I know I’m just rushing these out, but enjoy.


  • Ronso (Base Race): Added a new racial blue mage archetype, the Cerulean Lancer.


  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Slight overhaul. Moved Analysis to 3rd from 2nd. Modified Azure Lore ability to affect only 6th level or lower blue magic spells. Moved Azure Counter to 9th from 10th. Moved Easy Learning to 13th from 15th. moved Azure Lore to 17th from 19th. Added Azure Talents and Advanced Azure Talents at 2nd-20th, suggestions made by XenoMorphine from Discord.
  • Illusionist (Base Class): Removed Surprise Casting, replaced it with the ability, Mirror. Removed alignment restriction from class.

Deific Orders

  • Asurite (Deific Order for Asura): Made a scaling adjustment for Asura’s Strength. Switched Asura’s Guardianship and Asura’s Reprimand’s levels.


  • Card Shark (Gambler archetype): Made a slight change to Throwing Card Specialist.
  • Cerulean Lancer (new Ronso Blue Mage archetype): The ronso tribes are known for learning the monster’s ways of fighting. While most take to fighting with natural weapons, some ronsos wield lances to hunt down the monsters themselves and jump on them before they can react.- Created by Kayos from Discord.
  • Dragon Slayer (new Dragoon archetype): These dragoons specialize in the slaying of dragons, learning all they can to use their own powers against them and to support their allies. – Created by Kayos from Discord.
  • Phantom Blade (Illusionist archetype): Added Surprise Casting (5th), replacing bonus feats.
  • Poledancer (Dancer archetype): Added Jump (replacing AC bonus). Added Deadly Lancer (replacing Fleet), and added Light Armor.
  • Savant (new Blue Mage archetype): While typically the study of monsters is associated with the blue mage, there are those who learn magic instead, watching other mages and copying them.
  • Shadowrager (Dark Knight archetype): Rage Casting moved to 6th level from 5th, replacing a defile gained at 6th level.


  • Added the following Blue Mage spells: Acid Droplet (2nd), Bacteria (3rd), and Hydrotwister (4th).


  • Magitek: Removed the line that indicated it had an armor bonus, armor check penalty, and max dex of full plate.
  • I cleaned up all the messy “boxes” in all the classes. Should be much cleaner to look at.