Several new archetypes and two new iconics!


  • Roegadyn (Base Race): Fixed their base height to conform to their maximum height listed on their race description.


  • Archer (Core Class): Changed the untyped bonus from Aim to insight. Added Grounding Shot to the list of Archery Talents.
  • Astrologian (Base Class): Added Enchanted Globe to Astrology Secrets.
  • Bard (Core Class): After much thought and deliberation, dropped Perform checks back down to 10, removed Masterful Performance. Increased Additional Song’s Perform check to 15+. Minor Aura’s bonus to limited to level. Major Aura’s Hardy Soldiers, Resist the Elements and Motivate Urgency is now double the bonus the aura provides.
  • Blitzer (Prestige Class): Golden Arm now lowers the penalty for using blitzballs underwater.
  • Dancer (Hybrid Class): Ki Pool and Ki Powers moved to 2nd level. Mystic Dances now require Ki Points to activate and durations have been readded to various of Mystic Dances.
  • Fighter (Core Class): Added Natural Weapons as a weapon group under Chosen Weapon.
  • Monk (Core Class): Ki Pool and Ki Powers moved to 2nd level.
  • Sword Saint (Hybrid Class): Clad in Steel is now like Armor Training.


  • Belmont (formerly Cleric archetype): Was turned into a Holy Knight archetype, with many additions.
  • Chi Master (new Monk archetype): The chi master believes that violence is sometimes necessary, but knowing and understanding is the true root of perfection.
  • Card Shark (Gambler archetype): Added some gambler gambits. – Suggestions by LaLiLuLeLo from Discord.
  • Coryphee (Dancer archetype): Beat, Stamina Pool, and Talent Trees moved to 2nd level.
  • Dance Performer (Dancer archetype): Dance Steps and Dance Finishers moved to 2nd level. Added Dancing Blades (2nd), Chakram Training (4th), Safe Throw (7th), Twin Blade Throw (9th), Dashing Flurry (10th), Chakram Mastery (20th).
  • Demon Hunter (new Fighter archetype): Either from necessity from an invasion or lack of pizza money, men and women alike pick up the mantle of Demon Hunter to track down and kill the outsiders who invade their lands. Imbued with the strength of demons and blessed with the greatest weapons of both man and monster, these hunters are best equipped to deal with oblivion on earth. – Created by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Fell Knight (Dark Knight archetype): Cantrips added.
  • Ironskin Monk (Monk archetype): Ki Pool moved to 2nd level.
  • Juggernaut (Shindroid Knight archetype): Unbreakable changed.
  • Kensai (new Samurai archetype): A kensai spends his life focusing his training and meditation into a rapturous perfection of the use of a single weapon, which is usually but not always a sword, channeling his arcane might through it in a dizzying and deadly dance beyond the abilities of even the greatest of mundane warriors.
  • Ki Warrior (Monk archetype): Ki Powers moved to 2nd level.
  • Lightbringer (Dancer archetype): Domain Dance moved to 2nd level.
  • Magitek Pilot (Chocobo Knight archetype): Added Improved Repair to replace Relentless Steed.
  • Poledancer (Dancer archetype): Working the Poles moved to 2nd level.
  • Rook (new Gunner archetype): For those on the front lines of warfare, they have to choose one of two options; do they skirt and dodge and dive, outsmarting their foes with guile and agility? Or do they stand against the tide of foes, marching ever closer to them like an oncoming storm, bringing death and booming thunder in their wake? Rooks are gunners who choose the second path. To stand in the way of one, is to stand against the inevitable. – Created by Captain Puddleboat from Discord.
  • Shadow Smith (new Dark Knight archetype): The Shadow Smith is a walking armory of shadowy weapons. They can create shadow weapons from the darkness within their essence. Often seen as the vanguard of demonic hordes, guardsmen of the border of the Plane of Shadow, or as wandering purveyors of shadow against those who would recklessly spread light. Whomever they come across, they are always prepared with blood, grit, and a keen edge. – Created by Reggie from Discord.
  • Shugoki (new Samurai archetype): It is the traditional image of a samurai for them to be swift, precise, and deadly. For them to be able to strike as quickly as they can draw their sword, and target a weakness wherever it may present itself. However, this is not the case of all samurai. A shugoki trades their speed and precision for the brutality and strength of a demon, though they are none less deadly for it. – Created by Captain Puddleboat from Discord.
  • Sniper (Archer archetype): Precision shot now capped at archer level or 1st range increment (whichever is lowest), now requires a perception roll and can be cancelled out by cover.
  • Stormbreaker (Fighter archetype): Added Returning to Thunderhammer ability.
  • Swordlord (Sword Saint archetype): Blade Rush reduced to 2 melee attacks instead of a full attack.
  • Temple Knight (Holy Knight archetype): Cantrips added.
  • Transporter (Chocobo Knight archetype): Added Improved Repair to replace Relentless Steed.
  • White Monk (Monk archetype): Cantrips added.


  • Astrologian/Necromancer/White Mage spells: Arise, Arisega, and Full-Life spells are reduced to a 1 round/2 rounds/3 rounds to cast, respectively.
  • Magic: Added in the teleportation subschool, and the descriptors for emotion, fear, language-dependent, mind-affecting and sonic. These will slowly be added onto abilities/spells that require them for rule clarification.
  • Bard: Added descriptors for their abilities where needed.


  • Blitzballs: Can now be kicked/thrown underwater.
  • New Cybertech Added: Adrenal Overclock and Internal Archive (Mark I, II, and III). – Created by ParaNoya from Discord.
  • Wondrous Items: Sorted items based on their upgraded versions so that they now list in order of power. Otherwise they are alphabetically ordered.


  • Extra MP (General Feat): Changed wording to reflect the intent of CL = bonus MP.
  • Rikku (Iconic Chemist) now added. – Created by Luphey from Discord.
  • Strago (Iconic Blue Mage) now added. – Created by Luphey from Discord.