I’ll be going home soon (I hope) by the end of the month, might have 1 more update before the year is out, after that, I will be taking a break.


  • Forgiven (New Beastman Tribe Race): The forgiven are a beast tribe that reside in the world of the first. Like the voidsent are those warped by primordial darkness, the forgiven are living beings warped by primordial light, with a majority appearing more angelic when compared to their voidsent counterparts. Unlike their sin eater cousins however, the forgiven retain their sense of self and intelligence.
  • Kindred (New Beastman Tribe Race): The Demons, also known as Kindred, are a race of Beastmen found mainly in the Valdeaunia Region. It is said that their damage-absorbing outer shell was once armor that was enhanced by an evil enchantment. In addition to their highly advanced fighting skills, they are also known to possess high levels of intelligence, which they have used to acquire various types of potent magic.


  • Astrologian (Base Class): Celestial Opposition renamed to Galaxy Stop. Star globe has revised text to be a bit more clear. Essential Dignity now only affects the same creature 1/encounter. Astrology Secrets: Added Moonglow Rest. Improved Enhancements reduced to Wis/day. Do-Over was changed to once per day, and one additional time per day for every four levels.
  • Cleric (Base Class): Faith Talents: Improved Enhancements reduced to Wis/day. Domains: Time Domain’s Do-Over was changed to once per day, and one additional time per day for every four levels. Modified spellcasting, added the above spells in addition to their normal spell list.
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Added alignment restriction back in. Added a code of conduct.
  • Druid (Hybrid Class): Druidic Talents: Improved Enhancements reduced to Wis/day.
  • Elemental Fist Disciple (Prestige Class): was removed and made into an archetype for monk.
  • Engineer (Base Class): Added Animate Rope as an engineer trick. Added Animate Objects as an engineer trick.
  • Fallen Knight (New Prestige Class): Some Knights seek glory, some seek redemption, and some live long enough to see themselves become the villain. The fallen knight is a holy knight who has given into his anger and darkness within corrupting him irrevocably. – Created by Arcueid.
  • Holy Knight (Base Class): Cover changed to a number of times per day (3 + half hk level). Moved the AC bonus to 5th level. Added alignment restriction back in. Added a code of conduct.
  • Knight (Core Class): Shield Allt now imposes a penalty to attack rolls versus shielded ally. Intercept talent removed. Out of Harm’s Way now works with Shield Ally class feature. Improved Shield Ally now allows you to intercept a number of attacks equal to your CHA mod. Added alignment restriction back in. Edited their code of conduct.
  • Lyrical Mage (New Prestige Class): The lyrical mage understands better than most how the natural harmonics of the universe pervade all things. Music might be its most pleasing form, but magical energy has harmonics of its own. The lyrical mage has learned to make her magic and her music resonate into harmonic chords that enhance the effects of both.
  • Medic (Base Class): Triage as a full-round action now consumes a usage per day for each creature affected (was a static 2 uses). Triage uses per day boosted to 3 + medic level + Wisdom modifier (was medic level + Wisdom modifier). Improved Recovery removed and merged with Healing Hands. Healing Hands wording clarified and allows the medic to treat deadly wounds up to two times a day at 7th, 3 times a day at 11th. Anesthetic (6th) class feature removed. Moved Medical Alchemist class feature to 6th. Medical Alchemist changed to where it now allows Medics to craft any tier 1-3 alchemical item so long as it has a healing aura. Additionally, it now only requires half of the cost of the item (per normal crafting rules).
  • Monk (Core Class): Added alignment restriction back in. Added a line to dictate what happens if they break the alignment restriction.
  • Redeemed Knight (Prestige Class): Dark knights that enter into this prestige class are no longer restricted to non-good alignments.
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Removed “Red Mage 6” requirement from the Broad Study Ruby Arcana.
  • Scholar (Hybrid Class): Scholar Exploits: Dimensional Slide reduced to 5ft/level.
  • White Mage (Core Class): Mage Talents: Improved Enhancements reduced to Wis/day.

