Last update until FFXIV drops the new classes. Enjoy. I was going to do an April’s Fool thing, but I think everyone knows too quickly. πŸ˜›


  • Galka (Core Race): Ferocity Racial Trait was changed to its actual version that it should be.
  • Roegadyn (Base Race): Ferocity Racial Trait was changed to its actual version that it should be.


  • Chocobo Knight (Base Class): Added Mounted Talents and Advanced Mounted Talents.
  • Dragoon (Core Class): Made changes to Jump and Deadly Lancer (from suggestions from OwOnion Knight on Discord). Added Spear Parry and Riposte ability (13th level).
  • Illusionist (Base Class): Added more Veil Powers to flush it out some more.
  • Scholar (Hybrid Class): Added the following additional Scholar Exploits: Mending Flesh, Obfuscated Spellcasting, Orderly Casting, and Weather Sage. Added the following additional Advanced Scholar Exploits: Convert Wand, Dimensional Seal, and Greater Consume Magic Items.


  • Azure Knight (new Knight archetype): Azure knights take the bits and pieces of creatures they fought and killed, to imbue their shields with the creature’s powers.
  • Cerulean Lancer (Blue Mage archetype): Made appropriate changes to Jump and Deadly Lancer. Added proficiency in spears, polearms, and lances.
  • Kaiser (Geomancer archetype): Added Elemental Shape ability to replace geosynchronous, the earth speaks, the air sings, and the echoes dance.
  • Memorist (Scholar archetype): Added Limit Breaks to replace the scholar’s Limit Breaks. Added Recall ability to replace grimoire.
  • Poledancer (Dancer archetype): Made appropriate changes to Jump and Deadly Lancer.
  • Savant (Blue Mage archetype): Added these lines (nerf) to Learned Sorcery: The maximum number of known spells a savant can have is equal to double his blue mage level plus his Intelligence modifier. If at any time a savant exceeds this limit, he immediately loses a spell from his known spells list, at his choice.
  • Soldier (Fighter archetype): Are now proficient with an exotic or martial two-handed melee weapon along with simple weapons and light armor.
  • Tamer (Beastmaster archetype): Made some overhaul changes due to suggestions from Xeno on Discord.


  • Blue Magic spells: Added Self Destruct (1st level)
  • Summoner spells: Renamed Self-Destruct (3rd level) to Explode.

Skills and Feats

  • Skill Unlocks: Added Drive and Repair. Drive skill got updated Drive actions in preparation for the Vehicle update.
  • Added the following class feats: Extra Challenge and Extra Mounted Talent.


  • ForTheSeen from Discord has been doing a fantastic job of adding new monsters in the bestiary. I can’t list everything, but there’s been alot of additions.
  • Zombie status effect: Added this line: When hit points drops at or below 0 hit points, the status effect is removed and the character is unconscious.