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  • Aegyl (Base Race): Lowered fly speed to 40ft (poor) and removed the extra text about load and armor.
  • Immortal (Base Race): Added an alternate racial heritage, The Unlimited. Immunity to Undeath split into 2 traits, prices adjusted. Undying changed to be the same as Shindroid’s. Their fast healing revival is now its own trait (Spirit-Tapped) and had its wording updated. Long-Lived reduced to 4 Knowledges.
  • Lambkin (Base Race): Auto-Float increased to 4 rp, stubborn removed. Practicality now replaces magic resistant instead of stubborn.
  • Shindroid (Base Race): Constructed altered to work similar to Mandragora duo-race trait. Immortal wording changed a bit. Low-Light vision removed, Undying moved to alternate traits. Added Robotic Immunities to racial traits. Force Field now imposes a vulnerability to Lightning and Critical Hits when it is inactive.
  • Sylph (Beastman Tribes): Reduced fly speed to 30ft (clumsy), gained skill training for knowledge arcana and nature.
  • Syricta (new Monstrous Race): Syricta are considered a race of great presence and ability, but driven by greed and arrogance. Such a young race should be humbler, or at least less demanding. And yet, the syricta have fought and won so many battles that their arrogance is justified. Their penchant for battle and their success at seizing plunder make many wonder whether they are especially favored by the gods.
  • Varg (Base Race): Added Magical Tail (for Kitsune racial heritage only) to their racial feats.


  • Archer (Core Class): Close-Ranged Sniper no longer improves at 6th. Defensive and Saving Grace can now only be used 1/encounter.
  • Arithmetician (Miscellaneous Class): Added. Modified from its archetype from Scholar.
  • Astrologian (Base Class): Familiar now must be taken at level 2.
  • Bard (Core Class): Troubadour can only be used 3/day. Improved Courage reduced to a +2 bonus.
  • Beastmaster (Core Class): Skill Sage reduced to level/day uses, requires training.
  • Black Belt (Hybrid Class): Added Die Harder to their list of advanced martial arts talents. Martial Arts Talents were renamed to Master Techniques. Stand Up now takes a swift action. Advanced Close Weapon Training reduced to a static +1 atk/dmg. Athlete now only grants 1/2 level to Acrobatics. Improved Evasion removed. Improved Fast Movement removed. Hardened Fortitude now just grants Endurance. Increased Ki now grants Extra Ki Feat. Ki Deflection now states it only grants +1 Ref/Will. Quick Reflexes now grants the Combat Reflexes Feat. Stand Up now takes a swift action. Mettle split into Reinforced Fortitude and Will.
  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Libra can now only be used a number of times per day equal to 3+INT. Familiar now must be taken at level 2.
  • Black Mage (Core Class): Added Elemental Blessing to their list of mage talents. Familiar now must be taken at level 2.
  • Chocobo Knight (Base Class): Removed all upgrades, CKs start with a yellow chocobo. Can be upgraded with chocobo food as usual.
  • Cleric (Base Class): Sense Alignment and Channel Energy were moved to 1st from 2nd. Armored Mage was moved to 2nd from 3rd. Legion’s Blessing was moved to 16th from 11th. Aura of Resolve and Aura of War Revelry were removed and placed in the Paladin archetype. Added faith talents and advanced faith talents. All archetypes should be updated.
  • Dancer (Hybrid Class): Ki Powers were removed. Mystic Dances were moved to 3rd and given every 3 levels. Added dance talents and advanced dance talents. Uncanny Dodge was moved to 4th from 3rd. Saber Dance was moved to 16th from 15th. All archetypes updated. Added Improved Battle Dance to their list of dance talents. Added Advanced Battle Dance, Doblepaso, Foe-Biting Dance, Quick Dance, and Step and Strike to their list of advanced dance talents. Stand Up now takes a swift action.
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Darkside and Soul Eater now shuts off when brought to 0 hit points or below, unless a Will save is made to have it stay on.
  • Dragoon (Core Class): Vault is now a circumstance bonus. Halting Blow renamed Stand Still and now grants the Stand Still Feat. Pinpoint Lancer now states it doesn’t confer the 1.5x bonus to 2-handing. Ready Pike split into two talents for the different benefits.
  • Druid (Hybrid Class): Added Multimorph to their list of druidic talents.
  • Fighter (Core Class): Mettle split into Reinforced Fortitude and Will.
  • Gambler (Base Class): Added A Coin For Everything and One More Try to their list of gambits. <- Created by
  • White Mage (Core Class): Familiar now must be taken at level 2.

