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  • Burmecians (Base Race): Disease Immunity and Rat Empathy were moved to alternate racial traits. Added Battle-Harden, Fearless, Quick Reactions, and Claws. Bite was removed. STR penalty was replaced by CHA penalty. Added Cleyran Ancestry as an alternate racial trait. – Created by Rav.
  • Sylph (Beastman Tribe Race): Added Aeromancer as a racial archetype for Scholar.
  • Vanu Vanu (Beastman Tribe Race): Added Bismarckian Subjugator as a racial archetype for Summoner. – Created by Moggle Mog.
  • Viera (Base Race): Added Woodland Stalker as a racial archetype for Ninja. – Created by


  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Added this line to Living Dead LB: During this Limit Break, only damage by enemies is prevented, not by an ability or spell that would drop him to 0 or below 0 hit points.
  • Meyvn (new Prestige Class): The meyvn is often the leader of small guerrilla forces, honed by rigorous training and preparation. The meyvn is a preparatory combatant that can change his battle plan for the right moment. A meyvn is often close in rank to a Commander or just below a General in a militaristic or freedom fighting organization: Acting as advisors to those with positions of power.
  • Necromancer (Base Class): Added Death’s Kiss (13th).
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Nonpereil is now limited by class level for the bonus.
  • Scholar (Hybrid Class): Familiar was removed and in its place, Arcane Hypothesis was added (created by Rav). All Scholar archetypes that replace the familiar now replaces this ability.
  • SeeD Operative (Prestige Class): Added several new utility abilities to the GF – Abilities list. Can now choose between an Avatar’s abilities or a utility ability. – Created by NapazTrix

Archetypes/Deific Orders

  • Aeromancer (new Sylph Scholar archetype): The aeromancers were the undisputed masters of wind and sky, and they unlocked numerous secrets of wind magic. The vast majority of these secrets were lost when their civilization collapsed, but a few of their magical traditions have been preserved through the years. While the practice of aeromancy is rare, some scholars today are able to rival the aerial mastery of the ancient aeromancers.
  • Bismarckian Subjugator (new Vanu Vanu Summoner archetype): Taking to the skies, a bismarckian subjugator flies around on the back of the great white sky whale, Bismarck. Soaring up into the clouds and diving back down to the ground, the vanu vanu on its back slings spells at his foes below while commanding the battlefield. – Created by Moggle Mog.
  • Blademaster (Sword Saint archetype): Cross Slash and Innocence reduced to double weapon damage. Blademastery: CHA mod to blade techniques and combo finishers reduced to +1 bonus (stackable). Temp HP were reduced to 2 (stackable).
  • Elementalist (Black Mage archetype): Added Elemental Focus (1st) and Elemental Movement (15th).
  • Protector (new Deific Order for Alexander): Disciples of the Kingdom Protector, Alexander, are dedicated to enforcing the laws of their land and meting out justice. While they are capable of lethal force, it is their belief to apprehend a target and bring them to trial, rather than to be executioners themselves. – Created by Kuro.
  • Songstress (Bard archetype): Gender lock removed.
  • Sword Sage (new Scholar archetype): A blend of swordplay and magic is oft seen through the charismatic prowess of the red mage. But, what if it was looked at through the lens of study and expertise? – Created by Kazu.
  • Triad Master (Summoner archetype): 3/4ths summoner spells added to this archetype.
  • Virtuoso (new Fencer archetype): Not content with mere mastery, virtuosos seek perfection. Going beyond the limits of the ordinary, the virtuoso sees little difference between battle and performance. – Created by Sgt. Cookie
  • Woodland Stalker (new Viera Ninja archetype): The woods are a dangerous place for those unfamiliar with its inhabitants, beasts prowl unseen, moving swiftly and silently in pursuit of their prey. One would never know of the wolf stalking them unseen, or of the snake that hangs just out of sight and ready to strike, or the wildcat hidden in the brush with cold calculation in its eyes. But none of these dangers compare to that of those who have ascended beyond the beasts in their prowess, the mighty few Viera who train for this know one thing, let no prey escape. – Created by


  • Class Feats: Added Extra GF Ability, SeeD’s Bottomless Well, and SeeD Quick Para-Draw feats to the list of class feats. – Created by NapazTrix.
  • Fayth Feats: Added Good King Moggle Mog XII’s Great Rescue and Doomtrain’s Voyage to the list of Fayth Feats. – Created by Moggle Mog and Reggie.


  • Illusionist spells: Added Phantasmal Foe (3rd).
  • Summoner spells: Added Summon Iconic I (2nd), Summon Iconic II (4th), Summon Iconic III (6th), and Summon Iconic IV (8th).
  • Time Mage spells: Added Reincarnate (6th).


  • Added Lilisette – Iconic Dancer.
  • Alchemical Items: Added Fantasia (Tier 4).
  • Optional Systems: Added a new optional system “Guardian Force Pacts” which allow SeeD Operatives to hold more than 1 GF at a time to swap between every day. – Created by NapazTrix