Another year rolls by and I’m still updating this crazy system πŸ™‚ 13 years ago, I don’t think I ever thought I would still be working on this for this long. Have a safe New Years, folks.


  1. Beastmaster (Base Class): Removed Feral Combat Style, Natural Savagery, Savage Charge, Greater Savage Charge. Beastmasters are now proficient with all martial weapons and medium armor. Added the following abilities: Animal Focus (1st), Beastmaster Tactics (5th), Teamwork Feats (5th), Second Animal Focus (7th), Third Animal Focus (13th).


  • Archmage (Scholar archetype): Esoteric Magic moved to 10th level, replacing Sublimation instead.
  • Berserker (Beastmaster archetype): Added Steady Gait, replacing Animal Focus (1st) and Fearless Killer, replacing Second Animal Focus and Third Animal Focus (7th). Replaced Teamwork Feat with Combat Feat.
  • Druid (Beastmaster archetype): Removed Animal Focus and Second Animal Focus. Added Nature’s Bond (1st), Favored Terrain (7th), and Nature’s Resilience (13th).
  • Herald of Woe (New Astrologian archetype):Β While astrologians may be viewed as benevolent or aloof fortune tellers, heralds of woe are better known as cold harbingers of misfortuneβ€”though some might go so far as to say that the heralds are themselves the cause of their ill tidings. – Created by Virgil from Discord/Forums.
  • Magitek Pilot (New Chocobo Knight archetype): Converted from a Prestige Class into a Chocobo Knight archetype.
  • Marauder (Beastmaster archetype): Removed Lesser Animal Companion. Added Power Attack (1st), replacing Wild Empathy. Moved Shattering Strike to 1st level, replacing Animal Focus. Moved Overhand Chop to 2nd level. Changed replaced old abilities with replaced new ones.
  • Memorist (New Scholar archetype):Β The memorist is a dedicated student of the past, and knows that what has happened is the greatest determinator of what will happen. By turning his attention more fully not only to formal history but to the theory of memory, he gains insight into how best to approach present happenings. In any meaningful sense of the word, a memorist never forgets. – Created by Virgil from Discord/Forums.
  • Pact-Bonded Hunter (Beastmaster archetype): Added Evasion (7th), replacing second animal focus and Improved Evasion (13th), replacing third animal focus.
  • Tree Guardian (Beastmaster archetype): Added Plant Focus (1st), replacing Animal Focus. Added Second Plant Focus (7th), Plant Shield (8th), and Third Plant Focus (13th).


  • Added saves to the following Alchemical Items: Bacchus’s Wine, Impaler, and Vampire Fang.