I know I said I wasn’t going to update until Shadowbringers expansion of FFXIV. But I’ve had a pile up of updates and new stuff. So, enjoy.


  • Ronso (Base Race): Removed Powerful Charge as a racial trait, added (with changes) as a racial feat. Added Fearless and Darkvision as racial traits. Moved Mountaineers to Skill/Feat Racial Traits, made a slight change to it. Made slight changes to alternate racial traits.


  • Bard (Core Class): Added new capstone, Master Bard (20th level). Moved all bardic performance abilities under Bardic Performance.
  • Black Belt (Hybrid Class): Added Bonus Combat Feats (3rd, every 3 levels) and Exploit Weakness (7th). Moved Focus to 7th from 6th.
  • Blue Mage (Base Class): Revised and clarified the Azure Summoning Limit Break.
  • Diamond Magister (Prestige Class): Modified prerequisite.
  • Freelancer (Miscellaneous Class): Any leftover JP at 1st level are lost. Leftover JP thereafter are carried over.
  • Gambler (Base Class): Classified Throwing Cards as light thrown weapons that work like Shurikens. Luck points can now be spent on extra swift actions to be used with gambler class features.
  • Onyx Magister (Prestige Class): Modified prerequisite. Modified Limit Break.

Archetypes/Deific Orders

  • Ark Knight (Dark/Holy Knight archetype): Added Managerial Enlightenment ability (2nd) to replace First Into Battle.
  • Azure Knight (Knight archetype): Added Clear Mind (10th level). Added Extra Azure Pool talent to the Azure Talent list.
  • Card Shark (Gambler archetype): Replaced Quick Draw from Throwing Card Specialist with Rapid Shot. Added Flick of the Wrist ability (5th) replacing Professional Gambler.
  • Commando (Gunner archetype): Added Favored Terrain (2nd), Military Expertise (3rd), Expert Tracking (4th), and Battlefield Camouflage deed (15th). Description of Commando updated as well. All of these suggestions were created by Lady Natalie Miravelle from Discord.
  • Divine Knight (new Cleric archetype): Divine knights are crusaders who use the power of their divine patron to annihilate the faith’s enemies.
  • Iconic Summoner (new Summoner archetype): These summoners form a pact with an iconic hero instead of an avatar.
  • Immortal (Blue Mage archetype): Now begins with at least 1 Blue Mage spell.
  • Master Caller (new Summoner archetype): Those who can give their life in dedication to their god earns their respect and can call upon multiple gods to summon their avatars. These summoners come from all forms of life, and can summon the will of the gods in all forms as well.
  • Mastermind (new Freelancer archetype): A mastermind bonds with many companions rather than just one to prove his superiority, achieving a level of communication beyond expectations.
  • Monstrous Shifter (new Blue Mage archetype): Rather than focusing on higher learning of blue magic, these shifters focus on becoming a monster themselves, forming natural weapons from their bodies and rending creatures asunder.
  • Phantom Blade (Illusionist archetype): Changed Diminished Spellcasting to Limited Spellcasting (from 9th level spells to 6th), removed Hardened Casting (3rd). Moved Bright Blade to 1st level, replacing Cantrips (from 2nd). Added Sneak Attack (3rd) and Fully-Armed Caster (4th). Veil Pool modified and changed radically. Illusionary Weapon Talents added to replace Veil Powers. Swirling Colors moved to 7th level (from 3rd).
  • Poledancer (Dancer archetype): Added Poledancer Stance (2nd) to replace Evasion and Polearm Defense (12th) to replace Improved Evasion.
  • Savant (Blue Mage archetype): Savants now use their Intelligence for learning and casting spells. Reduced the number of starting cantrips to 2, 1 per 4 levels thereafter.
  • Seeress (Deific Order for Cleric): Made changes to the following abilities: Eyes of Etro, Temporal Threads, and If You Change the Future, You Change the Past.
  • Stormbreaker (new Fighter archetype): Warriors who walk in the tempest unafraid draw the power of the storm into themselves and become stormbreakers.
  • Technomancer (Engineer archetype): Removed the Item Creation Feat requirement from the Magical Salvage class feature.


  • Blue Mage spells: Added (2nd) Garuda’s Favor, Telekinetic. (3rd) Greater Magic Hammer, Light Rays, Sonic Tail. (5th) Fire Roar, Ice Roar, Sandstorm. (6th) Heaven’s Cataract, Lightning Roar. (9th) Rest In Peace, Vespersong, Warsong.
  • Illusionist spells: Added Lesser Shadow Elemental (3rd).and Lesser Shadow Summoning (3rd). Moved Shadow Summoning to 5th from 4th. Moved Phantasmal Web from 5th to 4th. Moved Greater Shadow Summoning to 8th from 7th.


  • Static (Status Effect): Now only affects once per round.
  • Added a new section on the website called Roles and Positions. This displays (primarily on Discord) what the roles and positions of my current crew members that help me with FFd20.
  • Added a new section on the website called FAQ. This section shows the commonly-asked questions and answers.