Couple more archetypes and deities and deific orders. Enjoy!


  • Goblin (Beast Tribe): Added Aeroblooded as a racial feat.
  • Lamia (Beast Tribe): Added Seduction as a racial feat.
  • Sahagin (Beast Tribe): Added Waterbonded as a racial feat.


  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Are now proficient with all power weapons.
  • Engineer (Base Class): Added the following Augmentations to Engineer Tricks: Advanced Armor Plating, Arcforged Armor, Hover Stabilizers, Sticky Treads, Superior Arcforged Armor, Superior Advanced Armor Plating, Thrusters.
  • Fighter (Core Class): Chosen Weapon changed to 1 group of melee weapons rather than 1 weapon. All fighter talents and class features updated as well as fighter archetypes.
  • Freelancer (Miscellaneous Class): Changed JP costs for BAB/HD to 10 JP for 3/4ths, and another additional 10 JP for Full. Changed JP costs for Saves to 10 JP for 2 good saves, and another additional 10 JP for all good saves. Changed JP costs for Limit Breaks to 10 JP per.
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Are now proficient with all power weapons. Added Ruby Finesse to their list of Ruby Arcanas.
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Loses martial weapon proficiencies, but are now proficient with Katanas, Nodachis, and Wakizashis. All abilities that pertain to katanas should be updated with usage of these weapons.
  • White Mage (Core Class): Healing Winds LB renamed to Pulse of Life and slightly changed.

Archetypes/Deific Orders

  • Ascian (new Deific Order for Zodiark): Ascians, the dark followers of their One True God: Zodiark. In His Eyes, all must be brought into what once was. Perfection of the soul is paramount and the dark is to be celebrated as a distant, stern Father: Not a radiant, coddling Mother. To bring His glory, the Ascians will do whatever it takes: One tragedy at a time. An ascian admonishes their foes with crippling curses, dark prophecies and mysterious mastery of both Physical and Metaphysical darkness. This is not to be confused for a capital “A” Ascians (which are like deacons and Popes in terms of power and rank) and lower case ascians (lesser followers that were not born from the perfect world but are enraptured by Zodiark himself). – Created by Reggie from Discord.
  • Cobra Disciple (new Black Belt archetype): These brand of black-belts train to be vicious and give no mercy, often employing techniques that are considered low or unethical. The Creed of a Cobra Disciple is to Strike First, Strike Hard, and show No Mercy.
  • Corsair (new Gambler archetype): A corsair is a pirate that hails from the near east continent in the Arrapago Reef. They rely on their martial prowess with a gun and their luck-based abilities…though some skillful “adjustments” may be present. – Created by Moggle Mog from Discord
  • Enchantress (new Deific Order for Siren): Enchantresses follow the goddess Siren and aim to bring her alluring song to the people, performing themselves in the hope that the goddess’s song comes through. Despite the female-focused name, the order is not female only. The male version is Enchanter. – Created by Kazu from Discord.
    Monstrous Shifter (Blue Mage archetype): Added Spines to 2-point Evolutions. Changed Trip to grant a +4 bonus and allowing tentacles to trip. Changed Limbs to be obtainable at 5th level and gaining only 1 set of limbs per 5 blue mage levels.
  • Pirate (Fencer archetype): Renamed from Corsair and added a few new abilities.
  • Scion (new Deific Order for Hydaelyn): The Scions, Hydaelyn’s chosen champions of Light and Life. they wander the world, solving problems and enriching the world. They are not required to spread Her light, simply to preserve the life and livelihoods of all creatures. The Scions rise up in opposition to the Ascians, their maddening drive to sacrifice life for their hungry god. The Scions hope to keep the balance of dark and light, standing up to the challenges that the world faces. The struggle between Hydaelyn’s chosen and Zodiark’s faithful continues. – also created by Reggie from Discord.


  • Astrologian spells: Added Crafter’s Knowledge (1st), Magic Vestment (3rd)
  • Geomancer spells: Added Plane Shift (7th) to the list of spells.
  • Red Mage spells: Added Magic Vestment (3rd)
  • Time Mage spells: Added Crafter’s Knowledge (1st), Plane Shift (7th)
  • White Mage spells: Added Magic Vestment (3rd)


  • Buster Sword: Changed Critical hit stats to 19-20/x2 from 20/x3
  • Added in Ifrit’s Blade to the Artifacts page as a Major Artifact. – Created by NapazTrix from Discord


  • FFd20 Pantheon: All deities are updated with domains and allied/rival deities (courtesy of the hard-working NapazTrix from Discord) and I added Hydaelyn and Zodiark as Greater Gods (courtesy of Reggie from Discord). Deific Orders: Updated with the domain update.
  • Dash feat removed. Dash feat from Purple and Silver Chocobos was replaced with the Fleet feat instead.