Archetypes / Deific Orders

  • Artificer (New Engineer archetype): An artificer is an individual who lives on the edge of magic and science. They are craftsmen and engineers, mixing magic with a new discipline: technology. Artificers are students of exotic sciences and theories, and are often viewed with distrust, derision or outright hostility by those versed in traditional magic.
  • Artificer (Deific Order): Was renamed to Stonemason.
  • Blacksmith (Engineer archetype): Made some changes by suggestions by and .
  • Charlatan (Medic Archetype): Smooth Performance now replaces Medical Alchemist (previously replaced Anesthetic).
  • Cyromancer (New Black Mage archetype): Being native to the coldest regions of their world, some cultures have learned to harness that harsh cold, becoming true masters of the unforgiving ice. – Created by tehwanderer.
  • Daemonic Flayer (Red Mage archetype): Was a racial archetype for Au Ra, now for Kindred.
  • Daemonic Vessel (Cleric archetype): Was a racial archetype for Au Ra, now for Kindred.
  • Death Knight (Dark Knight archetype): Added Ghoul Companion (replaces darkside, aura of obedience, and aura of sin).
  • Elemental Fist Disciple (Monk archetype): Converted from a prestige class and reimagined as a sword saint for monks.
  • Gigakin (New Half-Gigas Berserker archetype): The gigakin are berserkers whose bloodlines contain a trace of giant. When these berserkers rage, their giantish heritage manifests itself in greater size and strength.
  • Holy Warden (White Mage archetype): Now a racial archetype for Forgiven.
  • Iron Fist (New Engineer archetype): Some engineers eschew the study of automatons, turning instead to living creatures for inspiration, improvement, and introspection. They enhance their own bodies with cybertech and training, and learn to efficiently repair – or destroy – the bodies of others. – Created by Raitzeno.
  • Magi-Cybertech Mage (New Black Mage archetype): As a person’s mind reaches new heights, it seems only natural that they would create a form to match it. Fusing magical and technological knowledge, magi-cybertech mages seek to transform themselves into superhuman, nigh-indestructible entities.
  • Mindbender (New Illusionist archetype): Mindbenders seek to control the thoughts and dreams of others.
  • Pegasus Knight (Chocobo Knight archetype): Removed all upgrades except 1 for Pegasus, to put it in-line with the recent ck change.
  • Projector (New Illusionist archetype): The projector understands both the theory and craft behind light magic and illusion. They use their knowledge of both to effectively combine them, making extremely realistic holograms that can even fool the most advanced of detection magic. As their mastery of holograms grow, so do their options, including make quais-real illusions, blasting opponents with holographic lasers and even making holographic clones of themselves.
  • Retainer (New Samurai archetype): The wealthiest of lords gain the ire of the toughest of foes, and use their coin to obtain the strongest of protectors. These retainers guard their lord with their lives, standing ironclad against all manner of assassins and thugs. The most well-equipped bodyguards do not come cheap, and mere commoners could not hope to afford the services of these vigilant guardsmen. Some say they take after the swordsman god Yojimbo, such is the weight of wealth required for their services. – Created by Rigby.
  • Ravager (Ninja Archetype): Create Energy Weapons now deals 1 size step lower damage.
  • Reserve Mage (New Red Mage archetype): Reserve mages are red mages who trade in spellcasting for mastery of reserve feats.
  • Robotic Familiar (new Familiar archetype): Some mages are more attuned to technology than nature. These mages prefer to craft their own companions. – Created by Nylkran.
  • Sage (Astrologian Archetype): Improved Enhancements reduced to Wis/day.
  • Salve-Maker (Medic Archetype): Improved Quaff Potion is now attained at 6th level, still replaces Medical Alchemist (previously attained at 8th level).
  • Spectre Caller (New Necromancer archetype): The spectre caller seeks the occult and esoteric truth about life, death, and the passage beyond, using her spectre as a guide and tool. The connection with her spectre allows her to harness the powers of life and death, thought and nightmare, shadow and revelation.
  • Surgeon (Medic Archetype): Perfect Presecription is now attained at 6th level, still replaces Medical Alchemist (previously attained at 8th level). Changed Surgical Prowess modification to fit new changes.
  • Synthetic Companion (Companion archetype for BMs/Druids/CKs): Not all animal companions are products of nature. Some, cultivated and augmented by technological factors, loyally serve their masters with their impressive intellect and resilience just as an organic being would utilize its instinct.
  • Toxifier (Medic Archetype): Harvest the Downtrodden now starts at 6th level, still replaces Medical Alchemist and Formulating Solution (previously attained at 8th level).
  • Tranquil Guardian (Holy Knight archetype): Was a racial archetype for Garif, now for Forgiven.
  • Wyvern Rider (New Chocobo Knight archetype): While many aspiring knights choose a traditional steed such as a chocobo, not every knight is so usual. Some choose instead to either forge a kinship or a shaky alliance with a creature far more scaled and dangerous. – Created by CC.


