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  • Genomes (Base Race): Added Spellthief (Racial Thief archetype).


  • Beastmaster (Core Class): Added the following rage powers: Armor Ripper, Battle Roar, Bloody Bite, Bloody Fist, Body Bludgeon, Damage Reduction, Deathless Rage, Elemental Eruption, Feast of Blood, Feasting Bite, Fierce Fortitude, Fight Response, Fueled by Vengeance, Gearbreaker, Guarded Life, Greater Guarded Life, Penetrating Bite, Raging Grappler, Rolling Dodge, and Savage Intuition.
  • Black Belt (Hybrid Class): Added shield proficiencies. Moved AC Bonus from 1st to 4th, can be used with light armor. Added more weapon proficiencies and renamed Close Weapon Mastery to Weapon Mastery.
  • Chemist (Base Class): Lowered Item Lore ability from 17th level to 8th level, splitting it up into 4 separate stages from tier 1 at lvl 8 and every 4 levels therafter increasing the tier. Added new ability at 17th level called Alchemical Diffusion. Can now craft alchemical items without needing a caster level requirement.
  • Chocobo Knight (Base Class): Added White Chocobo back in as an option if Black Chocobo isn’t preferred.
  • Cleric (Base Class): Skills per level increased to 4. Blessing of the Faithful now a swift action.
  • Elemental Fist Disciple (Prestige Class): Changed damage to all abilities from every two levels to every level. Added Extra Ki at 1st level and Ki Powers at 2nd level and every even level therafter.
  • Geomancer (Base Class): Local Quake now inflicts Staggered instead of Dazed and Short Circuit now inflicts Static instead of Stunned.
  • Magitek Pilot (Prestige Class): Added Repair ability at 1st level and every two levels therafter.
  • Monk (Core Class): Added the following new Ki Powers: Action Before Thought, Bare-Hand Block, and Ki Sunder.
  • Ninja (Hybrid Class): Added the following ninja tricks: Graceful Toss and Shadow Duplicate
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Changed Quick Cast from red mage spells only to up to 6th level spells.
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Modified Meikyo Shisui Limit Break. Modified Forces of Sen. Added the ability to sheath the katana after using Bushido. Overhauled the Meditate ability. Added the following abilities: Armor Training (3rd), Blade Block (5th), Blocking Cuts (7th), and Stalwart (10th).
  • Thief (Core Class): Added the following thief talents: Chink in the Armor, Cloying Shades, Enhanced Delivery, Gloom Magic, Shadow Duplicate, Shadow’s Chill, and Underhanded Maneuver

Deific Orders

  • Arcnaean (Deific Order): Mighty Pebble can be used a number of times per day equal to 3 + Cha mod. Steelbreaker Skin ignores 10 hardness at the start, and 15 at 15th level, plus an additional use.
  • Chronomancer (Deific Order): Time Manipulations moved to 20th level and now grants immunity to Stop spells. Temporal Jammer moved to 18th level.
  • Draconian (Deific Order): Bahamut’s Presence’s aura range increased to 20 feet. Bahamut’s Wings is now a swift action. Bahamut’s Wrath’s duration increased to Cha mod in rounds.
  • Glacian (Deific Order): Shatter Strike adds ice damage to the attack. Reflections of Ice now grants a passive ability and an activated ability. Storm of Glass now deals 1d6 instead of 1d4. Heavenly Dance now a swift action.
  • Hydraean (Deific Order): Hydraulic Crush reduced in damage, but increased in number of uses. Fluid Mastery’s damage increased to d6s and inflicts a bull rush attempt instead of a push. Raise the Deep’s number of uses are increased.
  • Infernian (Deific Order): Bringer of War’s damage increased.
  • Kefkanite (Deific Order): Kefka’s Vision’s penalties doubled.
  • Soulreaper (Deific Order): Reap was overhauled. Soul Siphon’s uses increased. Life from Death’s uses increased. Final Guide grants Full-Life instead of Arise.


  • Culinarian (Chemist archetype): Added Fulfilling Snacks ability at 8th to replace item lore.
  • Fool (New Gambler archetype): While most who play the fickle fate of fortune focus on positivity, the fool instead turns the other cheek, making the worst out of a good situation. – Created by Shichiro from Discord.
  • Mirage Keeper (Summoner archetype): Tiny update, added clarification on movement for Stacking.
  • Morpher (Blue Mage archetype): Morphing now includes natural attacks. Improved Morph now includes defensive abilities, elemental resistances and weaknesses.
  • Pack-Bonded Hunter (Beastmaster archetype): Moved Heart of the Pack to 5th level, added Revitalizing Frenzy at 6th level.
  • Parivir (Samurai archetype): Updated their version of Forces of Sen.
  • Spellthief (New Genome Thief archetype): Most thieves are known for being cutpurses who steal your material wealth, but genomes who pursue a profession of skullduggery can steal something far more valuable than their target’s gil: they steal their magic.  – Created by Manly Man from Forums/Discord.
  • Warrior Monk (Samurai archetype): Updated their version of Forces of Sen.
  • Wizard (Red Mage archetype): Modified Quick Cast to include up to 7th level spells.


  • Blue Mage: Added Wail (5th level), Concerted Effort (6th level), and Anathema (9th level).


  • Ribbon/Super Ribbon: Changed again. Ribbon prevents magical negative status effects except Countdown, Doom, and Stop from spells and spell-like abilities. Super Ribbon prevents all from supernatural, spells, and spell-like abilities.
  • Firearms: Removed Burst Fire rate of fire, made changes to Automatic and Semi-automatic.