Added FFd20-style Familiars for spellcasters, a new Deific Order (Soulreaper), and a few fixes here and there.


  • Burmecian: Fixed an error with Tinker racial trait providing a bonus to Perception.


  • All spellcasters except Blue Mage and Summoner: Added clarification for gaining spells per level for all the spell-casting classes. In addition, most spellcasting classes (including archetypes) gain more spells at 1st level and every level thereafter except Blue Mages and Summoners.
  • Knight:  Knights in Defensive Stance can now use Shield Ally without being removed from it.
  • Ninja: Added Light Steps to the ninja table that was missing.
  • Red Mage: Changed Wand Wielder (Ruby Arcana) to add Materia to the ability.
  • Scholar: Removed the line from Arcane Reservoir: Any points from the previous day are lost.
  • Thief: Added Black Market Connections thief talent.

Prestige Classes

  • Kingsglaive: Clarified Form Glaive ability has to be a melee weapon.


  • Ark Knight (Dark/Holy Knight archetype): Added a replacement ability for channel energy.
  • Magicite Knight (Knight archetype): Moved Improved Materia Magic to 13th level to replace Counterattack instead.
  • Nightshade (Ninja archetype): Replaced the 20th level capstone ability of Ninja.
  • Warrior (Fighter archetype): Changed capstone ability.

Deific Order

  • Clarified up Glacian, Infernian, and Fulgarian deific orders so it is known what is and isn’t a Glacial/Inferno/Arcane power.
  • Glacian: Made a slight change to Glacian (Deific Order)’s Iceheart ability. Also renamed Oblivion Limit Break and modified the ability.
  • Soulreaper: Soulreapers worship the God of Death, Hades. Soulreapers are servants of the god of death, that draw on the powers of life and death to destroy supernatural evil. If the undead cannot be turned, it must be destroyed. The soulreaper hunts vampires, stalks ghouls, and haunts the haunts. He is to them what they are to the living. His hooded visage and shining blade will strike fear in those that deal in terror. He is the reaper of the soul, and sower of life.


  • Extra MP feat – Minor change, instead of hit die gaining MP, requires a caster level to gain MP.


  • Slight change to Permanency spell: Up the cost to 2,500 x spell level. And all spells are subject to DM’s approval. I realize this is a slight cop-out, but running through hundreds of spells is way more than I want to deal with.
  • Flame Breath is now back on the Red Mage spell list.
  • Reflect spell (AST/WHM spell) was changed from a 4th level spell to 7th level, and description changed as well. Reflectga (AST/WHM spell) was changed from a 6th level spell to 9th level.
  • Silencega was fixed, reducing it from a 5th level spell to 4th.
  • Added Familiars (located here) for spellcasters.
  • Added Float status effect to the Status Effect page. As well as added the effect to the Bomb family bestiary. Added Thorns ability to the Cactuar family bestiary.
  • Optional Sub Job system: Rules updated.
  • All Common Spell and Support Materias’ cost was increased at L1 from 600 gil to 1,500 gil. Death and Life Materia’s cost was reduced a bit.