Another small update with a couple of new archetypes and a few spells.


  • Nu Mou: Minor changes, -2 Con instead of Dex. Enchantment Resistance changed to Enfeebling Resistance.


  • Blademaster (Sword Saint archetype): Added a level 20 capstone replacement ability as per Kayos’s update.
  • Culinarian (Chemist archetype): Disciples of the delectable dish, culinarians are culinary combatants who specialize in succulent surprises that spice up the battlefield. A chef needs discipline, class, a clean palate, a mastery of culinary magic, and a good knife hand. These are rare ingredients to find in a person; so, perfect preparation of both the chef and his tools are required.
  • Magicite Knight (Knight archetype): Now uses Charisma modifier for save DCs of materias.
  • Mirage Keeper (Summoner archetype): Added minor revisions as per Kayos’s update.
  • Monsterkin (Freelancer archetype): This type of freelancer forgoes emulating other trades and focuses on emulating monsters instead.
  • Rune Knight (Holy Knight archetype): Changed how Scribe Rune worked, moved to 5th, and replaced holy sword techs instead.


  • Added 4 new Red Mage spells: Enlarge, Mass Enlarge, Enspellra, and Enspellga.
  • Added 3 new Blue Mage spells from Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno: Eruption, Sear, and Vulcan Burst.


  • Removed Extra Bombs and Wild Talent feats.
  • Added a new feat: Extra CP.