I know it’s been awhile since the new website has been up and running and no new updates. But fear not, here it is:

Class Changes

Archer: Changed the Aim ability mechanic as well as all abilities that required a bow can be used with a crossbow.
Bard: Bard songs are now dismissible with a standard action.
Beastmaster: Minor change to Feral Combat Style, the beastmaster may deal piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning damage.
Chocobo Knight: Fixed the mounts to represent the new Chocobo bestiary.
Samurai: Fixed a few abilities.
Sword Saint: All stamina pools now take current and maximum when using sustained modes. In addition, stamina pools from multiclassing works differently.

Race Changes

Qu: Added Primal Mage (Blue Mage archetype) to their racial archetypes.
Varg: Fixed an error, removing Scent alternate racial trait and adding Carrion Finder.

New Archetypes and Archetype Changes

Abyssal Knight (Dark Knight archetype) – Got many new changes.
Foebreaker (Knight archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Hawkeye (Archer archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Hermetic (Chemist archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Knifemaster (Thief archetype) – Changed the replacement ability for Trapfinding to Mark.
Magitek Operator (Engineer archetype) – Renamed Magitek Armor to Power Armor.
Mirage Keeper (Summoner archetype) – Can now only summon up to two mirages of different sizes and added a new ability to replace Augment Summoning.
Mystic Knight (formerly Knight, now Red Mage archetype) – Changed from Knight to Red Mage archetype and Ethereal Embrace is no longer a sustained mode, but an activated ability that lasts a number of rounds.
Nightshade (Ninja archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Paladin (Holy Knight archetype) – Got many new changes.
Phantom Blade (Illusionist archetype) – Changed force damage of their illusiony weapons to non-elemental damage.
Primal Mage (Blue Mage archetype) – Changed to a Qu-only archetype.
Rogue (Thief archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Templar (White Mage archetype) – Added Armored Mage ability to replace the Divine abilities.
Warrior Monk (Samurai archetype) – Fixed a dead level, added a new ability.
Wrestler (Black Belt archetype) – Wrestlers now retain their AC bonus.

Miscellaneous Changes

Limit Breaks now function with pets such as animal companions, automatons, bone commanders, etc. But not familiars.
Added a new feat: Extra Stamina Pool
Added PDF links to… everything, as well as added links to variety of stuff in the webpages. PDF links are on the bottom of most pages.
Added a PF link for weapons, as well as PDFs for the old Armor and Goods and Services.