Archetypes / Deific Orders

  • Agent of Inquiry (Bard archetype): Inquiry Talents: Mark removed.
  • Animal Companions (Chocobos): Added Black Mage, Knight, and White Mage companion archetypes. (Based on ff14 chocobos).
  • Arithmetician (Scholar archetype): Was renamed to Calculator, in case people want to play the original archetype and not the complicated class.
  • Asurite (Cleric Deific Order): Asura’s Strength sacred/profane bonus lowered to +1 every 2 dice from channel energy (was +1 for every die from channel energy).
    Auroch (new Gambler archetype): Known as the “Living, breathing, statistical impossibility,” an auroch is a Blitzball player that through hard work, determination, and sometimes sheer luck can push back from the brink and deliver victory. – Created by Soul Roast.
  • Barbarian (new Berserker archetype): A relic of a simpler time, barbarians express their rage in a cruder manner. Even if they are, well, barbaric, their archaic methods can still be effective. – Created by Mir.
  • Bioinjector (Chemist archetype): Improved the number of biogun uses to chemist level + Int mod. Added Extra Biogun at 8th.
  • Blackguard (new Cleric archetype): In pursuit of Power some study the art of war others learn the arcane ways, but then there are those dark and disturbed few courting with abyssal powers to achieve their goals. Tyrants, cultists and death dealers, people driven by selfish ambition seek out to further their agenda and the one of their dark patron. These dark crusaders or more often called by the name Blackguard get rewarded for their servitude with the power to vanquish heroes, inflict pain and suffering with a mere touch and rally those under him into unholy frenzy against anyone on their path.Blackguards are champions of evil, they often lead armies of evil creatures and work with other villains to bring ruin to the holy and tyranny to the weak. Not surprisingly, Warriors of Light stop at nothing to put an end to such nefarious villains. – Created by Dices.
  • Dragon Knight (Dragoon archetype): Draconic Talents: Behemoth changed to Con/Day uses. Blindsense removed. Imbued Spirit may now only be taken once. Predator’s Speed now grants a +10 to speed. Rampage now requires level 12 and reduced to 3/day. Improved Spatial Sense now requires level 12. Thickened Scales reduced progression to +1. Wyrmling Companion stays forever smol, no longer gets bigger sizes. Capstone changed.
  • Dwarven Crossbowyer (Archer archetype): Added Grit/Deeds.
  • Familiars: Added a Mage Familiar archetype.
  • Globetrotter (new Astrologian archetype): Where these people hail from is unknown, but supposedly they are unsatisfied with watching fate run its course and have decided to take matters into their own hands. Eschewing spellcasting entirely, they instead carry their star globe, usually a tool used mostly for divination, as if it were an orb of power. Paired with a weapon in their other hand, these explorers look to the heavens for guidance while traveling the world in their search of destiny. – Created by Mir.
  • Kensai (Samurai archetype): Shuffled abilities around.
  • Marksman (new Gunner archetype): The marksman ensures that a single shot disables his targets.
  • Master of Coin (new Gambler archetype): A master of coin is a master counterfeiter, able to substitute common metals for the purposes of using them in combat to no real loss of his own wealth; as well as more skilled with the art of the toss then most gamblers. – Created by Arianna.
  • Script Master (Black Mage Archetype): Tax Write-Off has changed into Calligraphic Magic.
