A whole slew of deific orders from my thoughtful members of my Discord. Appreciate all the work they’ve done.


  • Nu Mou (Base Race): Adept has increased in rp cost, enfeebling resistance and Overwhelming Caster have been removed. Alternate traits have changed their replacements as a result. The lorespeaker alt trait has had its bonus reduced to compare better with its replacements.
  • Viera (Base Race): Added Misted Bows as an alternative race trait.


  • Archer (Core Class): Added some clarification text to Agile Archer in the case of STR penalties. Added clarification text to Two with One Blow talent that it can affect any attacks in a full attack.
  • Martial Arts Student (new NPC Class): Not all who learn the martial arts are monks. Even within the monasteries, there are those who practice the styles of the monks without ever mastering their deeper teachings. In more exotic lands where martial arts are commonplace, such as Wutai, Ala Mhigo, and Doma, Martial Arts Students are known as ‘Deshi’ (meaning students) and often serve as temple guards, escorts, and other roles that are filled by Watchpeople in other lands. The deshi is similar to the monk, without mystic abilities. He is often well trained with unarmed combat and can make a formidable opponent. Deshi lacks diverse abilities and make poor adventurers. – Created by Timothy Palmer.
  • Messenger (new NPC Class): Having to learn some form of self-defence, the messengers of the world are no strangers to dangers on the roads, treetops, or skylines. Messengers are commonly post-moogles and post-burmecians, delivering letters and parcels around the world, distributed by the well-known Mognet system that organises all mail. The motto of messengers is “information greases the cogs of the world, and we’re the engineers”.

Archetypes / Deific Orders

  • Artificer (new Deific Order for Golem): Artificers worship the father of constructs, Golem. These tinkers take it upon themselves to repair that which is broken, and make sure no building materials go to waste. In tune with the earth, they take only what is necessary to complete their current project. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Crystalist (new Deific Order for Hydaelyn): Worshippers of the Crystals of Light are granted power by the Mother Crystal, Hydaelyn. These multifaceted magicians work to promote harmony between races – by any means necessary. – Created by Raitzeno.
  • Disaster (new Deific Order for Kujata): Some clerics worship the cosmic bull, Kujata, for the destructive power he grants. Fearing a congregation of such volatile force in one place, many are barred from creating a true deific order where followers may come to worship Kujata within the walls of cities. Nevertheless, Disasters – as they are often called – will come together away from civilization, taking up new homes within old ruins and ancient forests. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Drigagoonie (new Hypello Dragoon archetype): Some hypellos strive to overcome their natural limitations on land, giving up on their natural swimming prowess to strengthen their legs. A select few can do both just as well, gracefully leaping through the air as if they were swimming underwater. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Dwarven Crossbowyer (Archer Archetype): Now gains Quick Bolt Exchange at 7th, replacing uncanny dodge. Updated wording of Quick Bolt Exchange to include full-round in the examples and changed swift into free to work the same as rapid reload. Added example on how it effects the heavy crossbow.
  • Equestrian (new Deific Order for Ixion): Equestrians worship the stormcaller, Ixion. An equestrian is as proud and noble as the horses and unicorns he styles himself after, bravely venturing forth upon a mount or on foot. Many will form a close bond with a valiant steed, or seek some other way they may grow closer to their patron. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Gardener (Deific Order for Eden): Changed Spellcasting from Geomancer to Druid.
  • Grudge Holder (Tonkin Dark Knight archetype): Added Everlasting Grudge to replace the capstone. Suggested by Tem Wizard
  • Heaven Piercer (Archer Archetype): Arrow Artillery has changed to a static damage bonus, now capped at level or first increment.
  • Keeper of the Grove (Beastmaster archetype): Now casts Druid spells instead of Geomancer spells.
  • Kensai (Samurai archetype): The Limit Break that allows a free combo finisher now requires a standard action to perform.
  • Maverick (new Deific Order for Fenrir): Mavericks worship the silver wolf, Fenrir. These free spirits travel the world to seek out their personal desires, encouraging others to take charge of their own lives. While it is unusual for mavericks to congregate in a holy order, each and every one is known to be fiercely protective of their pack. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Muse (new Deific Order for Siren): Muses worship Siren, the songstress of Leviathan. Many seafaring souls respect the song of the ocean, knowing full well that it could lead men to their doom. Thus, clerics of this deific order take up the song in order to stave off Siren’s wrath, by stilling the cruelty in the hearts of men. Muses are most often found in coastal settlements or out on seafaring vessels as crew. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Ranger (Beastmaster archetype): Now casts Druid spells instead of Geomancer spells.
  • Ostler (new Deific Order for Kirin): Ostlers take after the deity Kirin and his mortal kin. While horses are the Ostler’s area of expertise, he extends the same care to any who come seeking his aid for injuries or illness. Clerics of this order are most commonly found tending to the elderly in remote areas without easy access to hospitals, or in large stretches of farmland taking care of horses. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Pilgrim (new Deific Order for Valefor): Those who serve the Sky Soarer, Valefor, must take on a pilgrimage to various Astral temples across the land. These pilgrims tend to resemble animal trainers and summoners rather than traditional healers. – Created by Raitzeno.
  • Planar Emissary (new Deific Order for Maduin): A planar emissary worships Maduin, the Guardian of Astrals. They seek to quell the greed and hatred that is in the hearts of mortals, which they believe drove Maduin’s mortal bride from her home plane. To that end, they travel to every corner of the world, frequently assisting in the work of other cleric deific orders and the populaces those orders serve. A planar emissary strives for the betterment of mortalkind, so that one day there may be peaceful co-existence between man and deity. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Polarizer (new Deific Order for Quetzalcoatl): Polarizers worship Quetzalcoatl, the bird of static and pulse. Polarizers specialize in explosive devices as well as warfare against machines. With expert control over the battlefield, they move and adjust allies as well as charging up an explosive finale. – Created by fractalWizard.
  • Sentry (new Deific Order for Cerberus): The few followers that Cerberus has tend to be rather dedicated guardsmen, as those who seek to eradicate the undead – and the power to do so – would rather show deference to his master Hades. Nevertheless, some dedicated Sentries draw their power from the hound of the Underworld, whether to defend all they hold dear from menacing undead hordes or simply to keep pests out of their pantries. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Serpent Archer (Archer archetype): Bonus Bow Feat reduced to 1 feat at 4th and then another at 8th.
  • Sundered (new Deific Order for Zodiark): The sundered are those who fall under the view of Zodiark, the dark god that waits at the heart of creation. Though they and many of his faithful or enthralled servants were sundered, the dark spark of their true selves remain, and they can be awoken to this power. By controlling an ancient form of magic, they can weave their will into reality. – Created by fractalWizard.
  • Triad Master (Summoner archetype): Removed Limited Spellcasting, adding instead, Diminished Spellcasting.
  • Usher (new Deific Order for Doomtrain): There are very few that worship the ghost train, Doomtrain. Service to The One Who Never Stops will only reward followers with a better seat once it is finally their time for him to claim their soul, as well as knowledge on the workings of trains. Nevertheless, some take it upon themselves to work as an Usher for souls whose times have come, and to make those souls pass on from this mortal coil. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Void Beckoner (new Deific Order for Diablos): Few mortals dare to give reverence to the devil Diablos. His dark will would see demons and devils invade the material plane, causing untold death and destruction on but a whim. Yet the call of power tempts many, and the power that the Planar Gatekeeper can offer is great indeed. – Created by Rigby Shephard.
  • Webslinger (Ninja archetype): Added Ki Venom and Greater Ki Venom to their list of ninjutsus.
  • Zen Archer (Archer archetype): The Limit Break that allows a free combo finisher now requires a standard action to perform.
  • Zephyrite (new Deific Order for Pandemona): Zephyrites worship the zephyr, Pandemona. These clerics see it as their duty to chase after storms, in hopes that they may witness their god’s destructive winds in person. While it is not strictly part of their duties or beliefs, many zephyrites will provide relief to settlements that have been ravaged by tornados and storms, if only so the inhabitants think they had nothing to do with the one who directed the winds their way. – Created by Rigby Shephard.


