Special thanks to Tame Rat#5351 (Discord) for accomplishing most of this update!

Iterative attacks will be on the next update scheduled before New Years!


Version 1.5 (pushed 10/26/2020)

Character Sheet

  • Spell failure roll on all spells if you have greater than 0% spell failure chance from equipment.
  • Size modifiers are now factored in for Fly and Stealth skills.
  • Added “Racial” trait option.
  • Added spell DC field for spell levels and a modifier for individual spells.
  • Chat display buttons for character traits/feats/class features.
  • Modifiable ability scores for character skills.
  • (Bugfix) “Extra MP” option now correctly gives bonus MP amount per the feat.

Monster Sheet

  • Aesthetic changes.


  • Added GM roll toggle under the Sheet Options.
  • Added Dark Mode under the Sheet Options.