This will probably be the last update I do this year, will probably take a break besides minor updates/tweaks.


  • Forgiven (Beast Tribe Race): Added Heavenly Radiance, Metallic Wings, and Sunlit Strike as racial feats.
  • Kindred (Beast Tribe Race): Added Fiend Sight, Improved Fiendish Magery, and Wicked Valor as racial feats.
  • Mandragora (Base Race): Added Bower Born, Claws, Edible Mushrooms, Intoxicating Aroma, Ochu Kin, Protective Sap, Rooted Foot, Stability, and Writhing Eye as an alternate racial traits. Added Ashen Bark, Ochu Affinity, Photosynthetic Healing, Shielding Sap, and Thorns to their list of racial feats. Added Weapon Familiarity with the above weapons and added Mandragoran Battle Training as a racial feat. Added Nature Magic and Verdant Heart as alternate racial traits.
  • PuPu (New Base Race): The PuPu are small blue aliens of vast technological advancements. It is unknown where they come from, but several groups of them have settled on the planet and prosper, selling/trading technology.
  • Quadav (Beast Tribe Race): Added Quadav Gem Magic to their list of racial feats.
  • Tonkin (Base Race): Added Bloody Stab to their list of racial feats.


  • All Classes/Archetypes: Any 1st-4th level class features that grants a stat modifier to anything, i have removed the stat cap, but added a line stating that this bonus is halved if you have a level in another non-prestige class and this is not your favored class.
  • Chemist (Base Class): Poison Use (3rd) and Anesthetic (5th) class features replaced with Deft Hands and Throw Items respectively. Throw Items (5th) changed and moved to 3rd level. Deft Hands (3rd) moved to 5th level.
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Dark Resilience updated to include normal poisons and diseases.
  • Dragoon (Core Class): Updated their weapon proficiencies to include all weapons from the spear and polearm weapon groups.
  • Fencer (Hybrid Class): Removed Panache and Deeds (moved to Swashbuckler archetype), Added Einhander (1st), Charmed Life (11th), and Incredible Luck (18th). Moved Superior Reach to 15th from 17th. Moved Surgical Strike to 17th from 18th. The rest of the archetypes updated to the changes. Made some changes to Einhander. Moved Charmed Life to 3rd level from 11th. Added Subtle Blade (11th). Added scaling to all maneuvers from Einhander. All FCBs updated.
  • Gunner (Base Class): Removed Grit, Deeds, and True Grit. Added Skirmish (1st), Fast Movement (1st), Gun Fix (2nd), Menacing Shot (15th), Lethal Patience (19th), and Personal Armory (20th). All archetypes updated to the changes. All FCBs updated.
  • Holy Knight (Base Class): Divine Health updated to include normal poisons and diseases.
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Added The Red Mage Handbook (Scarlet Sabre) – Created by
  • Summoner (Base Class): Faster Summoning (10th) replaced with Stable Summoning. Swift Summons talent reduced to twice per day.
  • Void Knight (New Prestige Class): The void isn’t always terrifying. Some find it a calming existence, a place free of distractions, where they can contemplate or calculate undisturbed. Occasionally, one who has made an exodus into the void, whether voluntary or not, finds such an affinity therein that they develop an inner void, an emptiness with a purpose. These void knights can absorb spells cast by other creatures, isolating them in their inner void and feeding it with the spell’s magical energies, or release it later to further their own ends. – Created by Raitzeno.


