Lots of new archetypes, a deific order, a prestige class, and a couple of new Iconics.


  • Antica (Beast Tribe Race): Added a racial archetype for Black Mage (see below) and favored class bonus for Black Mage.
  • Bangaa (Base Race): Added a racial archetype for Monk (see below).
  • Guado (Base Race): Added a racial archetype for Beastmaster (see below) and favored class bonus for Beastmaster.
  • Ixal (Beast Tribe Race): Added a racial archetype for Engineer (see below).
  • Moomba (Base Race): Added a racial archetype for Black Belt (see below).
  • Sahagin (Beast Tribe Race): Added a racial archetype for Ninja (see below).
  • Seeq (Base Race): Added a racial archetype for Monk (see below) and favored class bonus for Monk.


  • Black Mage (Core Class): Added Surecast to list of talents.
  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Added Surecast to list of talents.
  • Chemist (Base Class): Removed Alchemical Bullet and Grenade Gun from Discoveries. Added Anarchic Bombs, Axiomatic Bombs, Blackstar Bombs, Concentrate Poisons, Grease Bombs, Hellfire Bombs, Holy Bombs, Holy Poisons, Malignant Poison, Ooze Blight, Poison Conversion, Psychoactive Bombs, Shadow Bombs, Siege Bombs, Sunlight Bombs, Void Bombs.
  • Geomancer (Base Class): Added Surecast to list of tricks.
  • Hardened Veteran (new Prestige Class): There are those who have overcome adversity, thrust into a life filled with battlefields and encounters with both monsters as well as man. Through their experiences, they grow more accustomed to the lifestyle, allowing them to better deal with adventures lush with violence. – Created by NapazTrix.
  • Illusionist (Base Class): Added Surecast to list of powers.
  • Necromancer (Base Class): Added Surecast to list of talents.
  • Ninja (Hybrid Class): Moved Shadow Step to 16th level, moved Hidden Master to 19th level, added Slicing Wind (20th level).
  • NPC Classes: Added a page for NPC classes, classes suited more for Non-Player Characters rather than players. Adding the Commonfolk, Influencer, Lil’ Witch, Malefactor, Studious Meister, and Watchman for the choices of NPC classes. – Created by NapazTrix.
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Added Surecast to list of arcanas.
  • Scholar (Hybrid Class): Added Surecast to list of exploits.
  • Time Mage (Base Class): Added Surecast to list of talents.
  • White Mage (Core Class): Added Surecast to list of talents.

