New archetypes, changes to current stuff, and new spells.


  • Au Ra (Base Race): Added Warrior of the Khagan as an alternate racial trait. – Courtesy of Kayos from Discord.
  • Bangaa (Base Race): Added Variant Bangaa Heritages. – Courtesy of NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Ronso (Base Race): Added Hornless as an alternate racial trait. – Suggestion added by Sgt_Cookie2 from Discord.


  • Chemist (Base Class): Craft Alchemical Item ability uses the chemist class level for caster level requirements and can ignore spell requirements at certain levels.
  • Knight (Core Class): Added Improved Imposing Figure to Advanced Knight Talents.
  • Medic (Base Class): Added Treatment (3rd), removed Recovering Touch, Improved Recovering Touch, Treat Curse, and Treat Disease medical practices. Added Inspiring Touch, Improved Inspiring Touch, Improved Developed Immunity medical practices.
  • Monk (Core Class): Unarmed Strike damage now the same as Black Belt.
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Class description updated. Alignment restriction removed.
  • Summoner (Base Class): Avatars: Updated the entries to note what their reach is at the 7th level advancements, written after the size increases. – Updated by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Sword Saint (Hybrid Class): Changed Rally SS Talent from 5 SP to 10 SP, and usable only once per combat encounter.


  • Belmont (Cleric archetype): Now gains proficiency with scorpion whips and spiked chains. These are now included with their whip abilities.
  • Card Shark (Gambler archetype): Added Extra Kinetic Card ability (7th).
  • Chronodancer (Time Mage archetype): Dance of Impetus LB overhauled.
  • Drunken Master (Black Belt archetype): Added Improvised Throw (5th). – suggested/created by Sgt_Cookie2 from Discord.
  • Holy Warden (new White Mage archetype): There are some white mages who take their pursuit of the light to extremes. These white mages are known as holy wardens. Many pursuit in the destruction of the darkness, and nearly every holy warden favors righteous wrath over redemption.
  • Planes Keeper (new Geomancer archetype): A planes keeper is a rare type of geomancer. An individual that has connected their soul to multiple planes of existence, funneling the aspects of those existences into a new kind of power. – Created by Reggie from Discord.
  • Professional Duelist (Gunbreaker archetype): Added Duelist Stance (1st), replacing Aurora.
  • Skullshield (Necromancer archetype): Clarified what traits are gained while fused with their bone commander.
  • Speedster (Time Mage archetype): Added Evasion and Improved Evasion to the list of speed powers. In addition, the speedster’s Reflex save progression becomes Good, while his Will save progression becomes poor
  • Vigilante (Ninja archetype): Removed racial restriction, no longer a Kojin-only ninja archetype.
  • Thug (new Black Belt archetype): Most black belts are highly disciplined warriors. Not so the thug. Through simple brutality, the thug aims to demoralize, intimidate and otherwise cajole his opponent into supplication. – Created by Sgt_Cookie2 from Discord.
  • Wrestler (Black Belt archetype): Added Costume ability (1st). – Suggestion added by Bionicle>HeroFactory from Discord.


  • Astrologian/White Mage spells: Added Cure IV (4th).
  • Illusionist Spells: Added the following spells: Hypnotism (1st), Moment of Greatness (1st), Hidden Presence (2nd), Seducer’s Eyes (2nd), Burdened Thoughts (3rd), Draconic Malice (3rd), Greater Magic Aura (3rd), Aura of the Unremarkable (4th), Crushing Despair (4th), Compelling Rant (5th), Grand Destiny (5th), Phobia (6th), Unconscious Agenda (6th), Insanity (7th), Shadow Space (7th), Subjective Reality (8th), Urge to Dance (8th), Heroic Invocation (9th), Life of Crime (9th).


  • Royal Arms now grant Throw Glaive ability as well.
  • Alchemical Items: Updated the first paragraph for Alchemical items, they now note range, increments, what happens when they miss and that all status cures require no check. Changed price of single-status items to be 1/2 the price or less than the multi-status items. Fixed Caster Level of items that were lower than they should have been. Added in 18 new alchemical items for single-statuses, all status effects should now be covered by an alchemical item. – Updated by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Added Genji Gloves to Wondrous Items. – Created by Azurift from Discord.
  • Gun Arms: Guntana now 2-handed.


  • Class Feats: Added Extra Treatment