  • Axe of Karash (New Au Ra Berserker archetype):  Across the plains of the Azim Steppe, there is a tribe whose berserkers enter a rage known as the Will of Karash. These warriors believe this to be a blessing from the Dusk Mother. They commit all manner of heinous acts when Karash takes hold, and some would even slay their own kin and claim it in the name of Mother Nhaama. – Created by Rigby.
  • Culinarian (Chemist Archetype): Gourmet Cooking now replaces Deft Hands (previously replaced Throw Items).
  • Daemir Alchemist (New Matanga Chemist archetype): The alchemists of Thavnair’s House Daemir have created many weird and wonderful creations over the centuries, from synthetic voidsent to self aware swords, however recent times have caused them to turn their attention to defensive abilities, the culmination of which is the Warding Scale, a small talisman that can defend the wearer from all manner of harm. – Created by CyberGoblin.
  • Dervish (New Fencer archetype): Some warriors have adapted dances into graceful martial forms, and their swashbuckling style is feared throughout the world its ability to devastate foes with a scimitar through motion and agility regardless of strength of arms.
  • Grenadier (Chemist Archetype): Directed Blast now replaces Deft Hands (previously replaced Throw Items).
  • Gunslinger (Gunner archetype): Absorbed Grit, Deeds, and True Grit from base class.
  • Holy Warden (White Mage archetype): Removed racial lock.
  • Hydromancer (New Geomancer archetype): A hydromancer’s affinities are tied to the elemental (water) and its healing properties.
  • Lunar Rabbit (New Viera Berserker archetype): Some viera embrace the wild side, bringing out their inner beast during combat. These individuals live for battle, and they hone both their bodies and their fighting techniques to make the best use of their natural athletic advantages. Facing a frenzied, berserking bunny head-on is an act best left to either the supremely confident or the foolish and short-lived. – Created by Virgil.
  • Radiant Lord (New Forgiven White Mage archetype): Most Forgiven want to prove that he are not Sin Eaters and don’t want to be associated with those mindless monsters. Not so the Radiant Lords (or Ladies if female), who seeks to become something akin to the mighty Lightwardens, an ascendant being of Light with absolute control over lesser Sin Eaters. – Created by Holy Rozenknight
  • Raging Hulk (Chemist Archetype): Unbridled Rage now replaces Deft Hands (previously replaced Throw Items).
  • Sky Captain (New PuPu Engineer archetype): Most PuPu are highly technological in nature, but even without their most advanced materials, sky captains make do with what they have and sail the open skies in search of plunder and adventure.
  • Space Force (New PuPu Gunner archetype): Hailing from a mysterious land beyond the sky, PuPu who engage in combat often use equally mysterious energy-projecting devices which they can call out of thin air. Mystery or not, though, these “space blasters” fire deadly beams! – Created by Imban.
  • Space Marine (New PuPu Gunbreaker archetype): The Space Marines are foremost amongst the defenders of PuPu-kind, the greatest of the PuPu-kind’s warriors. They have been made superior in all respects to a normal PuPu by a harsh regime of genetic modification, psycho-conditioning and rigorous training. Space Marines are untouched by plague or any natural disease and can suffer wounds that would kill a lesser being several times over, and live to fight again. Clad in ancient power armor and wielding the most potent weapons known to PuPu-kind, the Space Marines are terrifying foes and their devotion to PuPu-kind are unyielding. They are Angels of Death and they know no fear.
  • Superhero (Freelancer archetype): Added Hardy enhancement to Super Constitution and Robotic Immunities and Protective Armor enhancements to Power Armor. Added Sneak Attack enhancement to Super Dexterity and Resistance enhancement to Super Constitution. Added Canny Defense enhancement to Super Intelligence and Uncanny Defense enhancement to Super Wisdom. Added Additional Swift Action enhancement to Super Dexterity, Mental Multitasking enhancement to Super Wisdom, and Bruiser Intimidation enhancement to Super Strength.
  • Swashbuckler (Fencer archetype): Absorbed Panache and Deeds from base class.
  • T-Rexsaur Wrangler (New Druid archetype): A t-rexsaur wrangler speaks for the spirit of prehistoric nature, even taking the form of great beasts of legend.


  • Firearms/Gun Arms: removed the STR penalty (from above) and lowered most firearms and gun arm damage by 1 step, but increase crit multiplier by 1
  • Item Creation feats: Added Craft Magitek.
  • Magiteks: Updated page with magitek enhancements and some wording changes. Added more enhancements and additional rules for rolling critical hits against magitek. Added a blurb about the Craft Magitek feat and the skill check required.
  • Gil & Currencies: Gros implemented as a decimal system currency. Adventuring Gear item prices adjusted accordingly. Thanks to all who voted in our poll.
  • Weapons: Added Mandragoran Leafblade, Mandragoran Thornblade, Mandragoran Curve Blade, and Mandragoran Branched Spear. Updated weapon groups.
  • Website: Page jumping links now briefly highlights the section it jumps to. Added Table of Contents link menu for every applicable page. New logo courtesy of .