A few new archetypes, a new Iconic, and a whole slew of Style Feats!


  • Al Bhed (Base Race): Added Mechanical Dismantler as an alternate racial trait. – Suggested by Fortheseen from Discord.
  • Mandragora (Base Race): Added Malboro Kin as an alternate racial trait – Suggested by Sgt_Cookie2 from Discord. Also added Malboro Affinity as a racial feat and Verdant Rider as a racial chocobo knight archetype.


  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Added Refined Knowledge (6th). – Suggested by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Scholar (Hybrid Class): Added Refined Knowledge (6th). – Suggested by NapazTrix from Discord.


  • Prosthetist (Engineer archetype): Prosthetic Prodigy moved to 7th, replacing Quick Craft.
  • Rose Reactor (new Fencer archetype): Though seemingly graceful and potent, the origin of the Eternian Rose Reactor is a highly violent, borderline manipulative perversion of the techniques of Red Mages, their focus more heavy on their speed. Attempts to apprehend Rose Reactors such as the infamous Fiore DeRosa is often met with failure, due to their lightning fast reflexes and reactionary method of combat. Rumor has it that the Rose Reactors utilize horrific alchemical substances to aid in their cause. – Created by Ellie Shadeflare from Discord.
  • Stormlord (new Geomancer archetype): A stormlord is a geomancer who has harnessed the power of lightning to suit her needs.
  • Verdant Rider (new Mandragora Chocobo Knight archetype): Some mandragora spirits are vibrant enough to project this animus beyond their own bodies. Called verdant riders, these mandragoras explore the world atop unique companions formed from the mandragora’s vines and animated by their nearly boundless energy. Both mount and rider brim with new growth, sporting bright flowers, whipping tendrils, clouds of pollen, and other manifestations charged with nature’s power.


  • Class Feats: Added Extra Triage.
  • Style Feats: Assault Twister, Improved Assault Twister, Improved Riot Battery, Improved Weighted Strike, Operator Style, Riot Battery, Riot Brutality, Riot Dread and Dispersal, Riot Elite, Riot Expert, Riot Suppressive Fire, Riot Takedown, Shinsect Riot Style, Turkish Knack, Turkish Tactician Style, Turkish Teamwork, Turkish Two-Step, Weighted Style. – Created by Reggie from Discord
  • More Style Feats: Blitz Ace Style, Blitz Bizarre, Blitz Continuous, PSICOM Flow, PSICOM Style, PSICOM Switch. – Created by Sgt. Cookie from Discord.


  • Tifa – Iconic Black Belt was added. – Created by Luphey from Discord.