Some new stuff and changes. Will be (hopefully) the last update for awhile.


  • Bangaa (Base Race): Suddenly remembers that they’re a desert-dwelling race and loses the ability to have a swim speed and loses Hold Breath racial trait, but gains Desert Delver racial trait instead.
  • Gnath (new Beastman Tribe race): A tribe of insect-like beastmen known to inhabit the south region of the Dravanian Forelands. Having made remarkable advances in alchemy and metallurgy, these hunters have developed incense which deters Dravanian intruders, this preserving Gnath territory. They are also known as the Onemind as all Gnath are spiritually linked to their leader. Those whose link to this hive mind are broken become individual beings who are cast out form their own community as the Vath or Nonmind. – Created by DM Liefrid.
  • Moogle (Core Race): Readded Mog Knight (Moogle Chocobo Knight archetype).


  • All spellcasting classes have a slightly reduced base MP pool. All casting classes have been updated to now gain a minimum of 1 MP per level. Clear Mind ability was changed and moved to 5th level, gaining 1 MP at 5th, increasing by 1 for every 5 levels after 5th, for all spellcasting classes. Red Warrior, Mime, and Monstrous Shifter replacement abilities were moved to 5th level as well.
  • Turk (Prestige Class): Changed the Turk Suit into just clothes instead of light armor.


  • Mog Knight (remade Moogle Chocobo Knight archetype): Mog knights are moogles who raise and breed chocobos to be faster, using their momentum to deal devastating damage on the battlefield.
  • Pen Mage (Black Mage archetype): Was renamed to Script Master.
  • Red Warrior (Red Mage archetype): Added the ability to spend an arcane point to gain a swift action. Changed Arcane Pool into Superior Arcane Pool.
  • Sniper (Archer archetype): Precision Aim now grants Aim as a free action instead of an immediate action.
  • Swarm Fighter (new Gnath Fighter archetype): Gnaths know there’s strength in numbers, and they rarely send fewer than two gnaths out on patrol. This reliance on one another extends to combat tactics too— overwhelming numbers and tight quarters are the gnath fighter’s friends. Scuttling between the legs of friend and foe alike, the swarm fighter is an unshakable combatant.
  • Vampire (Necromancer archetype): Removed the energy drain from Vampiric Touch and added vampiric touch effect like the spell.
  • Wizard (Red Mage archetype): Added the ability to spend an arcane point to change the element type of a power rod/staff.
  • New Optional Systems: High Magic (If you prefer the old base MP pool, this is for you). Revengeance Limits (An alternate limit break system) – created by NapazTrix. Spell Exhaustion (An exhaustion system to limit spellcasters even further).
  • Bestiary: ForTheSeen has been cranking out monster after monster. Really too many to list.