Massive update — practically everything was changed. Enjoy the update!


Version 1.3 (pushed 2/23/2019)

Character Sheet

  • New “Options” sections in which may be opened by clicking the various cog icons on the sheet. Allows for the user to hide any other section tab (core, combat, class, skills, etc), hide MP and/or specify additional custom energy fields to show up within the “Status” section (up to 3 types), and specify the HP threshold for limit break activation. There are also options to include the Toughness, Extra MP, and Extra Limit Break feats, as well as the Hume trait “Skilled”, into their respective calculations.
  • New “Combat” tab and section. “Status”, “Combat”, “Saving Throws”, “Defenses”, and “Weapons” subsections were moved here, while “Ability Scores” and “Miscellany” were placed into the “Core” tab. New “Traits” subsection was placed under the “Core” sheet section.
  • Reformatted Spells section. Each spell entry now has an associated dice roll macro, along with the ability to hide non-pertinent spell information.
  • Limit break max usage/day field is now an auto-calculating field.
  • General aesthetic changes. FFd20 logo is smaller, some fields are larger while others are smaller, section tabs are closer together, among other things.
  • Only one materia entry can be attuned at a time (as per the normal ruleset). Checking “Attuned?” on a materia entry will then automatically uncheck other entries if they are attuned. There is an option to turn this feature off and be able to attune to one materia, a checkbox under the Materia Options dubbed “Multiple Materia Attunement”.
  • Added a text field for Dodge and added a new AC entry for “Misc” under the AC Features section.
  • All class features/traits/feats now have expander buttons to hide/expand information.
  • All repeated section (ie: Traits, Feats, Spells, etc) textarea fields are now expandable.
  • All input areas (including disabled input areas) now have tooltips in which display their associated macro reference.
  • Fixed a bug with a negative DEX modifier not affecting flat-footed AC.
  • Added “vs. Touch” checkbox to Weapons entries. The weapons roll template will now specify if that attack is vs AC or Touch, depending on this checkbox value.

Monster Sheet

  • General aesthetic changes. Some fields are larger while others are smaller.
  • Added “Gear” textarea.
  • Added “MP” number field.
  • Added “Burrow Speed” number field.
  • Specifying a CR now auto-calculates the amount of XP that creature will give.
  • Special Abilities section now has associated dice roll macros for each entry, along with additional inputs for attack type (none, ranged touch, or touch), an attack modifier number field, and damage formula field. Expander button expands/hides ability description.
  • Fixed a bug with craft, profession, and perform skills calculating incorrectly.