Some new stuff and some changes, enjoy! On a personal note, I like to thank NapazTrix and his small team of playtesters going through the classes and archetypes (no small feat!) and making appropriate suggestions to change.


  • Tonkin (Base Race): Serrated Wound changed to include all light piercing melee weapons.


  • Bard (Core Class): Changed Capstone (Master Bard), moved Immunity to Silence/Blind to 14th level (Can’t Stop My Performance) and moved the ability to affect deaf/blind creatures to 17th level (Unstoppable Performance). Soul Voice Limit Break changed to affect one song a round instead of all songs.
  • Chemist (Base Class): Improved Quaff Potion and Quaff Potion Mastery now allow for any alchemical items that can be ingested. Discoveries: Dilution can be used with any alchemical items that can be ingested. Enhanced Potion was renamed to Enhanced Alchemical Item and can be used with any alchemical items that can be ingested. Sandstone Solution can now use any alchemical item.
  • Chocobo Knight (Base Class): Added clarification for Chocobo Mount concerning Chocobo Food. Added Master Feeder (6th), Improved Chocobo Mount (7th), and Superior Chocobo Mount (15th).
  • Fencer (Hybrid Class): Moved Lunge Techniques to 2nd level from 4th, gaining one technique every 2 levels instead of 4. Added the following Lunge Techniques: Night Talon, Piercing Blow, Piercing Flurry, and Riposte Mastery. (First three created by Sgt_Cookie2 from Discord)
  • Geomancer (Base Class): Added Geomancy Tricks (4th) to add more variety. Moved Geostep (20th) to Geomancy Tricks.
  • Knight (Core Class): Added Imposing Figure as a knight talent.
  • Necromancer (Base Class): Bone Wizards now get Cantrips.


  • Agent of Inquiry (Bard archetype): Altered Relentless Pursuit to allow the agent upon defeating their subject, to allow them to gain a new subject that day.
  • Antrider (Chocobo Knight archetype): Added Acidic Bite (7th).
  • Beast Rider (Chocobo Knight archetype): Gigantic Steed moved to 15th level from 10th.
  • Demolitionist (new Engineer archetype): Master of explosives and usually found within the middle ranks of any party. A demolitionist uses his explosives to bait and limit foes where they can go, change the ground to create holes and pits, or just use his grenades to simply blow things up.
  • Disciple of the Hand (Engineer archetype): Put a maximum of 15% reduction for Master Craftsman. Reduced Efficient Enchanting to 10%. Reduced Master Enchanter to 5% for cost reduction.
  • Dragon Herald (Bard archetype): Changed Extol Glory to affecting creatures with INT 7 or less with 1 language understand, INT 8+ understand without a language.
  • Dragonkin (Bard archetype): Added a Shouting Pool (1st). Modified shouts to require the Shouting Pool to use and all shouts now require an action based on the number of words. Whirlwind Sprint shouts were changed. Inspiring Blow now usable when dropping an opponent and grants more temporary hit points. Heroism now also grants the bonus to the affected ally. Battle Song can now affect any number of allies instead of all allies. War Chant’s damage reduction now stacks with anything. Legacy was buffed to 4 CHA and additional abilities.
  • Guitarist (Bard archetype): Removed all instances of spell levels for enhancements. Added Precise Boom (1st) and Strapped On (17th).
  • Judge Magister (Knight archetype): Modified Badge of Office, added Authority (1st). Moved Stern Gaze from 1st to 2nd level. Added Knight Talents and Advanced Knight Talents to improve Badge of Office.
  • Kaiser (Geomancer archetype): Moved Elemental Infusion to 4th level from 3rd.
  • Ki Warrior (Monk archetype): Added Infinite Spirit Limit Break
  • Monstrous Shifter (Blue Mage archetype): Added Evasion (3rd), Uncanny Dodge (7th), Improved Uncanny Dodge (11th), Improved Evasion (15th), and Defensive Roll (19th), replacing Analysis abilities.
  • Mystic Knight (Red Mage archetype): Added new Red Mageries to replace Extra Quick Casts and Spell Combat Expertise. Exploit Weakness was capped at x4.
  • Skald (Bard archetype): Dirge of Doom now stacks with any fear effect, increasing the fear level by 1.
  • Songstress (Bard archetype): Limning Verse now affects all evil-aligned creatures and outsiders. Devilbane Refrain now grants Holy weapon special ability that affects outsiders instead. Changed Shattering Crescendo to be an effect similar to Basuna at 18th level.
  • Vampire (Necromancer archetype): Added Light armor proficiency and Armored Mage (2nd).
  • Warrior (Fighter archetype): The following inner rage techniques now state on a melee attack: Butcher’s Block, Fell Cleave, Inner Beast, Maim, and Overpower. Deliverance now states for melee damage rolls and melee weapons for crit.
  • Whirling Dervish (new Dancer archetype): Some dancers have adapted scimitars into graceful martial forms, and their dervish style is feared throughout the world its ability to devastate foes with a scimitar through motion and agility regardless of strength of arms.


  • Added the following Red Mage spell: Keen (3rd).
  • Added the following Blue Mage spells: (2nd) Choco Dark, Choco Light, Choco Stone, Choco Wind. (9th) Choco Omnishot. Magic Fang (1st) and Greater Magic Fang (3rd)
  • Added the following Time Mage spell: Sending (4th)

Equipment/Magical Items

  • Added a variety of Chocobo Foods under the Equipment section.
  • Materia now only gain MXP if attached to equipment of the appropriate enhancement. The Materia system will soon to be having an overhaul.
  • Power Rods/Staves now require Craft Magic Arms and Armor item creation feat and the elemental orb cantrip to craft. In addition, added more Power Weapons (Ranged and Melee), courtesy of Azurift and NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Wondrous Items: Added Linkshells to the Slotless Wondrous Magical Items.