Just a few changes and a few additions.


  • Aegyl (Base Race): Updated the wording on Eternal Hope.
  • Au Ra (Base Race): Changed Dragon Resistances into Daemonic Resistances and Dragon Scales into Daemonic Scales. Removed Wyrmscourged trait and Elemental resistances alternate racial trait. Added Cleric and Red Mage favored class bonus. Added two racial archetypes for cleric and red mage respectively (see below).
  • Gria (Base Race): Added Scaled Fist and Wyrmfang Brawler as their racial archetypes and added Black Belt favored class bonus.
  • Mithra (Core Race): Updated the wording on Cat’s Luck.
  • Moogle (Core Race): Updated the wording on Eternal Hope.


  • Beastmaster (Core Class): Shared Saves was changed to Shared Senses instead for Animal Companions. Beastmaster Tricks: Added Efficient Tracker, Instinctive Hunter, Quick Hunter, Knowledge of the Wilds, Master’s Orders, Prepared Hunter, Track Master.
  • Black Mage (Core Class): Updated the wording on Focused Caster.
  • Engineer (Base Class): Added clarification text that Repair works on his automaton.
  • Fighter (Core Class): Updated the wording on Reliable Strike
  • Gambler (Base Class): Luck Pool now refers to lucky status effect.
  • King (new Prestige Class): The king (or queen if female) is the ruler of an independent state, city, or region, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.
  • Knight (Core Class): Added Shield Defender talent. Knight Talents: Added clarification text that Armor Expertise does not work with Adamantine Body (Shindroid).
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Updated the wording on Resolve.
  • Time Mage (Base Class): Temporal Attunement changed and clarified. Temporal Hiccup now refers to lucky/unlucky status effect.
  • White Mage (Core Class): Updated the wording on Focused Caster.

Archetypes / Deific Orders

  • Archmage (Scholar archetype): Added Druid branches.
  • Crystalist (Deific Order): Now casts Astrologian spells instead of Geomancy.
  • Daemonic Flayer (new Au Ra Red Mage archetype): Some auri magi can tap the dark energy of their daemonic blood to enhance their arcane and combat talents. By physically carving away their tainted flesh, they can use its dark energies to enhance their powers, call forth weapons from thin air, and bypass enemies’ strongest defenses.
  • Daemonic Vessel (new Au Ra Cleric archetype): Many clerics pray to or make evil bargains with fiendish powers, devoting body and soul to the insane plans and wicked aims of their despicable deities. But these mortal clerics are often just shallow beings searching for quick power or the caress of true and final oblivion—few truly grasp the full scope of the entities they worship. Daemonic vessels, through their fiendish heritage, share an innate connection with their deity, and that connection grants them understanding and power.
  • Spear Warden (new Dragoon archetype): A spear warden is a spear fighter who focuses on getting into the thick of a crowded melee. While most lancers aim to keep their foes at bay with the reach of their polearms, spear wardens make use of both ends, spinning their spears around to strike at their foes from up close. Their style of combat can be particularly lethal when they jump behind a group of enemies and let loose with a whirlwind of slashes and strikes. – Created by Kuro.
  • Tamer (Beastmaster Archetype): Command now only works within 60ft and if the creatures can hear/see the tamer. Call now takes 1 use of the ability for each creature summoned at once.
  • Witch of the Coven (Scholar archetype): Updated the wording on Fortune and Misfortune.
  • Combat Feats: Added Improved Dodge.
  • General Feats: Added Retain Limit Break.
  • Racial Feats: Adamantine Body (Shindroid) now notes it reduces movement speed and requires the Masterwork Transformation spell for MWK.
  • Astrologian spells: Restoraga’s spell level was increased to 7th level from 5th. Shield Other, Greater has seen some changes to its range and how it splits up the effects.
  • Bard Songs: Foe Lullaby and Horde Lullaby now have HD limits.
  • Blue Mage Spells: Changed White Wind to heal all non-self allies for an amount equal to the caster’s current HP in damage. Lowered range to 20 ft. (down from 30 ft.) Increased to 4th spell level (up from 3rd). Marrow Drain (1st Level Blue Mage Spell): Changed to deal 1d3+1 MP damage, healing the caster’s MP for the same amount (up from 1d4). Mustard Bomb now allows a will save on hit and the beginning of the target’s next turn.
  • Illusionist spells: Added Phantasmal Killer, Lesser (1st). Vanish, Superior has been increased to a 9th level spell, has a longer casting time, and a shorter duration.
  • Red Mage Spells: Added Aquaveil, a 3rd level spell that replicates the spell of the same name from Final Fantasy XI. – Created by
  • Time Mage spells: Added Recall Agony, Lesser (1st).
  • White Mage Spells: Added Aquaveil, a 3rd level spell that replicates the spell of the same name from Final Fantasy XI. – Created by
  • Gil & Currencies: Updated the second paragraph to be a bit more clear on gold to gil in relation to item worth.
  • Magic: Added a portion to explain Arcane and Divine magic to the magic page. Added a portion to learn spells from different spellcasters to the magic page. Added a sentence to explain that FFd20 does not use spellbooks for the most part.
  • Optional Systems: Added Moogle in the Room.
    Status Effects: Added Lucky/Unlucky status effect that are basically advantage/disadvantage from 5e.
  • Website Update: Bestiary table columns have been trimmed down and allows for horizontal scrolling on smaller devices. Alignment column now lists the alignment acronym instead of the full name (ie: LE instead of “Lawful Evil”). Blue Magic column has been moved to its own page: “Creature Magic” under the Bestiary page. Additionally, all PDF buttons for each monster type have been moved to their corresponding monster type page.
  • Wondrous Items: Sabin’s Monk Tunic now notes how it effects past level 20.