  • Slime Rancher (new Summoner archetype): Slime ranchers are the willing representatives of ooze-kind. They have learned how to work with non-sentient oozes, slimes, flans, and jellies and use them to further their cause. A slime rancher’s goal is to cultivate a positive relationship between the denizens of ooze and the world of men. Their hope is that the next time an adventurer encounters these creatures, they see an opportunity for positive gain, instead of an adversary that needs to be destroyed. The abilities of a slime rancher allow them to better locate and interact with ooze-kind. At higher levels, they can even summon an ooze to aid them in combat. In addition, closeness to these creatures has given a slime rancher the ability to assume an amorphous form.
  • Skirmisher (new Archer archetype): A skirmisher has some training in a unique combat style that favors fast movement and devastating attacks.
  • Spearmaster (Dragoon archetype): Perfect Mirage now only parries a number of attacks equal to their Dex modifier and no longer stops the expendature of mirage strikes.
  • Storyteller (Bard Archetype): Epics changed, now they’re Iconic Heroes.
  • Superhero (Freelancer archetype): Added Advantages and Complications. Added Backing advantage to their list of ads/comps. Added Super Strength, Super Dexterity, Super Constitution, Super Intelligence, Super Wisdom, and Super Charisma to their list of superpowers. Added Unarmed Training to their list of superpowers (traits). Added Combat Sense, Fast Reactions, and Resurrection to their list of superpowers (traits). Added a new limitation to the Longevity power.
  • Swordlord (Cleric Deific Order): Blade Rush renamed to Blade Training. Moved 2nd and 3rd paragraphs to its own class feature, which replaces Bloody Stances. Bloody Stances moved to 9th level, replacing Critical Ascension. Critical Ascension moved to 15th level, replacing Improved Critical Ascension. Adjusted the levels and scaling. Blade Rush now provokes AoO, but allows Acrobatics checks to move through threatened areas at full speed. Can Blade Rush through difficult terrain, but still is impeded in movement.
  • Tech Bow Specialist (new Archer archetype): Some say that the tech bow specialists were the first to craft any kind of modification for a ranged weapon. Able to create the weapon of their dreams, these determined craftsman are the best of the best.
  • Thunder God (new Sword Saint archetype): Sword saints who walk in the tempest unafraid, draw the power of the storm into themselves and become Thunder Gods.
  • Valkyrie (Dragoon Archetype): Holy grace now replaces Armor Training.
  • Vampire (Necromancer Archetype): Vampiric Power now grants a lesser bonus that scales up. Dire bat transformation moved to 8th level.
  • Witch of the Coven (Scholar Archetype): Unfortunate Incidents now only stops a number of attacks equal to their Wis modifier and no longer has the opponent hit themselves on a 1.


  • Combat Feats: Added Block and Greater Block.
  • General Feats: Ported over Improvisational Healer and edited it to affect Cure Potion, Hi-Potion, and X-Potion.
  • Item Creation feats: Added Scribe Orchestrion Roll to the list of item creation feats.


  • Illusion spells: Added Charm Monster (4th) and Mass Charm Monster (8th).
  • Red Mage spells: Added Elemental Touch and Vampiric Touch (2nd and 3rd).
  • Time Mage spells: Permanency now has a list of spells that can be made permanent. Suggest any other spells that should be on the list. Time Walk has text stating it cannot be crated into times and requires TM 17.


  • Cursed (Status Effect): Changed to prohibit the usage of all Supernatural (Su) class features and abilities (previously just prohibited the usage of Limit Breaks).
  • Kefka (Greater God): Changed favored weapon to Power Flail (was Power Staff)
  • Weapons: Added Sword-Chucks to the list of FFd20 weapons. All weapons now have their own pages and links, including their weapon groups.
  • Website Change: Added “(maintained)” to the Description column of maintained songs on the Bard Songs page. Added hotlink buttons to all headers within pages. Hover over any header and it will appear; click it to copy the URL to your clipboard!