  • General Feats: Added Lucid Dreaming.
  • Reserve Feats: Added the following reserve feats: Blockout, Emergency Health, Fog Stalker, Future Foresight, Hostile Figment, Hydromancy, Instantaneous Jaunting, Lightbending, Magic Gun, Mark of Retrieval, Mystic Backlash, Mystic Shield, Protective Ward, Sickening Grasp, Status Remover, Summon Undead, Superconductivity, The Fire Within, Thread of Fate, Touch of Distraction, Touch of Healing, Umbral Shroud, Water Shield, Wind-Guided Arrows, and Wintersmith.


  • Astrologian Spells: Added the following new spells: Malefic I-IV (2-4-6-8th), Combust I-III (2-4-6th), Immediate Moon (3rd) and Greater Moon (6th), Rebounding Star (1st) and Rebounding Aspected Star (4th). Added the following existing spells: Sleep, Sleepga, Sleepja, Faerie Fire, Dream, Lunar Veil, Wandering Star Motes, Ported the following spells: Planetarium (2nd), Moonstruck (4th), Cosmic Ray (6th), Sunbeam (7th).
  • Black Mage Spells: Added Deafen (1st) and Pernicious Poison (2nd). Added Deafga and Deafja to their spell list. Removed Dark Blight from their spell list and deleted it from the database (apparently, i already had the spell named something else).
  • Cleric Spells: Added Protection from Evil, Protection from Good, Protection from Law, and Protection from Chaos (1st). Communal Protection from Evil, Communal Protection from Good, Communal Protection from Law, Communal Protection from Chaos (2nd). Magic Circle against Evil, Magic Circle against Good, Magic Circle against Law, Magic Circle against Chaos (3rd), Atonement, Dispel Evilm Dispel Good, Dispel Law, Dispel Chaos (5th). Shield of Evil, Shield of Good, Shield of Law, Shield of Chaos (6th). Added Chaos Hammer, Holy Smite, Order’s Wrath, and Unholy Blight.
  • Druid Spells: Added Animate Rope (1st) and Animate Objects (6th). Ported the following spells: Planetarium (2nd), Sunbeam (7th).
  • Necromancer Spells: Removed Dark Blight and Unholy Blight from their spell lost. Added Pernicious Poison (2nd).
  • Summoner Spells: Ported the following spells: Planetarium (2nd).
  • White Mage Spells: Removed Blind, Blindga, Blindja, Chaos Hammer, Holy Smite, Order’s Wrath, and Unholy Blight from their spell list.


  • Magical Weapons: Added the following to Melee Qualities: • Flamboyant (+1), Growing (+1), Patriotic (+1), Thundering (+1), • Toxic (+2), Treasonous (+2), Truthful (+2), Unseen (+2). • Exhausting (+3), Greater Flamboyant (+3), Gory (+3), Redeemed (+3), Umbral (+3). • Dancing (+4). • Flying (+5). • Concealed (+gil), Lesser Concealed (+gil), Sneaky (+gil). Added the following to Ranged Qualities: • Patriotic (+1), Thundering (+1). • Sniping Afar (+2), Toxic (+2), Treasonous (+2). • Redeemed (+3), Tailwind (+3). • Heart-Piercing (+5). • Phantom Ammunition (+gil), Sniping Stealth + Improved + Greater (+gil).