More changes, some drastic, some minor. Enjoy!


  • Archer (Core Class): Added Archer Training (1st).
  • Blitzer (new Prestige Class): The game of Blitzball is a graceful ballet of underwater maneuvers. It is also a sometimes brutal full-contact sport with ruthless players vying for any advantage. This has led to blitzers becoming adept at ranged combat, using blitzballs as deadly weapons. They have even been known to use magic to enhance their balls, giving them spell-like properties that with affect their opponents.
  • Dancer (Hybrid Class): Now proficient with “Monk” weapons and Rain of Blows can use Monk weapons with it.
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Revised Dark Sword Techs. Removed the limited number of uses for Darkside. Moved Darkness Unleash, Plunge, Bloodspiller, and Blood Price into Abyssal Arts. Removed the level limit of Abyssal Arts abilities, now can choose which to get. Souleater now only affects melee attacks, and can’t be healed except by spells and class features while under the effects. Removed the DR from Dark Champion. Added Aura of Cowardice (11th), Aura of Despair (13th), Aura of Quietus (17th), and Aura of Rage (19th).
  • Holy Knight (Base Class): Revised Holy Sword Techs. Removed Bulwark and Holy Shield abilities, replaced them with Unwavering Confidence and Flash of Light. Moved Circle of Scorn, Royal Authority, Goring Blade, and Holy Spirit into Divine Arts. Removed the level limit of Divine Arts abilities, now can choose which to get. Made changes to Royal Authority and Holy Spirit. Added Aura of Courage (11th), Aura of Resolve (13th), Aura of Healing (17th), and Aura of Warding (19th).
  • Judge Magister (Prestige Class): Was removed and made into a Deific Order for Cleric.
  • Knight (Core Class): Reduced movement restriction from Defensive Stance. Removed Mobile Defense and Improved Mobile Defense, added Improved Defensive Stance (11th), Tireless Stance (17th), and Superior Defensive Stance (20th). Modified Armored Defense. All other Knight archetypes that replace Defensive Stance also replace these new abilities.
  • Medic (Base Class): Major revamp. Removed Improved First Aid, Survey the Damage, Piercing Mastery, Calming Touch, Expert Healer, Field Healer, Resuscitate, Vigorous First Aid, First Aid Mastery, and Master Mender. Added the following abilities: Medic Training, Triage, Medic’s Expertises, Improved Treatment, Improved Triage, Resuscitation, Improved Resuscitation, Greater Resuscitation, Master Medic. Medic Archetypes updated to the new changes.
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Added the following new Bushidos (courtesy of Meta from Discord): Gekka, Guren, Kasha, Yukikaze.
  • Time Mage (Base Class): Removed Quickening. Added Time Flicker (3rd), Reactive System (5th), and Time Shift (9th). Added the following temporal talents: Accelerate, Aging Touch, Erase from Time, Insight, Knowledge of the Ages, and Time Hop. Added the following advanced temporal talents: Abbreviate Magic and Rewind. Modified Ahead of Time ability. Modified Motes of Time ability.

Deific Order

  • Judge Magister: Judge magisters worship the God of Law, Alexander. They are the elite guard, the chief arbiters, and enforcers of Imperial law in the Lands of Ivalice. They are feared for their ability to bring in lawbreakers easily. Their unique armor, a badge of office, makes them intimidating to everyone. They excel at knocking down foes while fearlessly standing their ground.


  • Azure Dragoon (Dragoon archetype): Geirskogul now only usable once per Blood of the Dragon. Nastrod (Talent) was revised.
  • Black Knight (Dark Knight archetype): Replaced Aura of Cowardice with Aura of Desecration. Replaced Aura of Despair with Aura of Putrefaction.
  • Dark Swordsman (Dark Knight archetype): Revised Dark Sword Techs.
  • Hawkeye (Archer archetype): Archery Talent Trees are only usable by bows and crossbows now.
  • Holy Shield (new Holy Knight archetype): When faced by enemies, the holy shield reaches first not for a weapon, but for her trusty shield. With the power of light, she can ward others from harm.
  • Holy Swordsman (Holy Knight archetype): Revised Holy Sword Techs.
  • Juggernaut (Shindroid Knight archetype): Added Unbreakable ability (20th).
  • Ki Warrior (Monk archetype): Added a line for Super Transformation that increases Ki Blast damage by 1d6 per transformation tier. Added a tiny limitation to Spirit Bomb ki power. Added Tireless Transformation (17th) to replace Timeless Body.
  • Magitek Pilot (Chocobo Knight archetype): Adding clarification on Magitek Upgrades to indicate the magitek mount gets the extra slam and push special ability. Removed Grab, added Push to Magitek Upgrade 3.
  • Stonelord (Dwarf Holy Knight archetype): Removed Mobile Defense with Improved Defensive Stance.
  • Warlord (new Knight archetype): A warlord is a leader on the battlefield, standing on the front line, commanding troops and offering aid to allies as the battle rages. They are brilliant tacticians, often spelling the difference between defeat and victory.
  • White Knight (Holy Knight archetype): Replaced Aura of Courage with Aura of Life. Replaced Aura of Resolve with Aura of Purity.


  • Dark Knight spells: Removed Dark Sacrifice, Murderous Command, Protection from Good, Demonhide, Protection from Good (Communal), Defile Armor, Magic Circle against Good, Dark Blight, Mantle of Evil, Unholy Sword
  • Holy Knight spells: Removed Bless Weapon, Challenge Evil, Protection from Evil, Fire of Entanglement, Protection from Evil (Communal), Fire of Judgment, Magic Circle against Evil, Sanctify Armor, Sanctify Weapons, Crusader’s Edge, Fire of Vengeance, Holy Smite, Holy Sword


  • Added Extra Abyssal Arts and Extra Divine Arts feats to the class feats section.
  • Added the following feats: First Aid Training (General) and Extra Medic’s Expertise (Class)
  • Familiar feat now requires a caster level instead of MP pool as a prerequisite.


  • Iconics: Minwu (Iconic White Mage) and Locke (Iconic Thief) was added, courtesy of Luphey from Discord.
  • Variant Multiclassing: Updated Dark Knight, Holy Knight, Medic, and Time Mage.