Some new archetypes and a new iconic. Enjoy!


  • Antica (Beastman Tribe Race): Was given Unable to Cast weakness racial trait. To offset this, lowered the Wisdom penalty from -4 to -2 and gave them Natural Hunter (+2 to perception/survival/stealth). Changed favored class Black Mage to Dragoon. And given them access to Advanced Telepathy and Telepathic Caster feats.
  • Garlean (Base Race): Can now use alchemical items.
  • Shindroid (Base Race): Can now use alchemical items.


  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Darkside now only affects melee attacks/damage rolls. Darkside’s spelll resistance is now 10 + class level.
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Meditate now only grants insight bonus to 1 saving throw.


  • Blacksmith (new Engineer archetype): Traditionally, the crafter is removed from the field of battle. It is their duty to prepare the fighters for the adventures to come, and repair their equipment when it returns from the fray. However, some might decide their abilities might be better suited on the front lines; If they don’t need to return from their fighting, they may always keep on going. A blacksmith bolsters his arms and armor, and with the assistance of his portable forge, he becomes a powerful force on the field. – Created by Captain Puddleboat from Discord.
  • Bushwacker (new Kobold Gunner archetype): The bushwhacker specializes in the art of the ambush. For him, gunplay works best when it comes from a concealed position and is directed against a target that falls with the very first volley and is dead before the smoke clears.
  • Cerulean Lancer (Ronso Blue Mage archetype): Abilities/spells that function off Intelligence now function off Wisdom instead. And moved Acrobatic Talents to 2nd instead of 4th.
  • Legionnaire (Gunbreaker archetype): Abilities that require Wisdom now functions off Intelligence.
  • Living Avalanche (new Kojin Black Belt archetype): When a living avalanche is on the move, no one can stand in her way.
  • Manipulator (new Time Mage archetype): Most time mages focus on manipulating time itself, whereas the manipulator uses it to bend magics currently happening, both allied and enemy spells. – Created by Kazu from Discord.
  • Prosthetist (new Engineer archetype): Many minds of the mechanical persuasion are obsessed with perfection. Always striving for just an inch more leverage, just a millimeter more precision, just a hair’s breadth closer to some invisible goal that forever moves beyond their horizons. But despite this aim, many ignore the flaws much more close to home. The prosthetist take a look at himself, and see what he can do better; in the most literal sense possible. – Created by Captain Puddleboat from Discord.
  • Technomancer (Engineer archetype): Added Cantrips along with their spells. Removed Arcane Craft.


  • Bartz and Boko – Iconic Chocobo Knight and Mount added. – Created by Luphey from Discord.
  • Curing Belt (Wondrous item): CL increased to 3.
  • Dispel Stone (Wondrous item): Description and text changed to be a bit clearer.
  • Islander’s Wayfinder of Light (Wondrous item): Bonus type changed to sacred, bonus to saves halved due to stacking potential.