Yatta yatta, new update.


  • Archer (Core Class): Threatening Shot archery talent now flanks up to the first range increment. Added Heavy Pull (8th).
  • Chemist (Base Class): Improved Quaff Potion and Quaff Potion Mastery were changed. Dropped the limitation of drinking potions, added a bonus to drinking potions instead.
  • Chocobo Knight (Base Class): Added the following mounted talents: Rally, Improved Rally, Greater Rally, and Supreme Rally.
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Dark Blessing no longer stacks with any other ability that grants a modifier to saving throws.
  • Gunner (Base Class): Added Precision Aiming (2nd) replacing Can’t Outcast a Bullet. Modified Belly Shot and Ranged Specialist abilities. Removed Focused Aim deed.
  • Holy Knight (Base Class): Holy Grace no longer stacks with any other ability that grants a modifier to saving throws.


  • Arcane Archer (Archer archetype): Bomb Shot arcane archery improves damage by every 2 levels instead of 4.
  • Combatant (new Thief archetype): Some thieves prefer to get up close and personal with their opponents instead of being all sneaky and stabby. Utilizing different weapon techniques and flashy moves, they can style on enemies with high damage and debilitating techniques. – Created by Dragon Man from Discord.
  • Commando (Gunner archetype): Added Focused Aim deed, replacing steady aim deed.
  • Dance Performer (new Dancer archetype): From the Near Eastern nation of Thavnair comes a troupe of bewitchingly graceful performers. Though certainly elegant and beautiful, their movements also speak of martial discipline─of a pulsing, persistent energy whose rhythm can inspire souls and soothe troubled hearts. Inured to the hardships of the road, these dancers have learned to land throwing weapons with the same exacting precision as their footfalls, removing any who would obstruct the endless beat of the dance.
  • Dark Swordsman (Dark Knight archetype): Added Dark Blade capstone, replacing Dark Champion.
  • Dwarven Crossbowyer (Archer archetype): Meteor Shot moved to 11th level from 19th. Added Armor Piercing Mastery (19th).
  • Farstriker (new Dragoon archetype): Farstrikers are specialized skirmishers and masters in the art of hurling spears and polearms swiftly and quickly. Light warriors focusing on hit and run strategies over brute force, farstrikers hinder their enemies from afar by striking a weak point, and focus on teamwork to bring them down.
  • Hawkeye (Archer archetype): Some talents’ stamina costs were lowered. Removed Explosive Shot talent, added Debilitating Critical Shot talent from Archery Specialization Talent Tree. Removed Long Shot, Eagle Eye, and Sniper’s Lance talents and added First Blood, Bleeding Shot, and Strike the Vein talents from the Sniper Specialization Talent Tree. Some talents were changed.
  • Heaven Piercer (new Archer archetype): This archer forgoes, what he considers, the inefficient and clumsy ways of his peers who fire many arrows in favor of a singular devastating shot. – Created by Big Hat from Discord.
  • Hell Knight (new Dark Knight archetype): Somewhere in your family’s history, a relative made a deal with Hades, and that pact has influenced your family line ever since. In you, it manifests in direct and obvious ways, granting you powers and abilities. While your fate is still your own, you can’t help but wonder if your ultimate reward is bound to the Pit.
  • Holy Swordsman (Holy Knight archetype): Added Holy Blade capstone, replacing Holy Champion.
  • Mystic Knight (Red Mage archetype): Added the following stuff: Limit Break (Arcane Adrenaline), Blade Magic/Advanced Blade Magic, Exploit Weakness, Used to Magic, Runic Absorption, Mirror Stance, and Battle Sage. Moved Stamina Pool to 1st from 2nd. – Changes created by Dragon Man from Discord.
  • Pugilist (Bangaa Black Belt archetype): Made a slight change/clarification to Chain Punches.
  • Ranger (now Beastmaster archetype): Was moved to a Beastmaster archetype instead of Archer. Abilities were mostly changed or moved around. Too much to mention here.
  • Skirmisher (Archer archetype): Renamed to Ambusher. Removed Poison Use, Hinder, Assassination, and Swift Assassination. Moved Sneaky Shot to 2nd from 4th. Added Trapfinding (2nd), Trap (4th), Launch Trap (11th), and Trap Expertise (19th). Modified Flawless Stride to ignore own traps.
  • Sniper (Archer archetype): Precision Shot got overhauled. Accuracy moved to 6th from 2nd. Deadly Range removed. Added a feat option for Archery Style, Improved Archery Style, and Archery Style Mastery. Added Hide in Plain Sight (17th) and Improved Ranged Cleave (19th). Removed the counterattack from Quick Sniper.


  • Added the following Blue Mage spells: Death Cutter (6th), Death Grip (6th), Level 5 Death (6th), Mustard Bomb (5th), Pumpkin Head (1st), and Roulette (9th).


  • Firearms/Gun Arms: Kick and the bonus damage associated with it has been removed. Several guns had their damage modified as well.
  • Firearms: Sniper Rifle and Heavy Autotek has a STR requirement to use properly or suffer attack penalties. Sniper Rifle’s ammo was reduced to 6 from 11. Bipod and Tripod added to Weapon Accessories table and moved from Technological Gear to the Firearms page. Rocket Launcher’s price increased to 1,150 gil from 575 gil.

Magical Items

  • Added the following wondrous items (courtesy of Thornya from Discord): Burnt Gloves, Flood Gloves, Freeze Gloves, Gust Gloves, Luminous Gloves, Rock Gloves, Shadow Gloves, Shock Gloves. Divine Armlet, Holy Armlet, Obscene Armlet, Profane Armlet, Sacred Armlet, Shadow Armlet. Dark Ring and Holy Ring.
  • Added Gauntlet of the Infinites to Artifacts.
  • Added Magical Armors to the Magical Items section with the following Special Armor Abilities: Blaze Spikes, Dread Spikes, Gale Spikes, Ice Spikes, Radiant Spikes, Rock Spikes, Shock Spikes, Torrent Spikes, Umbral Spikes.


  • All talents which use stamina that gave a permanent ability now require at least 1 stamina point in the stamina pool to remain active.
  • Added Warriors of Light Optional System, created by Kayos from Discord.
  • Added Eden (Old God), Bismarck (Astral), Garuda (Astral), Lakshmi (Astral), Pandemona (Astral), Yojimbo (Astral) to the deities section. Courtesy of NapazTrix from Discord.
  • FFd20 Character Sheets updated with corrections, thanks Sylph of Free’s handy IT friend from Discord.