Got more archetypes, spells, avatar overhaul, etc.


  • Garif (Base Race): Renamed the Racial Monk archetype (Parivir) to Peacekeeper.
  • Ixal (Beast Tribe Race): Added a Racial Fighter archetype (Nimble Striker).
  • Kojin (Beast Tribe Race): Added a Racial Ninja archetype (Vigilante).


  • Archer: Changed Archery Style, Improved Archery Style, and Archery Style Mastery to allow the archer to pick feats.
  • Engineer: Added +2 Str or Dex bonus for every Automaton Upgrade. Modified Auto-Repair Limit Break to allow the Engineer to choose what stuff gets repaired. Changed Humanoid Automaton’s movement speed from 20 to 30 feet.
  • Fighter: Added Martial Flexibility at 1st level. Added additional fighter talents (Combat Maneuver Defense, Effortless Dual-Wielding, Fighter’s Reflexes, Fighter’s Tactics, Trained Initiative, Warrior Spirit, and Weapon Sacrifice).
  • Freelancer: Increased the JP cost of Weapons/Armor. Added restriction of not allowing Freelancers to be able to use the Sub-Job system.
  • Geomancer: Added Homefield Advantage (4th Level), Renamed Movement Powers to Terrain Movement and remove the restriction of picking powers, geomancers get them all. Added Nature’s Armor (8th Level), and added Nature’s Resilience (9th Level).
  • Summoner: Added Blood Pact, Greater Blood Pact, Tireless Pact, and Mighty Blood Pact. Avatars have gotten an entire overhaul. Ixion, Phoenix, and Valefor were removed (maybe temporary, maybe not). New Avatars added: Alexander, Fenrir, Garuda, Odin, Ramuh, and Siren. Avatars overhauled by Fortheseen from Discord.
  • White Mage: Changed Breath of the Wild Limit Break to add the further limitation to curing negative status effects: (from 1st-7th level, cures 3rd level or lower status effects, 8th-15th level, cures 6th level or lower status effects, 16th-20th level, cures any status effects).


  • Battlefield Minstrel (Archer archetype): Moved Stamina Pool to 3rd level, replacing deadshot. Moved Voices from the Quiver to 4th level, replacing Expert Archer. Moved Talent Trees to 5th level, replacing Hunter’s Tricks.
  • Dimensional Hopper (Time Mage archetype): Changed Narrow Escape’s DC save equal to Atk Roll or DC of Spell/Effect.
  • Gunblade Speciailist (Fighter archetype): Gunsmithing now replaces Martial Flexibility.
  • Ironman (Engineer archetype): Power Armor must be Humanoid form. Added a bonus to Str or Dex at each power armor upgrade.
  • Jack of All Trades (new Freelancer archetype): A jack of all trades may have chosen a career path at one point in his life but has never settled into the position for further advancement. Although he was quick to master early basic skills, his need for variety overwhelmed his need for advancement. The jack of all trades is more interested in what he can learn next as opposed to becoming a master of a chosen profession. Ideally, he latches onto groups of adventurers picking up knowledge from the more skilled members of the party to compensate for his lack of rigorous training. A jack of all trades makes an excellent adventuring companion and is always eager to learn. His skills translate well into adventuring but are lacking when forced to choose a life of quite solitude. As such, a jack of all trades is the epitome of the phrase, “I’ll stopping adventuring when I die”.
  • Kaiser (Geomancer archetype): Elemental Avatars are now large-sized at 20th level.
  • Lanista (Fighter archetype): Know Your Enemy moved to 1st level and replaces Martial Flexibility.
  • Magicite Knight (Knight archetype): Separated Infusion as two abilities (Experienced Materia User). Moved Materia Forte to 2nd level, replacing Shield Training.
  • Nimble Striker (new Ixal Fighter archetype): Ixal warriors are proficient with a wide variety of weapons, but they are especially adept with swords. Disdaining the use of heavy armors, the ixal fighting style focuses on quick movements, prodigious leaps, and dexterous sword-play.
  • Parivir (Garif Monk archetype): Renamed to Peacekeeper.
  • Parivir (new Samurai archetype): There are some ronin who rather than find themselves in search of a new lord, opt instead to serve nature itself. Combining both swordsmanship and nature’s fury, the parivir beats down foes with blindingly fast swordstrikes of deadly precision. Created by Kyros from Discord.
  • Poledancer (new Dancer archetype): Poledancers are typically exotic dancers, expert in handling the poles. These alluring individuals are the master at their craft, wielding spears, lances, and polearms with expertise and deadliness.
  • Primal Knight (new Knight archetype): The primal knight is a knight who harnesses a Primal’s power for his own.
  • Pugilist (Black Belt archetype): Nerf to Chain Punches, added this line: Chain punches doesn’t double extra attacks gain through haste or any other similar effects that grants additional attacks except for Two-Weapon Fighting feats.
  • Raging Hulk (Chemist archetype): Made significant changes. Removed Rage, added Frenzy. Remove Rage Mutagen, Sturdy Rage, and Lumbering Rage. Added Ferocity and Deathless Frenzy. Added Berserk powers to the Raging Discovery list.
  • Sage (Red Mage archetype): Renamed to Wizard.
  • Sage (new Scholar archetype): In an age long past, when mankind flourished under the radiance of arcane mastery, the island of Vylbrand was home to a city-state called Nym. Though the history of that age tells of countless wars waged with earth-shattering incantations, it was the brilliant strategic maneuvering of Nym’s sages that allowed their mundane army of mariners to throw back would-be conquerors time and again. These learned men and women defended the freedom of their tiny nation with their unique command over spell-weaving faeries, utilizing the creatures’ magicks to heal the wounded and bolster the strength of their allies. Created by ArchmageL from Discord.
  • Scoundrel (new Gambler archetype): Sometimes playing the odds too much leads someone down a rough path where luck alone will not ward off all the consequences. In these cases, an edge of mercenary ruthlessness might be necessary to save a gambler’s skin. Often surfacing in seedy underbellies, these sorts of scoundrels excel at taking dirty jobs and making quick getaways while saving face with their roguish charm and resolve. Created by Virgil from Discord.
  • Shield Champion (Fighter.. Black Belt archetype): Major rework. Changed from Fighter archetype to Black Belt. Couple of abilities removed, other abilities added.
  • ShinSect (Fighter archetype): Added this line to Solid Swing ability: Abilities and fighter talents that use Chosen Weapon, function normally with this replaced ability. Soldier (Fighter archetype): Giant Weapon Wielder now replaces Martial Flexibility. Squire (Fighter archetype): Stamina Pool moved to 1st level and replaces Martial Flexibility.
  • Vigilante (new Kojin Ninja archetype): It isn’t easy for many to walk the path of a hero. Especially a hero fighting against corruption and evil under the cover of night.
  • Warmech (Engineer archetype): Added +2 Str or Dex bonus for every Battle Armor Upgrade.
  • Webslinger (Ninja archetype): Added Spidey Sense (2nd level) ability.


