokes attacks of opportunity if using a standard or full-round action in melee combat. Added Heal ranks to Triage’s value.
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Added Forceful Presence to their list of Bushido Arts. – Created by Reggie
  • SeeD Operative (Prestige Class): Made some changes to this prestige class, overhauled some abilities. Increased Skill Points to 6. Gave it a few weapon proficiencies. – Suggestions by Kayos and NapazTrix. Can now draw from allies more than 1/day, however it now also takes the MP required for the spell from the ally. Stocked spells can now be exchanged between willing Seed Operatives.
  • Sword Saint (Hybrid Class): Swordskills can now be used multiple times a round at certain levels.


  • Aqua Adept (new Lamia Cleric archetype): An aqua adept dedicates herself to preserving the knowledge of the first lamias and ensuring her people’s ancient connections to the natural world remain undisturbed. They serve as the keepers of the roots of the lamia people and as their protectors.
  • Battlemind (new Black Belt archetype): With uncompromising mental prowess, the battlemind scans the battlefield and quickly comes up with, ostensibly, the perfect countermeasure for the fight. – Created by Sgt. Cookie
  • Benefactor (new Medic archetype): Whether it be to atone for past mistakes, or out of an innate sense of self-sacrifice, those who pick up the mantle of the benefactor have tossed aside their need for self-preservation in their devotion to preserving life in all it’s forms. – Created by
  • Berserker (Beastmaster archetype): Changed number of rounds from 2 to 4 + Con mod.
  • Blademaster (Sword Saint archetype): Blade Techniques cannot be used with exotic weapons that require a specific ability score to use without penalty, such as buster swords or split blade swords.
  • Blood Mage (Necromancer archetype): Moved Steal Health to 2nd (from 1st). Added Blood Infusion (1st), Blood Command (4th), Blood Desecration (10th), Blood Ability (14th), Perfect Infusion (20th).
  • Breaker (new Fighter archetype): Within all creatures lies the desire to break things. From an early age, one of the most common forms of expression is destruction. Some people lean into that primal desire. They are known as Breakers, and woe to anyone who stands in their way. – Created by LesbianWitchAcademia.
  • Combatant (Thief archetype): Reduced Ki Pool to half thief level + Wis mod.
  • Dark Guardian (new Dark Knight archetype): A dark guardian focuses her efforts to defending herself and others with her dark sword and her dark powers.
  • Holy Dragoon (Dragoon archetype): Added Class Skills, Cover (1st), Acrobatic Talents, Jump Cast (9th), Advanced Acrobatic Talents, Sentinel (15th), and Divine Leap (20th).
  • Holy Guardian (new Holy Knight archetype): A holy guardian focuses her efforts to defending herself and others with her holy sword and her holy powers.
  • Interceptor (new Ninja archetype): Master of stealth, assasination, and unity with his companion, the interceptor takes on any job that they’re hired for. – Created by Kazu.
  • Merchant (Thief archetype): Gil Toss’s damage now scales for every 4 thief levels after 1st.
  • Monstrous Shifter (Blue Mage archetype): Reduced Skilled evolution to a +4 racial bonus or +2 to two skills.
  • Natural Striker (new Beastmaster archetype): To truly understand beasts, one must become one themselves. Channeling their inner beasts, they attack using nothing more than their own raw strength and intuition. The natural striker is like a beast possessed, though still has their wits about them. Utilizing their own intellect, they work with their companion to give themselves an edge in combat, where survival is for the fittest. – Created by Kuro.
  • Parivir (Samurai archetype): Swordsmanship Techniques now have a number of daily uses. Can now use iaijutsu Strike with Swordmanship Techniques.
  • Poledancer (Dancer archetype): Working the Poles replaces ki powers.
  • Primal Hunter (new Beastmaster archetype): Most beastmasters are skilled at awakening the primal beasts inside themselves. However, some can instead activate the primal essence within their animal companion. These primal hunters bestow upon their companions the ability to suddenly manifest new and terrifying powers—throwbacks to long-extinct beasts, bizarre mutations from extreme environments, or new abilities crafted from generations of selective breeding.
  • Saboteur (Thief archetype): Added Marked Target (1st), Traps (2nd), Hidden Spotter (3rd), Swift Sabotage (5th), Improved Mark (10th), Ranged Setup (11th), Greater Mark (17th), Instant Sabotage (19th).
  • Savant (Blue Mage archetype): Added Savant Talents (2nd).
  • Shadow (Ninja archetype): Added Cantrips along with their spells.
  • Shadow Knight (Dark Knight archetype): Added Shadow Tactics (3rd). – Suggestion by Reggie
  • Shell Knight (new Quadav Knight archetype): A shell knight forgoes the use of a shield and relies on its shell and makes it a formidable foe and a hard one to flank effectively. – Created by Moggle Mog
  • Shoopuf Rider (new Hypello Chocobo Knight archetype): “So, you want to learn to ride ze shoopuf, yes? Good, good, you come to right place.” The hypello have managed to tame these huge beasts of burden, riding them out to battle. – Created by Kazu.
  • Solid Snake (new Thief archetype): The solid snake is a spy, special operations soldier, and mercenary. An expert in close quarter combat and in sneaking around undetected, the solid snake is the best man to get the job done, covertly and expertly.
  • Surgeon (new Medic archetype): The surgeon is a master of the scalpel, a well studied healer of physical ailments. They focus more on the medical side of a combat medic, trading some combat abilities for better healing abilities. – created by ParaNoya
  • Thaumaturge (Black Mage archetype): Added Blood Rite (1st), Shadowsear (1st), Sacrifice (2nd), Damnation (3rd), Convert (4th), Dark Seal (6th), Excruciate (7th), Punishing Barbs (11th), Stygian Spikes (13th), and Emulate (16th). – Courtesy of Rav
  • Werewolf (Beastmaster archetype): Added Blood Feast (5th).
  • Wizard (Red Mage archetype): Added Scholar Knowledge, replacing Ruby Knowledge.