  • Black Mage Spells: Added Erase, 7th level, replicates the original intention of the NES version of Final Fantasy III spell of the same name. – Created by DeadKingKicker Added Aetherial Manipulation, 3rd level, based on the black mage ability from Final Fantasy XIV of the same name. – Created by Rigby Shepard
  • Dark Knight Spells: Added Aetherial Manipulation, 3rd level, based on the black mage ability from Final Fantasy XIV of the same name. – Created by Rigby Shepard
  • Necromancer Spells: Added Erase, 7th level, replicates the original intention of the NES version of Final Fantasy III spell of the same name. – Created by DeadKingKicker
  • Red Mage Spells: Added Aetherial Manipulation, 3rd level, based on the black mage ability from Final Fantasy XIV of the same name. – Created by Rigby Shepard. Added Bow of the Viera as a 1st level spell.
  • Time Mage Spells: Added Aetherial Manipulation, 3rd level, based on the black mage ability from Final Fantasy XIV of the same name. – Created by Rigby Shepard
  • White Mage Spells: Added Repose, a 4th level spell, based on the spell of the same name from Final Fantasy VI and XI. – Created by DeadKingKicker


  • Alchemical Items: The following items now have item pages and links: Antidote, Antidote Bandage, Arctic Wind, Black Club, Bolt Plume, Calming Cider, Choco Feather, Chocolate, Deadly Waste, Dream Powder, Ear Drops, Earth Drum, Echo Screen, Eye Drops, Faerie Tonic, Farron Perfume, Fire Fang, Fish Scale, Gale Winds, Giant’s Tonic, Healing Spring, Hope Mist, Kupo Nut, Light Curtain, Lunar Curtain, Marcus Cloak, Monochrome Spray, Mountain Water, Mute Mask, Pirate’s Drink, Sage’s Drink, Silver Apple, Smelling Salts, Speed Drink, Squid Ink, Strength Tonic, Sun Drops, Vaccine, Vampire Fang, White Ribbon, Yggdrasil’s Tears. All of the current Tier 1 Alchemical Items now have pages.
  • Magical Weapons: Charged weapon special ability now affects both elements of multi-rod and multi-staff.
  • Handbooks: Added a page to hold all class handbooks, guides to efficient play of classes with specific builds in mind or the class as a whole. Added The Archer Handbook (Aimed Archer) as a handbook for the Archer core class.