Some ghostly goodies in the form of new archetypes, new spells, new avatars, and a variety of fixes/changes! Enjoy, be safe on Halloween!


  • Burmecian (Base Race): Lost Tangle Feet as a racial feat.
  • Goblin (Beast Tribe Race): Gained Tangle Feet as a racial feat.
  • Hume (Core Race): Added new Alternate Racial Trait: Cetra Ancestry: Some humes can trace their ancestry to the ancient Cetra. The protectors of the Lifestream. These humes often retain the knowledge of the earth, gaining a +2 racial bonus on all Knowledge skill checks and all Knowledge skills are class skills. In addition, they gain a bonus language of their choice. This racial trait replaces skilled and bonus feat.
  • Hypello (Base Race): Removed Merchant as a racial class archetype. Sorry Hypellos.


  • Black Mage (Core Class): Restricted Sudden Metamagic to 6th level spells or lower.
  • Cleric (Base Class): Channel Energy no longer deals positive or negative energy, it deals holy or shadow damage.
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Now learns a spell per level starting at 4th. Harm Touch now deals shadow damage.
  • Geomancer (Base Class): Geomancy’s Status Effects got a 80% makeover. Changed out all 4th Level+ status effects for lower level status effects.
  • Gunner (Base class): Removed Quick Draw feat, Removed Shot on the Run feat, Moved Flanking Fire to 4th, Added Gunner Style (1st level), Improved Gunner Style (5th level), and Gunner Style Mastery (10th level). Changed Death’s Shot deed to Dazing Shot deed at 19th level. Replaced Barrage Limit Break for Trigger Happy LB.
  • Holy Knight (Base Class): Now learns a spell per level starting at 4th. Lay on Hands now deals holy damage to undead.
  • Necromancer (Base Class): Harm Touch now deals shadow damage.
  • Summoner (Base Class): Added 5 more avatars (brought back Ixion, Phoenix, and Valefor), the two new ones: Bismarck and Yojimbo. Courtesy of Fortheseen from Discord.
  • White Mage (Core Class): Restricted Sudden Metamagic to 6th level spells or lower. Lay on Hands now deals holy damage to undead.

Prestige Classes

  • SeeD Operative: Updated Guardian Force abilities as per Kayos’s update.