  • Class Feats: Added Quick Strike Technique and Wily Strike Technique to the list of class feats. – Created by Reggie. Added Aspect of the Beast, Elemental Claws, Energized Beast Shape, Frightful Shape, Greater Weapon Shift, Improved Weapon Shift, Mutated Shape, Planar Beast Shape, Powerful Shape, Startling Beast Shape, Weapon Shift, Greater Defile, Ultimate Defile, Greater Blessing, Ultimate Blessing, Improved Darkside, Improved Souleater, and Wild Vigor to the list of class feats.
  • Combat Feats: Added Mixed Martial Arts to the list of Combat feats – Created by Reggie
  • Fayth Feats: Added a whole slew of Fayth Feats: Artifice’s Desolation, Artisan of Ark, Bismarckian Buoyancy, Breath of the Void, Drive to Live, Dueling Slash, Eden’s Refuse, Etro’s Chaos, Flames of Restoration, Fulgarian’s Spark, Halone’s Prowess, Hydraean’s Flood, Infernian’s Blaze, Infernian’s Pyre, Levin’s Arbiter, Llymlaen’s Compass, Mote of Zomala, Nald’thal’s Pouch, Odin’s Zeal, Songstress’s Voice, Thaliak’s Repository, and Vagrant of the World. – Created by Rav, Reggie, Kazu, Sgt. Cookie, and Hoshi.
  • General Feats: Added Martial Training and Advanced Martial Training to the list of general feats.
  • Racial Feats: Added Improved Tonberry Nobility to Tonkin’s list of racial feats.
  • Style Feats: Added Shapeshifter Savage, Shapeshifter Style, and Shapeshifter Twist to the list of style feats.
  • Teamwork Feats: Added Combo Burst, Cooperative Finisher, Cross-Combo, Group Limit Break, Magic Burst, and Twincast to the list of teamwork feats. – Created by Kayos.
    Technologist feat’s text changed. Prerequisites for Craft Cybertech were changed.


  • Astrologian spells: Added Rescue (3rd).
  • Black Mage spells: Burn, Crush, Drown, Freeze, Gloom, Shock, and Slice spells now deal their damage per round.
  • Blue Mage spells: Due to some shady shenanigans, Self-Destruct spell cannot be crafted into an alchemical item and is noted on the spell. Added Bloodreaver (6th), Beta (7th), and Laser Barrage (8th) to their list of spells.
  • Dark Knight spells: Added Desecrate (2nd).
  • Geomancer spells: Added Drench (Cantrips), Expeditious Construction (1st), Geo-Accumen, Geo-Barrier, Geo-Cha, Geo-Con, Geo-Dex, Geo-Fade, Geo-Fend, Geo-Frailty, Geo-Fury, Geo-Haste, Geo-Int, Geo-Malaise, Geo-Paralysis, Geo-Poison, Geo-Precision, Geo-Regen, Geo-Str, Geo-Slip, Geo-Slow, Geo-Torpor, Geo-Voidance, Geo-Wilt, Geo-Wis
  • Holy Knight spells: Added Consecrate (2nd), Rescue (3rd), Chains of Light (4th).
  • Necromancer spells: Added Desecrate (2nd).
  • Red Mage spells: Added Rescue (3rd).
  • Summoner spells: Added Drench (Cantrips), Expeditious Construction (1st), Oil (1st), Summon Mage’s Robes (1st), Summon Minor Monster (1st), Unseen Servant (1st), Anti-Summoning Shield (2nd), Aquatic Cavalry (2nd), Gird Ally (2nd), Instant Weapon (2nd), Summon Pit (2nd), Summon Swarm (2nd), Insect Scouts (3rd), Mad Monkeys (3rd), Summon Ghost Wolf (3rd), Summon Spiked Pit (3rd), Swarm of Fangs (3rd), Insect Plague (4th), Summon Deadfall (4th), Summon Stampede (4th), Creeping Doom (5th), Release the Hounds (5th), Summon Black Pudding (5th), Summon Lesser Demiplane (5th), Summon Hungry Pit (5th), Greater Oil (6th), Summon Laborers (6th), Rampart (7th), Summon Demiplane (7th), Rain of Arrows (8th), Summon Greater Demiplane (9th), Summon Resplendent Mansion (9th).
  • White Mage spells: Added Drench (Cantrips), Consecrate (2nd), Rescue (3rd), Chains of Light (6th). Bright now deal its damage per round.


  • Added Kupo Nut to the list of alchemical items.
  • Shotguns in general got changed.
  • Tactical Armor: Added Bulletproof Vest, S.W.A.T. Vest, Executive Vest, Tactical Entry Vest, Demolition Suit, and Riot Shield under Technological Gear section.
  • Weapons: Added Blaster Edge to the list of FFd20 weapons – Created by Kayos.


  • FAQ: Updated the website’s FAQ page to allow the creation of potions/alchemical items for Blue Magic spells.
  • Skills: Craft (Mechanical) was placed back in.