  • Added Extra Defensive Stance (Class feat): Gives a knight 6 more defensive stance rounds.
  • Added Geomancy (Class feat): Gives the geomancer two additional uses for geomancy.
  • Added Megaton Punch (Technology feat): Allows the operator to deal 2 slam attacks.


  • Astrologian Spells: Added Deprotect, Deprotect II, Deprotect III, Deprotect IV, Deprotect V, Deprotectra, Deprotectra II, Deprotectra III, Deprotectra IV, Deshell, Deshell II, Deshell III, Deshell IV, Deshell V, Deshellra, Deshellra II, Deshellra III, Deshellra IV, Hasteja, Slowja.
  • Black Mage Spells: Added Abyss, Abyss II, Bioga, Bioja, Blindja, Burst, Burst II, Comet, Cometra, Drainra, Drainga, Flood, Flood II, Glacier, Glacier II, Gravija, Infectja, Poisonja, Quake, Quake II, Rasp, Ruinra, Ruinga, Sleepja, Silenceja, Tornado, Tornado II.
  • Blue Mage Spells: Added Downburst, Ecliptic Howl, Hailstorm, Mesmerizing Voice, Night Terror, Permafrost, Sacrament, Silver Powder, Thunderspark, Tidal Roar, Water Shield, Whirlpool.
  • Dark Knight Spells: Added Ohdark, Ohdarkra.
  • Geomancer Spells: Added Comet, Cometra. Renamed Glacier to Iceburg.
  • Holy Knight Spells: Added Ohlight, Ohlightra, Phalanx, Phalanx II, Phalanx III.
  • Necromancer Spells: Added Abyss, Abyss II, Bioga, Bioja, Drainra, Drainga, Infectja, Pain, Painga, Poisonja, Rasp, Wound, Woundra, Woundga.
  • Red Mage Spells: Added Ohspell, Ohspellra, Imperil, Imperilra, Imperilga, Phalanx, Phalanx II, Phalanx III.
  • Time Mage Spells: Added Gravija, Hasteja, Slowja.
  • White Mage Spells: Added Blindja, Bravera, Deprotect, Deprotect II, Deprotect III, Deprotect IV, Deprotect V, Deprotectra, Deprotectra II, Deprotectra III, Deprotectra IV, Deshell, Deshell II, Deshell III, Deshell IV, Deshell V, Deshellra, Deshellra II, Deshellra III, Deshellra IV, Faithra, Hold, Holdga, Radiance, Radiance II, Sleepja, Silenceja. Succor renamed to Dissipation.

Most spells provided by Fortheseen from Discord.


  • Magitek: Changed a bit on how Magitek operate. Instead of an equipment bonus to Strength, Magiteks of all sizes have a Strength score. In addition, Magiteks have a Dexterity score that is increased by the number of ranks in Drive or Pilot (if flying) to a maximum equal to the operator’s Dexterity score. The operator uses the Strength and Dexterity scores of its Magitek rather than their own.
  • Also added two new Miscellaneous systems: Finessing Structure (adds an enhancement bonus to Dexterity) and Strengthening Structure (adds an enhancement bonus to Strength). I have lowered the base costs of all Magiteks by half and lowered the Copper and Iron Superstructure costs a little bit.