Archetypes and Deific Orders

  • Arcane Trickster (new Black Mage archetype): Few can match the guile and craftiness of arcane tricksters. These prodigious thieves blend the subtlest aspects of the arcane with the natural cunning of the bandit and the scoundrel, using spells to enhance their natural thieving abilities. Arcane tricksters can pick locks, disarm traps, and lift purses from a safe distance using their magical legerdemain, and as often as not seek humiliation as a goal to triumph over their foes than more violent solutions.
  • Blur (new Moomba Black Belt archetype): Moombas are what every shumi dreams of being, their physical forms surpassing their younger kin by far, in both stamina and cuteness. There are moombas that turn this unbridled energy they have into a ferocious weapon of momentum, somersaulting and cartwheeling fast enough that their hands and feet become blurred by movement.
  • Burglar (new Thief archetype): The burglar is a master of stealth and misdirection. Burglars are able to confound foes with a variety of clever and debilitating tricks. They also excel at attacking from the shadows, allowing them to take enemies by surprise.
  • Chronodancer (Time Mage archetype): Reduced to 3/4ths caster. (Limited Spellcasting rather than Diminished Spellcasting).
  • Featherweight (new Bangaa Monk archetype): When fighting hand to hand, many will try to be quick on their feet, avoiding their enemies’ blows at all costs. The nimble bangaa tend to adopt this fighting style, putting their lithe forms and thick hides to good use in dodging their foes’ blows. – created by Rigby.
  • Fiend Trainer (new Guado Beastmaster archetype): Among those who master the creatures of the wild, few are as feared and uncanny as the fiend trainer. While the activities of the natural world encompass both living and dying, fiend trainers toe this line and dip their fingers into the unseen realm. If beastmasters nurture beings who participate in the circle of life in the full light of day, then fiend trainers thrive in the shadow of this cycle as their companions linger on the doorstep of existence–much like their masters. – created by Virgil.
  • Healer (new Cleric archetype): The healer is a master of battlefield revivification, sustaining and restoring allies to keep them in the fight.
  • Heavyweight (new Seeq Monk archetype): When fighting hand to hand, many will try to power through their enemies’ strikes, and hit back much harder. The hardy seeq tend to adopt this fighting style, putting their girthy bulk and meaty arms to good use in pummeling their opponent. – created by Rigby.
  • Muscle Mage (new Black Mage archetype): While most magi use a one-handed weapon as their melee implement of choice, one group of magi uses the quarterstaff instead. These muscle-bound magi use staves for both defense and inflicting their staves upon enemies. Skilled in manipulating these weapons with one hand or two, they eventually learn how to use arcane staves as well, and are just as formidable in combat as their sword-swinging brethren.
  • Reborn (new Deific Order): The reborn worship the fiery god of rebirth, Phoenix. These worshippers are celebrants of the phenomenon of revival, dedicated to saving all lives, great or small. – created by Raitzeno.
  • Signifier (new Antica Black Mage archetype): The tunnels dotting the islands of Kuzotz are full of the warlike antica, who efficiently follow orders from their superiors in expanding their empire. Adventurers who venture beneath the sands should be wary, for the mostly silent beastmen can bring unexpectedly ferocious spells to the fore, their telepathy transmitting dangerous snares to careless foes. – created by Rigby.
  • Silent Wave (new Sahagin Ninja archetype): When sahagins attack a vessel, they will lurk beneath the waves unseen. A sahagin ambush will only happen when a ship is at its most vulnerable. Groups of sahagin will wait silently beneath the water’s surface, sometimes following a vessel for days. Sailors around the world agree; like the calm before the storm, the silent waves are the most fearsome. – created by Rigby.
  • Time Bandit (new Thief archetype): The time bandit does just what her name suggests—she steals bits of time. Mostly she steals boring, unneeded time from her own future, saving tiny split-seconds she can use to make her life easier in the present. As her powers grow, the time bandit can learn to manipulate bigger slices of time, giving her more options to enhance her actions or even alter the timeline of enemies and allies alike. Most of the time bandit’s effects are subtle to outside observers, seeming to be more good fortune and preternatural speed than control over time. But it’s clear to anyone who seen a time bandit dash past a charging horse, leap onto a narrow ledge, and flip over a guard’s crossbow bolt that a time bandit has some kind of temporal power.
  • Treasure Hunter (new Thief archetype): A treasure hunter is a discoverer of ancient secrets. They are the expert tomb-robbers, crypt-raiders, and cave-delvers who seek the treasures of lost civilizations and the power such treasures bring. Forgotten artifacts and lost mysteries are the prizes these explorers seek, and those who covet such antiquities will pay heavily for the services of a skilled treasure hunter.
  • Windrider (new Ixal Engineer archetype): The use of balloons and other aircraft is vital to the ixal way of life, air transportation of cargo through the mountain passes of their home being of extreme importance for the flightless beastmen. Many ixal have taken up the profession of designing and crafting airships, whether for practical reasons or even for spiritual reasons, these engineers stop at nothing until every ixal knows what it means to ride the wind.


  • Bard Feats: Added Authoritative Song, Coaxing Song, Crypt Song, Dazing Song, Disruptive Song, Encouraging Song, Fearsome Song, Focused Song, Heighten Song, Persistent Song, Piercing Song, Reach Song, Sickening Song, Song Perfection, Studied Song, Threnodic Song, and Thundering Song. – As suggested by Mir.
  • Metaspell Feats: Added Ritual Spell I, Ritual Spell II, and Ritual Spell III.


  • Blue Mage Spells: Added Level ? Holy (6th), Diabolic Whistle (8th), and Acid Rain (9th).


  • Iconics: Setzer (Iconic Gambler) and Yuna (Iconic Summoner) were added. – Created by Luph.
  • Limit Breaks: Added an alternate Limit Break, available to all characters called Second Wind.
  • Website Removal: All of the Fayth feats were removed as requested by author. The Ascian, Conductor, and Scion Deific Orders were removed as requested by author.