Cleaning out my inbox of stuff again. Enjoy!


  • Tonkin (Base Race): Added Lantern-Bearer as a tonkin astrologian archetype. Added Tonberry Nobility to racial feats.


  • Gunbreaker (Hybrid Class): Starting gun arm has a -2 penalty to ranged attack rolls. This is removable by upgrading to masterwork with Gunsmithing. Beat Fang and Lightning Shot gunbreaker talents now use the melee part of the gun arm’s critical hit range and multiplier for the attack. Heart of Stone and Heart of Light now does not stack with any other ability that applies a modifier to Fortitude and Reflex saves. Added Improved Form-Switch and Advanced Form-Switch to Gunbreaker Talents. Modified Aurora and Greater Aurora.
  • Gunner (Base Class): Moved Death Shot to 18th level from 19th. Added Cover Fire (3rd), Disengage (7th), and Ranged Specialist (19th).
  • Medic (Base Class): Triage ability now stops bleeding effects. Renamed Medical Expertises to Medical Practices, sounded better. Modified Medical Alchemist ability.


  • Belmont (Cleric archetype): Added a Limit Break (Grand Cross).
  • Bladedancer (new Sword Saint archetype): Swift and fearless on the battlefield, bladedancers are an exceptional kind of sword saint that forgo the safety of armor in order to instead be more mobile as they hit their targets with lightning fast speed. – Created by sage20500 from Discord.
  • Chiknife (new Ninja archetype): Never caught unarmed, the chiknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of ki as a weapon. Creating a ki blade is the core of the chiknife, and with it, she is a deadly combatant. Versatile and varied, the chiknife can be found in all shapes and sizes, wielding blades unique to the wielder and customized to fit the needs of the chiknife. Fluid in function, the chiknife has mastered how to alter her ki blade to fit the situation, bringing power and versatility into any combat.
  • Crescent Warrior (Gunbreaker archetype): Can now choose Gunlances if they want.
  • Guardian Corps (Gunbreaker archetype): Removed Fusilade, added Rapid Shot (3rd).
  • Gunblade Specialist (Fighter archetype): Was removed due to the new hybrid class.
  • Gunstriker (Gunbreaker archetype): Relentless Revolver reduces Critical Hit Multiplier TO 1, not by 1.
  • Lantern-Bearer (new Tonkin Astrologian archetype): Tonkins bear lanterns to guard and light the way. Lantern-bearers devote themselves and harness the power of the lanterns to fight the darkness.
  • Magicite Knight (Knight archetype), Skylancer (Dragoon archetype), and Mog Knight (Chocobo Knight archetype) were removed from the FFd20 site at author‘s request. She no longer wants to be apart of the system.
  • Necrotic Healer (Necromancer archetype): Added Bone Healer, replacing Bone Commander. Necrotic Healer loses access to Dark-line spells (Dark, Darkra, etc) in addition to Animate Dead and Summon Undead spells. Removed Power Over Undead, replaced it with Healer’s Pulse.
  • Professional Duelist (Gunbreaker archetype): Elite gunbreakers may find themselves bored by their usual duties, and some may turn to dueling not only as a pastime, but even (for the especially mercenary or thrill-seeking) as a form of employment. These swift-footed individuals hone their fighting style into a sequence of deadly repartees, even as they navigate the social battleground with equal deftness. – Created by Virgil from Forums/Discord.

Alchemical Items

  • Added the following Tier 3 Alchemical Items: Aeroga Mote, Aquara Mote, Blue Fang, Dark Mote, Earth Fang, and Lightning Fang. As suggested by DM Leibfrid from the Forums/Discord.
  • Added the following Tier 4 Alchemical Items: Mega Potion. Aa suggested by Dual-Wielding Ninja from Discord.
  • Adjusted prices for Ether, Hi-Ether, X-Ether. Changed White Musk to match its counterparts.
  • Added Antagonized status effect to status effects and to the Intimidate skill to taunt.
  • Added Gunsmithing to General feats, updated all classes with Gunsmithing with the correct links.
  • Added Tonberry Nobility (Tonkin) to Racial Feats.
  • Gun Arms: Added Gunknives and Gunlances to the mix. Made changes to Gunaxe (more shotgun-like, and 2-handed instead). Added Speed-Loaders (in the Technological Gear section) that reduces reloading gun arms by 1 step. Added info for Scatter Weapon Quality for Gunaxes. Trigger attack information has a little more clarity. Double Gunblade moved to 2h table. Gunhammer trigger damage reduced by 1 die step.