Sorry I’m a little late for this update. I suffered an injury and I’m trying to get over it. So, without further-ado, here’s your update!


  • Palico (new Base Race): Palicos are a diminutive race of bipedal cat humanoids that share many traits of actual felines. They are often employed to serve as a support companion, from carrying equipment to assisting in combat. Their disposition is the same as many felines that they emulate.
  • Qiqirn (new Beastman Tribe race): These diminutive beastmen reside together with the civilized races of Vana’diel. Most Qiqirns make their home in a city located in the heart of the Aht Urhgan Empire’s western half. They tend to have an easygoing and cheerful personality, but have difficulty speaking the common language due to their unusual vocal cords. – Created by DM_Leibfrid from Discord and the Forums.
  • Roegadyn (Base Race): Updated wording on Powerful Build to be more clear.
  • Tonkin (Base Race): Added Palekin Ancestry as an alternate racial trait. – Created/Suggested by Manly Man from Discord.
  • Vanu Vanu (Beast Tribe Race): – Added 3 variant tribes – Courtesy of NapazTrix from Discord.


  • Dancer (Hybrid Class): AC Bonus now grants to CMD.
  • Engineer (Base Class): Automatons now have Lightning Vulnerability and Critical Hit Vulnerability. Modified One With Machines ability to allow Repair to be usable on the Engineer. – Suggestion created by Sgt_Cookie2 from Discord.
  • Gambler (Base class): Now proficient with Sword canes.
  • Geomancer (Base Class): Added the following geomancy tricks: Enhanced Geomancy, Easy Terrain, Extra Favored Terrain, Extra Leyline, Improved Easy Terrain, Improved The Air Sings, Improved The Earth Speaks, Improved The Echoes Dance. – Suggestions created by Moggle Mog
  • Ninja (Hybrid Class): Are now proficient with Bolas, Chakram, Kunai, Starknife, and Wushu Dart.
  • Scholar (Hybrid Class): Dark Arts/Light Arts now only affect spells with durations of a variable amount.
  • Thief (Core Class): Are now proficient with Chakrams.


  • Carnelian Trickster (new Red Mage archetype): Carnelian tricksters have often eschewed some of the finer points of red magery, often preferring to learn simpler, more pragmatic skills. – Created by Sgt_Cookie from Discord.
  • Chronotrigger (Time Mage archetype): Changed Diminished Spellcasting to Limited Spellcasting.
  • Green Mage (Scholar archetype): Enhancing Arts/Enfeebling Arts now only affect spells with durations of a variable amount. Auto-Spell and Continuous-Spell now can only apply to spells with a variable duration.
  • Hell Knight (Dark Knight archetype): Infernal Resistance moved to 2nd level. Armored Mage added (3rd).
  • Iron Brute (new Knight archetype): To many, a knight is the epitome of chivalry and honor. Towers of metal, bastions on the battlefield. In this manner, the iron brute is not that different. But make no mistake, there is neither honor nor chivalry in their methods. They are vicious street fighters first, pillars of unmovable steel second. – Created by Sgt_Cookie from Discord.
  • Masked Performer (new Blue Mage archetype): Taking on the traditions of the people from the New World and adding a bit of flair of their own, a masked performer uses the spells they have learned from monsters to put on a performance for the adoring public. – Created by Moggie Mog from Discord.
  • Monstrous Shifter (Blue Mage archetype): Evolution Pool change to a static amount instead of half lvl + int mod. Evolutions now require a certain level to take depending on evolution costs (except for 1-point evolutions). Adaptable Circumstance now has a limit of a number of extra Evolution Points gained (once at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level).
  • Mystic Knight (Red Mage archetype): Major revisions: Added Weapon/Armor Proficiencies similar to a Knight, Added Mystic Prowess (updating their BAB/HD), added Mystic Swordplay (adding swordskills, replacing spells), Changed the Limit Breaks, added Magical Knowledge (1st), added Armor Training (replacing armored mage), Blade Magic now usable as a swift action, Changed Exploit Weakness to a number of times per day ability as a free action only usable with SwordSkills and Blade Magic, Changed the talents drastically, Added an ability to Stamina Pool to allow to reuse a Swordskill or use a Swordskill without expending its use. Added Extra Swordskills to Red Magery. Added Practiced Skill (5th), Sword Magic (5th), Magic Burst (11th), Perfected Skill (15th), and moved Mirror Stance to 18th. – Many changes created by Kayos from Discord.
  • Outfitter (new Red Mage archetype): Some adventurers pay the most attention to their weapons or armor, but others know the true value of the saying “the clothes make the man.” These perceptive individuals fully appreciate a proper ensemble outfit, and are able to imbue their garments with enhancements and enchantments. The most talented of these outfitters make use of a magical item to maximize the effectiveness of their wardrobe, and will never lack for options so long as they have their garment grid. – Created by Virgil from Discord.
  • Paradigm Shifter (Red Mage archetype): Added Focus (5th) and Quick Change (11th). Suggestions created by Virgil from Discord.
  • Phantom Blade (Illusionist archetype): Bright Blade, Dazzling Blade, and Blinding Blade removed and added to Illusionary Weapon Talents. Added AC Bonus (1st), Phantom Stealth (4th) and Improved Displacement (19th) in their place.
  • Ranger (Beastmaster archetype): Can now cast spells while wearing armor without spell failure.
  • Ruby Archer (new Red Mage archetype): If the red mage is a balanced blend of swords and sorcery, the ruby archer is its ranged complement. Mixing martial prowess with magic at a distance, these jacks-of-all-trades are rarely outclassed in a shooting match, boosting the strength of their precision strikes with magery. – Created by Virgil from Discord.
  • Temporal Knight (Knight archetype): Temporal Reflections now only lets the Reflections do a single standard action.
  • Warrior (Fighter archetype): Added Berserk Limit Break.
  • Webslinger (Ninja archetype): Added Web Sling and Web Snatch ninjutsus. Suggestions created by Kit the Blue Mage.


  • Alchemical Items: All the “plusses” now have their own dedicated page with more information and rules. – Worked on by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Artifacts: Added Gungnir to the Artifacts page as a Major Artifact. – Worked on by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Weapons: Added in the Feral Claw Gauntlets and Harp-Bow from the Aeon Gaia setting. – Worked on by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Wondrous Items: Added in Crystone, Curing Belt, Dispel Stone, Ring of the Attuned, Slave Caster-Cuffs and Stone Man’s Hand from the Aeon Gaia setting. Added in Islander’s Wayfinder (Standard) and Islander’s Wayfinder of Light to neck slot wondrous items. – Worked on by NapazTrix from Discord.


  • Astrologian spells: Added Antimagic Field (8th).
  • Illusionist spells: Vanish moved to 2nd level, Greater Vanish moved to 4th level, Vanishga moved to 5th level, and Superior Vanish moved to 6th level.
  • Time Mage spells: Defensive Precognition, Offensive Precognition, Tactical Precognition, and Offensive Prescience no longer personal spells, can grant to a touched creature. Added Antimagic Field (6th) and Spellbane (9th).


  • Traits: Added in the Huntress of Siren faith trait.
  • Class feats: Added Extra Veil Power feat and Extra Swordskill feat.