  • Archmage (Scholar archetype): Moved Esoteric Magic to 5th level, replacing Consume MP. Added Signature Spells ability at 1st level, replacing Grimoire.
  • Blademaster (Sword Saint archetype): Moved Combo Finishers to 1st, replacing Swordplay. Added Threatening Demeanor ability at 1st level to replace Swordskills.
  • Dragon Knight (Dragoon archetype): Replaced Hardy Landing with Draconic Attunement.
  • Green Mage (Scholar archetype): Now are proficient with Earth Breakers.
  • Gunblade Specialist (Fighter archetype): Added this ability: Double Weapon Specialty.
  • Immortal (New Blue Mage archetype): Special forces of Aht Urhgan, these units obey and fight for only the queen almost zealously. Usually, adventurers who are deemed worthy to possibly become an immortal are created and tested on, then thrown out as an empty vessel for them learn and fight on their own, crawling back as a beast to serve the queen. These formidable fighter-mages employ elegantly curved blades for close combat, while decimating their enemies from afar with fell magic mastered from their opponents. Created by Kayos from Discord.
  • Invoker (Summoner archetype): Changed Diminished Spellcasting to Limited Spellcasting. Removed Blood Pact abilities. Added the new Avatars.
  • Jack of All Trades (Freelancer archetype): Changed how Master of None works.
  • Linker (New White Mage archetype): A linker creates and attaches a magical tether to allies to heal, buff, and control damage deal to them.
  • Merchant (Thief archetype): Removed the racial restriction. Sorry Hypellos.
  • Mesmerist (New Illusionist archetype): Experts at charm and deceit, mesmerists compel others to heed their words and bend to their will. Illusions give mesmerists the tools they need to manipulate others—usually for their own personal gain. The very gaze of a mesmerist can hypnotize someone into following his whims. Mesmerists frequently form cults of personality around themselves, and they develop skills and contingency plans in case their ploys are discovered.
  • Oracle (New Astrologian archetype): Although the gods work through many agents, perhaps none is more mysterious than the oracle. These divine vessels are granted power without their choice, selected by providence to wield powers that even they do not fully understand. Unlike a cleric, who draws her magic through devotion to a deity, oracles garner strength and power from many sources, namely those patron deities who support their ideals. Instead of worshiping a single source, oracles tend to venerate all of the gods that share their beliefs. While some see the powers of the oracle as a gift, others view them as a curse, changing the life of the chosen in unforeseen ways.
  • Phantom Blade (Illusionist archetype): Their weapons must be melee.
  • Princess (Bard archetype): Her Royal Command moved to 4th level and Prestigious Influence moved to 3rd level.
  • Raging Hulk (Chemist archetype): Added Brutality ability at 2nd level. Added a few more raging discoveries: Burly, Extended Mutagen, Furious Mutagen, Night Vision, Nimble, Restoring Change, and Scent.
  • Ravager (Shindroid Ninja archetype): Their weapons must be melee and deal non-elemental damage.
  • Swordmaster (Yagado Fencer archetype): Trances got a makeover.
  • Swordsman (New Sword Saint archetype): A warrior of the sword. A swordsman focuses on unleashing the true potential in his swordplays and using his warrior spirit to fuel his skills and perfecting the style. Instead of learning to lead others, he instead focuses purely on his skill with swords. Created by Kayos from Discord.
  • Vermilion Duelist (New Red Mage archetype): A weapon in hand, their magic guided by their magic crystal medium; these red mages adept themselves to fighting in the fray with strength to contend even with knights, though their magic is weakened, causing them to rely on their crystal medium to unleash their magic.
  • Vivisectionist (New Medic archetype): A vivisectionist studies bodies to better understand their function. A vivisectionist’s goals are not related to healing, but rather to experimentation and knowledge that most people would consider evil.


  • Deprotect and Deshell spells: They now inflict an untyped penalty to armor class/saving throws vs spells. Can be removed with Esuna (or higher).
  • Panacea spell: Can no longer cure Sap status, only Esuna can.
  • Blue Mage Spells: Added Exploding Bubbles, Healing Flame, Sea Song, Thunder Guard.
  • Illusionist Spells: Added Auditory Hallucination, Audiovisual Hallicination, Blurred Movement, Disguise Weapon, Illusion of Treachery, Illusion of Treachery (Greater), Phantasmal Putrefaction, Scripted Hallucination, Triggered Hallucination.
  • Red Mage Spells: Added Blurred Movement, Disguise Weapon.


  • Galka War Pick: Now has Trip.
  • Gunblades: Now have the double weapon special applied to them.
  • Qu Battle Fork: Now has: Brace, Disarm, and Reach.


  • Added more Magitek clarifications.
  • Tangle Feet feat: Burmecians lost it because they realized they’re medium sized. Goblins stole it from them.
  • Added Abyssal, Abyssal Burst, Earthen, Earthen Burst, Jetstream, Jetstream burst, Roaring, Roaring Burst to the Magical Weapons page.
  • Frozen status updated: Ice forms upon the character’s legs, encasing him in solid ice 1 inch thick per spell level. Characters that are inflicted with this status effect are frozen to the spot, unable to take a move action. While frozen, the character takes 1 point of ice damage per spell level each round it has the frozen status. The ice has hardness 0 and 3 hit points per inch of thickness; if broken, the creature is freed. They can, however, break loose by spending 1 round and making a DC 10 + spell level Strength check or a DC 15 + spell level Escape Artist check. Any fire spells and effects that deal fire damage can melt the ice and remove the status effect.
  • Mini status updated: This status effect causes the creature to shrink to 10% of its total size, effectively becoming Fine size, gaining all the size bonuses and penalties but a miniaturize creature’s damage only does 10% of its total damage it can dish out.